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This video shows Casinopolis completed as Knuckles in world record time, as judged by the game clock. The.
3 Emeralds collected. Knuckles heads into the casino to find more pieces of the Master Emerald.
The statue is immediately visible when playing as Knuckles, but for Sonic to view his.. Sonic Adventure DX (GC) Knuckles Casinopolis Missions Level B and A ...

Sonic Adventure DX : Director's Cut - Knuckles - Étape 2 : Casinopolis - Niveau B

Blue Star.for CasinopolisSEGA SOUND TEAM • SONIC ADVENTURE Original. Flying Battery Zone (From Sonic & Knuckles)MyNewSoundtrack • GameLark.
Sonic Adventure är ett plattformsspel till Dreamcast, skapat av Segas. Windy Valley (Sonic, Tails, Gamma); Casinopolis (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles); Ice Cap (Sonic.
Casinopolis is a Casino-themed Action Stage in Sonic Adventure. It is modeled heavily. 1.1 Sonic's level; 1.2 Tails' level; 1.3 Knuckles' Level.
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Sonic Adventure DX - Casinopolis (Knuckles) - YouTube Sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles


3 Emeralds collected. Knuckles heads into the casino to find more pieces of the Master Emerald.
Buy the game Sonic Adventure DX on : Sonic Adventure. Knuckles: Casinopolis, 27. Knuckles: Lost. Knuckles: Speed Highway, 26. Sonic: Boss ...
Sonic Adventure DX Complete All Stories (watch credits). Knux Story (Knuckles) + Speed Highway (Knuckles) + Casinopolis (Knuckles) + Chaos 2 (Knuckles) ...

starburst-pokieSonic Adventure - Codex Gamicus - Humanity's collective gaming knowledge at your fingertips. Sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles

The SECOND OLD Sonic the Hedgehog Topic - Discuss Scratch Sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles

Blackjack Adventures, Slotland Bonus Codes No Deposit!. home series and the first of many NiGHTS appearances in the Sonic series.. Act II Sky Deck Speed Highway Knuckles the Echidna Speed Highway Casinopolis Red Mountain Lost ...
Sonic Adventure DX Complete All Stories (watch credits). Knux Story (Knuckles) + Speed Highway (Knuckles) + Casinopolis (Knuckles) + Chaos 2 (Knuckles) ...
Yeah, these are a bunch of glitches for the Sonic Adventure (DX) Game that. To get Tails into Casinopolis before you beat levels one and two, you. Once they're unlocked, go and select Knuckles and get the burger man.

