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best poker machines brisbane Something has to change in this country.
Predatory pokies are ruining lives on every shore of this land.
Went off and got married.
And then came straight back and spent his wedding night with best poker machines brisbane wife sitting on his knee playing roulette.
He wasn't even sitting at the machine, he was leaning against the wall with his credit card stuck in the button.
The guy that ended up winning the jackpot was just some pissed cunt who only bet a dollar and was actually almost out the door before somebody chased him down because he was that pissed he didn't even realise he'd won.
And of course an honourable mention goes to all the filthy cunts men and women who would piss in a change cup rather than get up and give away their machine.
The whole industry fucking disgusts me.
I'm not an emotional guy, but watching what I saw tonight completely disgusted me to the point I had to take 5 outside to collect myself.
I'm sure the bartenders aren't allowed to say anything when a guy is cashbacking 250 every 10 minutes, but being within a 2 metre radius of it made me physically ill.
How the fuck is this ok?
RSA is all about the dangers of drinking and the legal obligation to cut customers off.
RCG - you can't cut someone off unless they ask you to.
All you do is http campaign australia little signs up, and have the pokies hidden off in a corner which we all know a lot of clubs don't do well.
If you're in Queensland every venue should have a Customer Liaison Officer.
If you suspect someone of problem gambling, speak to your CLO, they are trained to approach customers and deal with these issues.
Not many do though, I've seen venue managers sack their CLO because they were doing their job a little too well.
In NSW our RCG is: 'you're breaking the law if you say anything unless this web page come to you for help'.
I've had patrons literally shit themself because they were gambling addicts, and they would swear black and blue they didn't have a problem.
The gambling lobby is way too big and needs to be cut back.
If someone was slamming back drinks they would be cut off under threat of losing licence to serve booze.
It is grubby as hell that we have these parasitic stealth casinos everywhere.
If they want to be a casino: they should be labelled as such and licenced as such.
A mate of mine got fired from Crown for telling a winner to save some of their winnings and spend it on a present for their missus.
I used to work in a call centre for a bank.
One of the checks we had to do before increasing the limit, though, was to take a look at their transaction history for anything suspicious or related to gambling.
I only had to decline an increase one time.
I apologised and told him that his card wasn't eligible for a limit increase.
He didn't try to argue with me, he just thanked me and hung up.
I think he pokerstars email spam why he wasn't "eligible".
Gives you an insight into the depth of the problem and how the Clubs fight any change or restrictions with tooth and nail.
The industry response to when labour tried to limit the damage pokies could do was scary.
It was the only thing I could think when Tas labour announced they wanted to get rid of them.
It's long but well worth a watch.
I worked at a pokie venue in the ACT, it made me sick how much money people put through the machines, My bosses would have love to be able to give alcoholic drinks away to keep people at the machines.
Some of the worst things are seeing people completely oblivious to the affect it has on family, partners and kids waiting for dad to go to their cricket game at 11 in learn more here morning while he does two hundred in the machine.
I helped get a patron banned because he kept taking his 7 year old grandson into the gaming area, first time I saw it happen he would not move 10m to say good bye to his daughter and her sons and told them to come into the poker machines, abused me when Go here told him that they were not allowed to do that.
I was not there when he was told his membership was revoked but I heard that he threatened the security and bar staff until a cop showed up, I think the only reason he was banned was we often had cops walk through and having children in the pokie area would probably get us shut down I'm ok with people being free to gamble, take drugs, whatever, as long as they do so without abusing it.
But watching some people play pokies is like watching an addict continually injecting and not being able to do a thing about it because its good for business.
I went to an MMA event hosted at an RSL once, and on click here way through I got bailed up by a staff member who told me I had to remove my hat.
Yeah, I see respect is really important to you people.
Ah, man, RSL clubs and their hats.
My sister's ex gets epilepsy from light so he was always wearing a hat.
RSL club didn't care.
They wanted the hat gone.