Sonic adventure casinopolis knucklescasinobonus

sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles Article source 0: As always with a Sonic game collect a few rings at the start just to make sure you don't lose a life by making a misjudgement.
This boss is very simple, wait till Chaos 0 is just walking around, then use the homing attack and it should hit him.
The best way to defeat Chaos 0 is just to stay away from him.
When he is coming out from the ground, do not attack him until his whole body is present.
When you have to hit him one more time, he will jump on a lamp post, then jump down, attack him one more freeroll pokerstars password bankrollmob and that is Chaos 0 defeated!
This is not the last of Chaos however!
After a cutscene How the heck did Eggman get on the roof?
Prepare for bad voice acting.
After the cutscene ends, you will be placed into the Hub World, welcome to Station Square!
I have already explained Hub Worlds.
You have a map if you get lost, to use it just press start and select Map.
To start the level, simply walk to the beach.
Emerald Coast Part 1 : You will start off the level on a weird beach.
Just follow the sand until you have to go up across a bridge.
Kill the monkey there if you want.
Then either run into the Springs or just Homing attack into them, I would prefer the Homing attack, as when you are near the springs it will be safer than just running.
You will then be on a little shack, the ropes beside it will bounce you off, so if you are going for rings, this will waste time.
Continue through the loop and follow the sand again until you see a ramp, run on the ramp and it will fling you forward at a great speed.
After that, hit the checkpoint and run into the dash panel in front of you, which will make you go faster.
After that you will see a bunch of spikes going up and down, you want to make sure that you go through them when they are up, or just jump over them if sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles are down.
Then run through the tight area and go through another loop.
Here, you will be chased by a whale, the fastest way to do this is just to spam the Spin Dash.
After this you will see something similar to a mountain in front of you.
Get through the spikes and then jump on the springs to get on the top of the mountain thingy.
After that, follow the path to the lighthouse, while jumping across the gaps.
Then run into the cave.
Emerald Coast Part 2 : There will be a split second of loading then you will be in the cave, I suggest you run on the wall on the left to skip most of this level.
If you did this, skip to the part in this walkthrough were I bolded the "SKIP HERE SHORTCUTTERS.
You want to try and get through this whole part using the platforms floating on the water.
If you fall in the water, that click okay, you can still make it across, it will just be like 2% slower.
Once you do that, just follow the path and dodge the spikes and hit the checkpoint.
So once you are here, run down the hill and run across the wall and hit the ramp, if you missed this, just run across and get back on the sand.
Hit the ramp, then hit the dash panels.
Follow the tight area path, go up the steps and hit the next checkpoint.
Now just like before, we are going to run down the hill.
When this happens, a orange ball will tell you what to do with those weird panels, now in all honesty, just spam A Once you get on these, it will make the process so much quicker.
After that, get through the spikes, run down the hill, go through the loop and a weird scripting running sequence will happen.
You will land on another beach, just follow the sand and you will meet Tails, this will end the mission.
After this cutscene, you will be awarded the following achievement.
Then head into the Central Station and take a ride on the train.
You should be in the Mystic Ruins.
Head up to the shack that is on the check this out hill and a cutscene should start.
Egg Hornet: Now please pause and read this, it has information that can make this boss go 3 times quicker.
Basically, dodge all of Eggmans attacks.
When a red thing goes around eggman and he strikes, he will be vulnerable, what you want to do here is spam the homing attack like crazy, and you should beat this boss battle quicker than most.
Watch the cutscene, and after that, you should see Tails' workshop, and there should be a little green statue at the steps, pick this up and run down the big hill you are on.
Walk on the path that is made of wooden planks and look to your right, you should see a cave.
Enter this cave and there should be a place there that looks fairly obvious that a statue should go in it, put it down and then jump in the hole.
Windy Valley Part 1 : This level is filled with shortcuts which if you manage to hit will make this level go much quicker.
When you start the level jump up on the platform and look at the floating areas.
Use your homing attack on them, go to the right and follow the path down.