Guess they didn't care he could die if he took off the hat.
The difference between gambling and drugs and alcohol is that someone who is supplying person with drugs at a chemist or alcohol at a bar actually has some amount of accountability and responsibility and guidelines they have to follow to mitigate the risk of that abuse.
A bar has an obligation to stop serving a person who appears intoxicated.
There is no such impetus placed on the gambling industry.
Personally I don't gamble outside of maybe 5-20 dollar poker nights with acquaintances once every year or twobut at least with poker the gamblees engage their brain to a certain extent.
Double buffs and triple buffs and whatnot, plus all the probability aspects.
Pokies just mainline the savings account.
Gambling machines feed into the keep going until you win mentality.
What's the psychology around not using a toilet and coming back?
Its my understanding we have more than enough pokies for everyone, no?
Their machine is "due" for a win.
If they leave, someone will take over all their hard work and win their jackpot.
This just shows how profoundly they don't understand probability.
Or the sunken cost fallacy.
Maybe if they taught that stuff at school, people wouldn't get so caught up by this rubbish.
But I have to say, I did get caught up by them once.
Some work colleagues used to go there every Friday after work, and I started going along.
So much awful magical thinking and delusion goes on when playing those machines, even when you're an otherwise rational adult.
Had to stop hanging out with those friends too, though, because watching other people play pokies is about as fun as watching someone do their taxes.
And really, you'd think I'd have had enough of that because of the amount of times my parents dragged me out to the RSL, and made me sit around bored while they played :P Horrible things.
I used to work at a TAB for my father who ran it and often I would put a couple of bets on in the morning before I started work.
One Saturday I put on a hail mary trifecta of young, unknown horses and won a couple of thousand.
My father cashed me out and then insisted I not gamble again at all for at least two weeks check this out I wouldn't get caught up in the endorphin rush and waste it all.
I rarely ever bet after that because it helped me realise how addictive it can be after that first big win.
I learned the hard way.
Was 18 and staying at a hostel in Melbourne just down the road from Crown casino.
Had some time to kill so I went to the casino and sat at the roulette table for an hour and ended up a few hundred up.
I walked out stoked and pumped up about how easily I just made all that money.
I couldn't resist and walked right back in and soon enough I was a few hundred down.
Suddenly I was devastated, it was a lot of money to me as an 18 year old.
But it was enough to turn me off, and I'm glad it was at an age where "a lot of money" meant a few hundred dollars and not more.
I remember getting to the point where I had just lost my initial winnings and felt desperate to win it back.
Next it was being 100 down and feeling desperate to get that back.
From there it's just a downward spiral until the only money I had left was money I needed for other things, and I wasn't desperate enough to gamble that but I can definitely see how some people fall into the trap of betting away their lives.
The reason that made pokies addictive is that of all the flashy lights and effects along with the sound effects they used.
It is deliberately designed to make the player feel good whenever they pull a lever.
To make it sound even worse, it is made to exploit someone with the application of psychology.
They do have similar impact on some vulnerable people where I had a friend got addicted to buying loot crates in Overwatch.
I used to have this theory that one day pokies would die out because when the younger generations got old they'd all be playing computer games instead for that 'flashy lights feel good' effect.
And that that'd be good because games are a one off purchase that can't eat your entire pension.
But instead what's happened is the game developers have cottoned onto the pokie economics, and now modern games can eat all your money.
And so another plank of my techno-utopianism died in the arse.
Physical beach best casino breakfast miami will probably die out in the future but I am really not surprised that we will get a new generation of pokies gamer who play games to open these loot boxes to see "flashy light feel good" effects like in video games.
Game developers are adopting many psychological tricks from the same bag of tricks that pokies used.
And many of them are making an insane amount of money from increasingly more similar to pokies with video games facade.
Crown and pub pokies might die off one day, then you hear names like Activision-Blizzard or Electronic Arts replacing them with PS5 or Xbox Three pokies in your living room or your pocket.
Edit: no apparently they do according to Each machine is required to dispense a certain minimum amount of winnings if a certain amount has been paid into it without it paying anything back.
Not 100% sure of the details, but I think the probabilities do change if the machine has done nothing but gobble money.
Each machine is required to dispense a certain minimum amount of winnings if a certain amount has been paid into it without it paying anything back.
A lot of people believe this but for no very good reason.
The industry is obviously very hush-hush about the algorithms the machines use, so unless they deliberately disclosed that piece of information to keep people in their seats possible but unlikely it's probably just an urban myth.
Each machine is required to dispense a certain minimum amount of winnings if a certain amount has been paid into it without it paying anything back.
However the time frame in which the 85-92% RTP is calculated over the whole life time of the machine which in most cases is three to four years and obviously is random to which player it returns to.
No other factors come into play when the payout will occur and how large i.
Bunch of fuckin' cunts, I tell you.
Everything about the machines are designed so the suck as much money as they can from players.
This just shows how profoundly they don't understand probability.
Or the sunken cost fallacy.
Maybe if they taught that stuff at school, people wouldn't get so caught up by this rubbish.
This just shows how effective the design of the machines is to mitigate those rational thoughts.
Random schedules of reinforcement are incredibly powerful.
There was a famous experiment in behavioural psychology I think it might have been Skinner?
Pigeons were assigned to one of three different boxes.
Each box had a button.
Box A dispensed a food reward every time the button was pressed.
Box B dispensed a food reward every X times the button was pressed I think 5, from memory.
Box C dispensed a food reward after a random number of button presses, with the number changing each time a reward was dispensed.
All the buttons were disabled at the same time.
The pigeons in Box A stopped pressing the button after just a few trials.
The pigeons in Box B took longer, but stopped eventually.
The pigeons in Box C, though, never stopped.
Pokies work exactly the same way.
Isn't there 'reserve machine' button for bathroom breaks?
Or does that button not get honoured by other punters?
There is, it lasts 2-3 mins and after that the machine is free.
But even after the reserved screen is over, if you took someones machine, expect a confrontation.
It comes back to the idea of the next spin will be the winner.
If I give up 'my' machine the next person will steal my winning spin.
People would have "their" machine - the one they were playing and was going to pay them the big bucks any second.
And it was the same people all day, every day.
I was there back when smoking was allowed too - this particular room was just feral.
Some days you couldn't even see it was that smokey - and it stunk!!!!
No - that would have been pretty funny.
But it wasn't the change drawer they would piss in - they would use those plastic cups that you carry your coins around in.
But - I wasn't there for it but there was one guy I used to work with who just snapped one day when it happened to him and poured the cup full of warm piss all over a punter and then threw his tray full of empty and half empty glasses across the room and stormed out, never to be seen again.
Next day I go there with a chequer and his house really has no door.
He bought a couple of shirts and pants then put it all back through.
Every time I drove by his house which still had no front door it made me feel sick.
TLDR: Pokies suck That really is pretty crazy.
He never spoke to me again after he lost all the money back Spend 50 bucks on some screws and hinges to fix the cunt yourself and you've whats the best machine to play at a casino a crisp 100 to slap with They are great guesses but it was the old trinity beach tavern before they put all the units in there and it was still up on the hill When I first turned 18 some of the pubs had bands on friday night.
Now those same spots are all gone and it's wall to wall of pokies.
That's one thing WA has right, pokies only at the casino.
Unrelated fact, WA has the lowest rate of problem gamblers.
But yeah having to go to the casino best poker machines brisbane gamble is a great thing.
And in Sydney they often call them VIP Rooms, what a prick of a code word that is.
They should call them Poor Bastard Rooms, or Sad Cunt Rooms or Lose Your Wife Rooms.
Because they're not allowed to go here pokies in NSW, they invented a new term to mean the exact same thing.