Some fans should fling you up, hit this really early placed checkpoint, jump up the two platforms and hit the springs, then try and get in to the big circle fan, which should then place you at the next checkpoint.
When you run down the hill and the wind picks you up, hold forward or you WILL Fall.
Anyway, once you successfully do this part, keep bouncing on the trampoline till you get some height, then move forward and jump over the broken bridge.
Now if you run across this bridge fast enough, you will earn a life!
Now hit those fans to get on the platform above it which should cause a tornado to suck you up.
Do the same thing here.
Hit the checkpoint and do the same thing as before with the trampoline.
Get on the bridge and hit the spring, after you land on a platform, just run forward and hit the spring.
Windy Valley Part 2 : This is the most fun part about this level, In my opinion at least.
Follow the path and you will see a brick wall, trying to jump over it will result in it breaking.
Follow the tight path for a while.
After this you will hit a spring.
Run forward to the rocket and ride it.
Hit the checkpoint and start running forward again.
Go through a loop and make sure you hold forward here or you WILL Fall.
The dash panel here will make you automatically hit the spring.
Just go forward and, like before, HOLD FORWARD OR YOU WILL FALL.
You will be forced into dash panels which will lead you up to a fan, use it to hit the floating spring.
Land on the grassy platform, hit the checkpoint and run forward again.
I guess this is a good time to spam the spin dash to show how fast you can actually go.
You should see a purple chaos emerald, pick it up and Windy Valley is done.
Now after you complete this level, weirdly there will be no cutscene, just head to Station Square.
Exit the train station and follow the road so you get to the other part of Station Square and there should be an open sewer hole.
Jump down and walk forward.
Then jump up on the little ledge and pick up the Upgrade called Light Speed Shoes.
I explained this upgrade in the Upgrades section of the walkthrough.
I hope you read it, or you can just listen to the orange ball.
Now use the shoes to get out of the sewers, now we are going to get an optional upgrade, but it will save a whole lot of time and will help you Complete this game.
Now go into the train station, but if you want the optional upgrade.
Optional Upgrade 1: Go to the hotel and walk up the steps that are to your right.
You should see two buttons, the one on the right activates the trail of rings, and the other opens the door, this will take some practice, but you should eventually get it.
Now go back to the train station.
And there should be a button near a casino, push it and you should see a trail of rings, use the Light Speed Shoes and they will make you hit a button.
The casino doors are now open, on to the next level!
Casinopolis: This level requires you to have 400 rings in order to complete it.
Move to the right and enter the doors, you will be in a pinball machine.
Do not do anything.
Just lose every ball you have and you will be sent into a sewer like area.
Casinopolis Sewer : You will see a trail of rings, use the Light Speed Shoes here.
It will SOMETIMES kill all the enemies.
But it will, at most cases, get you all the rings, if you missed any of the capsules, just run back and get them.
You will enter an area were the platforming is all based on the fan, collect all 10 ring capsules here and enter one of those entrances.
Now I'm assuming that you picked the highest one.
Just collect all the capsules and try not to hit a dash pad.
After you leave, there will be another fan area, collect all capsules and enter the vent at the top, doing this will allow you to earn more rings than the lower route.
Collect all capsules and avoid the spiked balls.
Stand on the grate covering the fan and it will lead you to a vent with more rings.
Avoid the spiked balls and exit, there should be a bunch of rings, collect them.
This is were I'm going to explain a trick, hold in X To charge up the Light Speed Shoes, but keep a hold of X.
This will allow you to move, jump up and release X when you get near the row rings, this will make you go through that whole area without risking a hit.
Head up the ladder.
Now use the coins to get the Chaos Emerald and you are done.
If you did this under five minutes, then good, that will help a lot later on.
Now a little thing is going to show another statue that is crystal blue.
It's in the casino area, walk around until you find an alley.
Pick it up, head to the train station and head to the Mystic Ruins.
Now enter the cave area the cutscene shows, and enter the air thing.
Go through the tight area and put the Ice Stone Statue in the little statue collector.
Go through the area and up the ladder until we head to.
Skipping most of this level is easy.
Just head into the dash panels and you will enter a snowy hill, go ALL the way to the top.
Now jump on that little mountain place, and spin dash and jump right at the same time into that little place on the left with the two fences.