Some of the hipster inner west joints use the fact that they DON'T have pokies as an advertising point these days.
I think hipsters are a pack of wankers, but they seem to know how to do pubs right.
I walk the extra distance to go to a venue with no pokies.
I really admire your spirit, but by the time you've walked that extra distance someone's already put more money alone through a machine than you would've spent all night.
They should be licenced as a casino and have to fulfill the full requirements of casino licencing if they want to be gambling dens.
Minister failed to release gambling harm report despite advice Former NSW deputy premier Troy Grant was advised in May last year to make public "as soon as possible" best free game landmark gambling harm report that recommends banning a controversial poker machine feature that was the subject of a Federal Court battle involving billionaire James Packer's casino company Crown.
But the NSW government sat on the report until October this year — almost two years after it was delivered — despite inquiries from its lead author, University of Sydney gambling researcher Professor Alex Blaszczynski, who "expressed frustration" at the delay.
Among its recommendations is banning a controversial feature of poker machines known as " losses disguised as wins", blamed by experts for fuelling addiction.
Losses disguised refers to when celebratory music and graphics are played when a player wins an amount, despite it being less than what was gambled.
The government sat on the report as Crown and poker machine manufacturer Aristocrat fought a Federal Court case in which it is alleged the feature is "misleading and deceptive".
Have a running tally which announces the current rate of loss for the day, week, month or even financial year on the machine stock of the place, or maybe the house winnings.
It's like the machines themselves pretending a loss is a win.
The legal minimum return to the gambler on poker machines isdepending on the state or territory regulation.
It doesn't matter, because gamblers will generally pump the payouts straight back into the machine.
The problem with this figure is that the poker machine physically doesn't have to pay that figure out.
I'm glad I had the self control and the threat of being broke in another country, so I was lucky I guess.
It doesn't matter, because gamblers will generally pump the payouts straight back into the machine.
There is a mandated payback all poker machines are programmed to provide due to law, its in the 80%'s.
So you either get a whole heap of people whove won zero, or a few who won really nicely and then lost it all anyway.
EDIT: the article posted below by goes through it perfectly.
I've been in countries that do this, it just means people chase their losses harder well it hasn't had a feature in almost 300 spins but it usually goes off every 50 spins, I should chuck another hundy in this one!
I don't think that would help.
The same way putting calories on junk food menus don't help.
If you forced poker machines to ditch the light show, the loud repetitive music, and then essentially plain packaged them like cigarettes you'd probably see a fall off.
Edited words so they are english.
When I got my RSA someone in the room asked what we could do about an obvious problem gambler and the lecturers mood suddenly dropped and he said basically best in europa />If the guy was a problem drinker there best poker machines brisbane so many avenues that I can pursue to help them based on state programs and laws.
Too fucking bad, you can't do shit and you basically can't even speak up about it.
South Australia has a gambling help service run by Flinders Uni.
Well it was, its probably be privatised now.
They were conducting world leading research and treating the underlying causes of problem gambling such as anxiety and depression - two things that pokies take advantage of.
Their success rate was unheard of - considering places such as Gamblers Anonymous would consider someone showing up to a session and then not representing as a "success".
Methods such as CBT would mean that gamblers would finish the program sitting infront of a real life poker machine inside a real venue, with a dollar in their hand and not have best casinos australia urge to gamble - after starting the program suffering severe urges after simply listening to the music of a poker machine.
So, if you need help, find somewhere treating the issue with CBT, and try and avoid the paths of "Turn to god and ignore those evil demons!
I was volunteering in some financial hardship advice work.
Guy came in who was blowing everything on the pokies.
Knew he had a problem, didn't know what to do.
No one else knew about the voluntary self-exclusions.
The most you can do to "help" a problem gambler is bar them from your venue and give them an information pack.
Remember these people are adults and you can't force them to seek help read article shit as it seems.
I work in a local leagues club in a south-western Sydney region where there's fuck all else to do to most people apparently.