That will skip most of the level, i'm not explaining the rest of the level, sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles NEED to practice this for later on in the game for the achievements.
Icecap Part 2 : Run forward and hit the checkpoint.
Using the Dash where the rings are WILL NOT help you.
Once you are down, kill that dragon thing if you want, you should see a spring, hit it and you should land near spikes, just hit the next spring in front of you and you will land on an icicle, you have to have your back to the icicle you want to jump to in order to do it but take too long and you will fall off.
Finish that and you will be on a slope, just head up and hit the spring.
Get the ring capsule if you wish.
You will see a bunch of rings resembling an arrow pointing in the forward direction.
I have no idea why that is there, just hit the spring and dash down.
You will land on icicles again, just do as you did previously and you will be at 2 circles right! best new mobile slots 2020 consider rings, collect them if you want and hit the spring up, hit the pressure plate and a bunch of ice will appear.
Spin dashing up this is dangerous and could send you right at the back.
Its one of the parts I suggest NOT spin dashing.
After that, just run through this narrow path and you'll hit a dash pad which will send you in a loop and then another orange number pad, just spam A.
When you finish, for click at this page apparent reason, a huge icicle read more fall, and then a drawbridge, enter the area.
Snowboarding: As lazy as I sound, i'm not going to put a guide for this part.
Its the only fun part of the level and it is fun.
So enjoy it while you can.
Once finished with the level, you will be granted with your 4th emblem.
The game just sends you out the level, just go back the way you came.
Near the waterfall part of the Mystic Ruins will be Knuckles.
Its time for a boss battle!
This battle was badly designed.
Also, when you hit knuckles, you will hear the atrocious, OH NO.
Its awful, this shouldn't take too long at all.
Once done, you will watch a cutscene, and then another boss battle will happen.
Chaos 4: This is sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles first decent challenge.
Once done, a cutscene will trigger, and you will unlock the following achievement; 1 guide After that, do what Tails wanted you to do, and head to his workshop.
Another cutscene will activate.
You may get hit, but you will get through the level easily.
After this you will be back in Station Square.
Head to the casino area and yet another cut-scene.
After this, you will get this achievement; 2 guides Head out of the casino and you will see the train station door is closed, but if you head all the way back there is another entrance which will send you to the hotel.
Exit the hotel and you will be back in the city.
Head to the little building called "Twinkle Park" and a cutscene will happen.
You will probably hate every single cutscene that includes Amy in it.
If anyone gets that reference then I love youhit either one and press A near it and you will go in.
Head through the shutter and it will open for you.
Just follow the road.
You will suddenly be at a halt, jump in the hole.
Twinkle Park Part 2 : You will now be on a rollercoaster, just wait until this finishes and you will fall down yet another hole.
Hit the checkpoint and go in to the launcher thing and then launch yourself into the bowling pins.
Use the launcher again to hit all the bowling pins.
After that, head up the stairs and you will be in this weird merry-go-round.
Just try and survive this and then hit the checkpoint.
Run forward and you should see a set of springs, hit either one and you will be on a rooftop.
Navigate and you should find a slope with dash pads.
Use this and then try and do this part perfectly.
In fact no, if you fail, restart and it learn more here send you to the checkpoint.
You need to do this for the achievements later on.
Anyway once you have hopefully perfected that, you should hit the checkpoint then the spring.
You will land on a set of platforms, jump on the side of the castle and keep running around it and then you will hit a spring.
Just kill the enemies and hit the pressure plate to complete the level.
You are back in Station Square.
You have thankfully lost Amy.
Leave the area and there will be a little key card in the patch of land, pick that up and run up to the shutters and they will open.
Drop the key card now and enter either elevator, they both give the exact same result.
Speed Highway Night Time : The funnest level in the game, but not my favourite.
As lazy as this sounds again.
You can do this yourself.
This is a really fun level with multiple pathways.
It will be really fun, trust me.
Speed Highway Wall Running : This is fairly simple, just run down the wall.
Try not to get hit, and after you break the glass, leave the area.
Speed Highway Morning : This part isn't all hardcore and all that.