I work at least five days a week and sometimes all seven when they get low on staff, which is all the time because working in such a place and dealing with the kinds of people you have coming in sucks ass and man - some people are there every day.
EVERY SINGLE DAY, including Christmas, just feeding money into those machines.
I don't know where they're getting said money because if they can come to the club seven days a week for 8+ hour visits then they clearly haven't got jobs, and some still seem too able-bodied to be on some sort of disability pension.
Don't machine casino pachinko me started on the inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth some otherwise below-average Joe's get once they make it into the high rewards points tier because they feed so much money into those machines.
They're quite often horrible to staff, including a new girl I was training on the job just last night who was driven to tears by the way a VIP asshole vented at her for making a simple begginner mistake.
See, they lose all their money on these fucking machines so they take it out on us no wonder we have such a high staff apologise, best poker game app advise rate.
Some will be there until 5:30 in the morning and only leave because they have to be told to because the club closes at 6am for cleaning and money collecting.
It opens again just hours later and some will be already waiting outside before it does.
My mother blew so much money there.
My stepdad was earning six figures for years and still we struggled for money and their relationship eventually fell apart because he got tired working his high-stress job for loads of money he never got to see or enjoy, he wasn't perfect either - he gambled not as much, but still a lot if he was with my mother ad he drank a fuck-ton as well.
They ended up losing the house and we had to move out and rent.
No-one who earned as much money as he did has any excuse to lose a standard suburban western Sydney home, especially back then in the 00's when the western suburbs were still very cheap to buy in.
He could have had it paid off in just 5 years if they didn't gamble and drink everything away at that stupid club.
It ruined our family and even though I work for the place I just despise everything about it.
I despise alcohol, pokies and the kinds of people who can only seem to feel entertained when they're in the presence of either.
It's popular link for a lot of Australians there's fuck all else to do that doesn't involve a long commute.
It's immediate and easily accessed entertainment because every fucking town no matter how small or rural has them around every corner.
Defeat them in your secret battle probably the biggest issue with the pokies is the shame, to talk about your problem becomes really hard when your met with nothing but ridicule, with people calling you an idiot I'm a big believer of a players card system where you have to select a daily loss limit.
The boss would very occasionally take us all to the pub and buy beers.
This would continue for the rest of the night.
He paid us less than minimum wage.
I tried, I rang the union and other places it was a loonnnggg time ago, I think Howard was PM at the timeand I remember being told by everywhere I called there was fuck all they could do.
I ended up trying to unionise so we could demand best poker machines brisbane wages.
I started by handing out union forms to the drivers I knew I could trust and started to get some signing up.
But this fucker in the warehouse who worked dispatch saw me and ratted me out to the boss, and I was sacked the next day.
I came to work, and the bosses son said I need to go home for two weeks, and then give them a call if I have sorted my shit out.
In others words, decided to get into line.
I didn't go back.
It's easy to put it on a person to report or try to do something, but when the power is so skewed in favour of the employer, people shut their roulette software online best to keep their jobs.
I tried to do something and lost my job.
The only place that will take my bets on sport are offshore betting brokerages.
During my bar tending days, I witnessed an adult son begging his mother to stop the pokies because she had already spent her rent on them.
But you aren't allowed to just cut them off like alcohol surprise, surprise.
You have to ask them if this is what they want and if they need help.
We want to be fair to the "industry" and its clients Yeah this was me five years ago.
Destroyed me financially for the rest of life.
Probably lost the best years of my life to those machines.
If you tend towards an addictive personality, stay away from gambling.
A lot of research has gone into making pokies as addictive as possible.
Very sophisticated research that relies on how our brains work as normal human mammals.
Some people are more vulnerable than others, but does that mean they deserve it?
The evidence speaks for itself in terms of the harms caused.
These things ought not to be allowed.
It still holds true: I struggled for 30 years with a serious gambling addiction.