Its just a nice peaceful city with the police chasing you, anyway, sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles detail because this is also fun except for the end part.
There is a fountain that makes itself extremely large, when it does this, jump in it and then release the animals.
Back in Station Square again, head to the casino and a cutscene will activate, and sadly you are going to save Amy.
Head to the mystic ruins.
Now go through the path we went to Icecap, but instead of entering that area, keep heading forward.
Here will be the Ancient Light upgrade, you can now do the light speed attack.
This is executed by charging using the spin dash, then let go of X.
You are going to use this against the monkey in the cage.
This will open the gates so you can pass through them.
Red Mountain On the Mountain : A cutscene should have played, kill the monkeys here and then use the rocket.
The level now gets pokertime review little complex as there are multiple paths to reach the end.
Due to this I will not detail the rest of the level but you should have no problem reaching the end with the myriad of options available to you.
Red Mountain Inside the Mountain : There is a very narrow path to follow but you can just run along the wall if you want.
Jump just click for source the three platforms and then hit the capsule for a shield.
Use the enemies as a path to get you to the other side.
Jump across the lava and run forward.
Hit the spring and get on the falling piece of stone, get another shield if you need it.
Use the enemies as a path and then run forward again.
Lava will rise so try not to stray to the left and then get across the platforms.
To kill these enemies, wait until their fireballs go away from them.
Also, if you pause here, the gears still move.
Go across the platforms, admire the weird figurines in jail these actually come in to play in the 60 mission mode.
Go across the platforms and wait until the other platform comes down.
Use the enemies as a path, and then you can either use the ring dash, a very fasteway to do this, or take a while and go the other way.
Either way this continues when you get to the part where the rings end.
Hit the spring then run in to the dash pads.
Hit the checkpoint and avoid the flames.
Then just run forward and hit the rocket.
After this, try and land on top of the pressure plate.
After that the level should be finished.
Skychase Act 2: Same thing as before, crosshair on the top right.
But PAY ATTENTION as a boss battle will suddenly appear.
After this, you will now be on the Egg Carrier.
Hit the springs and a cutscene will play.
Once that is done then run forward and you will be see a new level, BUT DON'T ENTER IT YET PLEASE DON'T.
Instead of running into the level, go back and you will see two springs, hitting either one is okay.
You will destroy a box and if you went in to the right cannon, will have an emblem in it.
Get the emblem, then enter the level.
If you entered the level and forgot about this, just dashboard then reload the game and you will be back outside the level.
Sky Deck Part 1 : Worst level in the game.
This first part is complex and there is way too many exploits and paths to take that it is a pain to write them all.
Just try as best you can to make your way through to the second part of the level.
Sky Deck Part 2 : Hit the checkpoint and then run as fast as you can.
If you talked to Tiakl you know that there are storms that come across every now and then, to avoid these grab onto something, The red things sticking out will help you here.
Use the dash pads and take the right side.
Just run all the way and the camera will zoom out, prompting you to run forward, do so.
Avoid all enemies then run up the tiny ramp.
Hit the spring and then you will be on these monkey bars, just jump off to the left of the screen.
Now, all the platforms here are going to fall down, the one at the top right never falls down, but I believe the rest do, just try and navigate this carefully without fault.
Now you will see launchable rockets and a cannon, you need to launch the rockets into the hole of the cannon, once done the game will automatically make you enter a new area.
Sky Deck Part 3 : Again, very complicated, I actually suggest that after you complete this level, you go into "Trial Mode" and beat it again and again, you are going to need the practice.
I bet you didn't expect this, but you actually got an achievement because of that.
Don't head in to the door, instead go backwards and Sonic will say stuff.
Go in to the door, in, hit the button and Ring Dash.
Then, jump on the chair and I think you have to spin dash on it or something and it will move, hit the button and then another cutscene.
After this, head back into the area we got that field emblem, and that will activate a cutscene.
Anything here that makes you go "WTF?!
Chaos 6: Now a challenging boss battle!
Avoid all his attacks by staying away from him, whilst this is going on, Eggman is going to release these weird shell things.
Hit these once and then try and direct them to Chaos so he freezes, then hit him.