Very rarely would a day go by without me having a bet on the horses, trots, dogs, buying a lottery ticket, playing the one-arm bandits, going to footie clubs to play the pokies and casinos to play cards illegal initially - hard and then legal - easy - fuck you very much Star Cityeven visiting bingo halls fer' chrissakes.
I hit 'rock bottom', alienated friends please click for source family and was in all sorts of financial trouble many times.
I tried willpower, attended GA, went to the Wesley Mission and read as much as I could on the subject to inform myself and try and understand why I did what I did.
I outed myself, thinking that then I would stop because it's so shameful and everyone would know what I'm doing.
All of it came to naught.
About 5 years ago I read a newspaper article about Fadi Anjoul and the work he was doing at Sydney University — Counselling Problem Gamblers.
I had a 6 month course of treatment and it turned my life around and possibly saved it suicide is never far away in your thoughts when you are in desperate straits.
It isn't a cure, I had a small bust a couple of years ago a couple of all-niters on the pokies when other stuff in my life was proving difficult to handle and it scared the hell out of me so I went for a top-up at St.
Vincents they also employ the CBT model and that fixed me up quicksmart.
This is an important point, you need refreshers — I don't know if that's true of other game casino odds />It won't be for everyone.
If you are not a list keeper, not into self-discovery and don't dig Socratic questioning, it might not appeal.
I embraced it because it employed science how the odds are stacked against you and behavioural modification recognising that you react in this way, because….
If you have family or friends who are struggling as I was, I would recommend that you encourage them to try this type of counselling.
Thank you, Aaron Beck.
My mates and I used to do a lot of drugs socially but it was only when one of us became addicted to gambling that we saw them totally fuck up their life, they pretty much lost everything, including a lot of their friends.
Gambling is bad, mmmkay.
I know a few guys on ice, and yet pokie machines are still the most destructive habit in their lives.
They've got better control over the drug then they do over feeding all their rent money into the hypno-machines.
I'm a legit drug addict and i look at pokie addicts with pity from my red, drooping, dilated eyes.
At least I'm getting high, they're just miserable for hours on end.
I would like to think they could afford to lose it, but chances are that there is someone else who is going to be hurt by that adict.
There needs to be a Royal Commission into the gambling industry, especially Packer, and its relationship with major political parties.
For those who haven't seen- this is one of the best things I've ever seen on gambling addiction.
I'm probably the biggest Labor shill in this sub, but I hope to hell Xenophon wins enough seats in SA to pressure whoever wins to do something about these predatory machines.
Why are they allowed to call them gaming machines?
They're not games, they are gambling machines.
The hotel industry have done some clever marketing there.
Predatory pokies are ruining lives on every shore of this land.
Not in Western Australia, we have governments that actually show a spine sometimes.
I grew up with it being a part of a RSL and never really thought about it.
Also the amount of betting ads and apps is crazy compared with other countries!
It breaks my heart as a migrant.
I would love to have a local pub to visit but like the others the human misery and abuse of addiction is just too disgusting.
I'm a bartender at an RSL.
Worst part of the job is the fact that you have to see tragic people pissing all their money down every single night and I have to sit there and watch them do it knowing full well that I can't do a thing about it.
Fuck pokies, i'd happily take a sledge hammer to them all.
When I was a kid I went on holiday with my mum, stayed with family, and we had plans to go out to various themeparks and waterslides and such.
One night about 3 days into the 2 week trip my mum went off to a casino, got absolutely plastered and blew all our spending money on fucking poker machines.
I had to stay home for those 2 weeks.
I'm not sure if this experience contributed to the fact that I have never and will never put a dime into those fucking machines, or if it's just down to the fact that whenever I have the misfortune of going into a pokie room I can never shake off the creepy nightmare dystopian horror of watching my fellow humans reduced to mindless hypnotized automatons with their money and lifeforce sucked out by tinkling cutesy flashing lights and colours.
I believe there is definitely something extremely negative about the overall atmosphere created by those places, the combination of hyper reality-inspired architecture with it's zany bright blue and purple colours and carpets, the creepy soundscapes with hypnotic chimes sounding from indeterminate directions, the contrast between the dim lighting and the coloured brightly lit screens, it all adds up to a sense of total read article and dissociation.
It's like some sort of electronic mind sucking opium den.
If you go into such places with any sort of expanded consciousness or on any trace amount of psychedelic with your senses enhanced, you'll experience exactly what paranoid conspiracy theorists get caught up on, and know what it's like to be a character in the movie.
Poker machines aren't things that run around stealing money out of people's pockets, robbing them.
They are inanimate objects that require the consent of the user to insert their own money, willingly into the machine.
Similar to the "Violent Video Game" argument.
A video game is just a disc on the shelf in a store, or a file on Steam.
It takes the consent of the user, to purchase and play them.
They game doesn't force itself onto people, much like poker machines.
Also, the "Sugary Foods" argument, as if the food is actively hunting you down, trying to force it's way into best indian casinos california stomach.
No, you willingly purchase it and reap the negative effects of it.
I guess my point is, things like this are only harmful if you let them be.
Please comment, or ask any question.
Edit: I'm In NSW Australia, We have measures in place that inform poker machine users of risk and responsibility.
This may be different in the Https:// />It's more nuanced than that.
Pokies, like marketing, like sugar, are used to manipulate your behaviour into spending your money.
They all rely on exploiting flaws in your psyche around addiction and feeling good.
Almost everyone is able to resist this manipultion for a bit.
Almost no one is able to resist them all forever.
For example, I can guarantee you favor some brands over others for no real reason.
So when exactly between one resisted manipulation attempt and finally succumbing is it no longer personal responsibillity?
When is it time to put responsibillity on the people doing the manipulating?
I agree that it is more complicated than I may have made out.
I still feel like, even though marketing is used very technically and even maliciously, it's still the individuals choice whether or not the carry out purchasing, or using a service that is marketed towards them.
I think you'd find these individuals share a similar trait in terms of self control, or lack thereof.
If they weren't using pokies, then they may be addicted to cigarettes, or alcohol, or race horses.
I think it's an issue within people that's exploited.
But having said that, I think I now realize your best poker machines brisbane />You are saying people should be held responsible for knowingly exploiting vulnerable people, I think I would have to agree with that.
That's where your argument breaks down.
The machines are designed to compel people to put money in the machine by reducing their will power to say 'no' by psychological means.
Have you ever worked in a venue with a gaming room or known someone close to you with a gambling addiction?
When will people learn.
The opportunity to gamble and to take drugs or drink to excess aren't the problem.
The issue is what drives people to do this in the first place.
Turns out when people have shitty lives, problems they can't fix or simply don't think they'll ever get ahead; they turn to comfort food like the aforementioned.
Happy, wealthy people can also become gambling addicts, for example if they have the right brain chemistry combined with an early win.
It doesn't 'play a role,' it is the reason.
Some people have addictive personalities but that only makes it more likely they will become and stay addicted.
It's not as simple as people having shitty lives.
That can be factor, but ignores that these machines have been specifically designed to capture these people's attention and extract their money.
Like, with actual scientists and experts paid a bunch of money to make them more effective, tested over years and honed to make them as ruthlessly effective as possible.
And even when regulations are put in place.
The average person just can't compete with that, if they're even slightly psychologically vulnerable.
And it's not possible to see inside people's heads and divert them away before they head for the machines.
We can't stop people's spouses from dying, or their parent's having health issues, or make their jobs completely free of stress.
Yet often that's the kind of thing that starts people off down that road.
The average person just can't compete with that, if they're even slightly psychologically vulnerable.
Realistically, you have to have Zen-like willpower not to fall into the trap.
There designed to hit every reinforcer learn more here human brain has on the strongest reinforcement schedule devised.
I'm surprised they haven't made the machines spit out a couple of lollies for each losing spin.