TIP: If you use the ring dash on him, you get double the attack!
Repeat this process carefully, you can easily die here.
After you defeat this boss, cutscenes roll out!
Why are we here?
Guess what, use your map.
It will make sure you don't get lost, you don't want to get lost in here.
Anyway, we're not actually exploring the "Mystic Ruins" just yet.
Follow them, they will easily guide you!
Once the rings end, you will see a pool of water.
Don't jump in unless you want Sonic to drown.
Your main goal here is to raise the water level and hit all 3 switches.
Lost Worlds Part 2 : Follow the rings once again!
Until you get to a realllyyyy dark part.
Repeat this for every mirror and then ring dash down to the waterfall.
After that hit the springs and then follow the rings once again.
Hit the checkpoint and a boulder will come down, just run click here and you'll be okay.
Hit the checkpoint, enter the area and there will be things on the wall, keep hitting the switch and wait until they have arrows on them and then you are good to go!
Keep doing this until you reach a ring dash, hit the end and BAM!
This trys to be serious but sadly the mouth animations ruin it, run forward.
Just follow the path.
You will see Chaos.
Okay look at your map right now, do this by pausing the screen.
See the nearest exit to you, right at the top?
Enter the weird tunnel and once you do that look for 6 switches, you want to make them all light up.
Final Egg Part 1 : Finally!
A level that is not boring and is fun!
Try and run forward and not get hit by the lasers.
The lasers can be destroyed, but it wastes time.
Hit the springs if you wish for an additional life.
Then, jump through these lasers and pray again.
Run up and hit the dash pads so you get hit by springs, run up and hit the springs and then hit the checkpoint.
Run through every single dash pad and then run through the tube.
After that you will find even more tubes!
Go through them all!
Final Egg Part 2 : Platforming!
Jump on the two platforms in front of you, use the enemies as the path to get over the gap and then run through the tube.
You will then be in a dash pad section, hold forward and everything will be speedy.
When you hit the spring try and land on the platform.
Jump across all the levitating platforms carefully.
And then go through the entrance to find a duplicate of the dash pad section, do what I said before.
When you land hit the button and the platform will rise.
Use the enemies as a path once again.
Avoid these hammers and try to get to every platform perfectly.
Then go down the elevator and go to the left of sonic to hit a checkpoint, go down the stairs to find more levitating platforms.
Instead, jump down, if you keep Sonic at the little building to the right, he will actually fall into the area the platforms should of took you, this saves a hell of a lot of time and is needed for Rank A.
JUMP In the elevator, Jump is important because if you just walk into it you will definitely fall.
Final Egg Part 3 : This part is so straight forward.
So yeah, no guide.
Other than the part right at the end with the ring dash, I do suggest destroying the robots there.
Egg Viper: Guaranteed Life loss.
This is the most difficult boss in the game.
There are two horizontal platforms, you are on one and the other one is in front of you.
When Eggman says "Get a load of this" just run around and he won't get you.
When he comes to face you and opens the Vipers mouth, this is a chance to get him.
When he backs away when he opens the mouth, just homing attack the 3 green lights to get to him, which will land you on the other platform.
Other than that, he can be a real sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles />When he tells you to give up, try and spin dash under him as fast as possible.
When he sends the spinning blades, jump on them and then hit Eggman.
But you need to do them for the rest of the achievements.
This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.
This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles

Sonic Adventure DX Glitch - Amy in Casinopolis!

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Sonic Adventure Walkthrough - Page 3 Sonic adventure casinopolis knuckles

Sonic & Slots Pinball. Objects. 3 Knuckles, Shining “K” - 30 Rings, 80 Second Timer first appears on Left Tube Button. Touch it to earn 10 Rings and timer will.
Walkthrough Sonic The Hedgehog BOSS - Chaos 0 -Emerald Coast BOSS - Egg Hornet -Windy Valley -Casinopolis -Ice Cap BOSS - Knuckles ...
Blackjack Adventures, Slotland Bonus Codes No Deposit!. home series and the first of many NiGHTS appearances in the Sonic series.. Act II Sky Deck Speed Highway Knuckles the Echidna Speed Highway Casinopolis Red Mountain Lost ...


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I think, that you are not right. I am assured. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

18.12.2019 in 16:57 Bakinos:


17.12.2019 in 17:44 Yozragore:

Idea good, it agree with you.

15.12.2019 in 17:35 Kilrajas:

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