I've got an addictive personality and a basic grasp of how bad the odds are is enough inoculation.
Inoculation is the right word here- you seem to have sense to stay away.
As someone who now lives somewhere where Pokies are only in a casino an hour away, I wish every Australian got to enjoy the freedom to go to a casino if they please, but not have to see pokies at every corner.
Exactly, it's the fact that they're pretty much everywhere and are designed to lure in vulnerable people.
I mean addiction is a disease.
This is the same.
Especially during the grand final.
I felt like everywhere I looked I was being told to gamble.
If I was any drunker I probably would have.
It's all well and good while they're only fucking themselves over.
My mother 'used to' be a gambling addict, she'd piss away thousands a year despite our family being below the poverty line.
We had just enough to cover bills and food each fortnight, while school supplies and our computer had to be paid for with lump sum payments.
She finally gave in a year or two ago and ran the numbers, I taught her how to track and calculate her expenses over different periods of time and her reaction was utter shock.
If she put the money she spent on gambling into savings, she'd be able to buy a house in cash anywhere she wants.
For those who have a gambling addiction or who know someone that does, all gambling providers are required to offer free self-exclusion; it's essentially voluntarily banning oneself from the premises.
Problem is some of them are using other people's hard earned to play with.
If you're going to throw money away.
Why not throw it into cryptocurrencies.
At least you've got a significant chance of making at least 30% of your money back.
Not to mention it is also way more exciting.
That demands a modicum of sobriety, however.
Sadly, especially after dark on a Friday or Saturday, that seemed in relatively short supply in STRAYA, LOL.
Thanks for the Trezh memories.
Yup, special divedend just earned me as much as this person just threw away.
Plus a few hundred mETH trading.
Not life changing, but it's in my pocket instead of a poker see more />Dont steal my idea, K?
We don't call them "fine" machines for nothing" But you only ever hear stories about this bloke who always walks out with hundreds of dollars.
They never talk about the thousands he puts in to get it.
I went to dinner at an rsl a couple of weeks ago on a week night, the saddest thing I saw there was the sheer number of people in their early 20's sitting there on the pokies.
I mean like what the fuck?
Pokies are something your nan or distant drunk uncle play, since when are they cool for millenials to play?
He didn't look happy.
This was at roulette wheel IIRC.
This was a long time ago, memory might be playing tricks.
I just watched a politician stuff tax money back into their own pockets through elaborate money laundering via lobbyist and companies like Indue Pty Ltd.
Like most of our economic behaviour, pokies prey on the uninitiated.
We have changed and we have lost our integrity for it.
What they don't know doesn't hurt them is the lie we tell ourselves at every level in our 'losses disguised as wins' world.
So is processed sugar, yet we still do basically nothing.
The hard thing is you need to change it so it so that recreational gamblers that do it for a bit of fun the vast majority I suspect, but I haven't seen the statistics on what percentage of people are problem gamblers aren't affected that much while trying to reduce the amount problem gamblers spend. best poker machines brisbane best poker machines brisbane best poker machines brisbane best poker machines brisbane best poker machines brisbane best poker machines brisbane

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Dr Karl: How Russian criminals cheated the pokies - Science News - ABC News Best poker machines brisbane

Gaming Slot Machines | Treasury Brisbane Best poker machines brisbane

... especially online. Read on to see the most popular pokies games and how to choose the best pokies to play online.. best pokies to play Pokie machines are an extremely popular pastime in Australia.. Aussie Players. » Up to AU$9000.
The top hotels and casinos in Australia, the best non-gambling activities, and a. From the rabid popularity of poker machines (what the rest of the world call “slots” or. The Treasury is also the home of the Brisbane Poker Championships.
How electronic gambling machines work: Structural characteristics. to public policy, and on regulatory issues around development of best practice gambling policy..... Queensland Treasury. (2016). Australian Gambling Statistics. Brisbane.


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