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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your Restoration Shaman Healer in WoW Classic.. If you want to gear for PvP instead, you can check out our PvP BiS and Gearing guide below.. This is the gear we recommend for Restoration Shamans before setting.
Everything you need to know to obtain the best gear for your Restoration Shaman. Trinkets, Azerite PIeces, and much more. Updated with the�...
Learn how to obtain the best in slot (BiS) PvE gear for your Shaman Healer in. Welcome to Wowhead's Shaman Healing BiS Gear Classic Guide,... Optional, Gloves of Restoration, Dropped by Alzzin the Wildshaper�...

PHASE 1 Elemental Shaman Pre Raid BiS Guide - Classic WoW

[Ideally you carry as much gear as you can for set swapping in raid] [�or� items exist as backups] [Get every single trinket you can lay your hands on] [All the items.
Before we start it should be noted this is not a best in slot list... amount of pre-raid trinkets suitable for restoration shaman, but here are some�...
Gear: What is the Best in Slot (BiS) gear for a Shaman and where can it be.. down into three basic groups: Enhancement, Elemental Combat and Restoration.
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Restoration Shaman Guide - Ask Mr. Robot Restoration shaman best in slot gear


anyone know the ideal/bis f2p shaman gear that isnt absolutely insane to put together, like no titan forge/vet enchant stuff also does anyone�...
Most Viewed Articles. Heart of Azeroth Essence Abilities � Restoration Shaman Spreadsheet � Azerite Traits � Standard Talent Builds. Ancestral Guidance � 2020.
Guides, Theorycrafting, BiS-lists, Spreadsheets for the Shaman Class in.�...

starburst-pokieWoW Classic Level 29 Twink Shaman Guide - Warcraft Tavern Restoration shaman best in slot gear

Waiting for the redirectiron... Restoration shaman best in slot gear

A Restoration Shaman has one key resource � Mana.... Nazjatar questing) is a good choice, if you are not using it in major slot already.
For best in slot according to icy veins there is a set gear list. I mainly do m+ and I am starting to do heroic raids this weekend but in what�...
Find the best gear and best in slot items for your Restoration Shaman in WoW Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.

Restoration shaman best in slot gearcasinobonus

restoration shaman best in slot gear These ads disappear when you log in.
You have to before you can post.
Almost all ads disappear when you login.
Once again, just posting some useful information that some people may not know.
I do not claim credit for this work, nor am I trying to.
Link to the actual guide: This is the spot to discuss everything about healing as a shaman.
You can use Ctrl-F to quickly find any of the sections below or to search the first page of the post.
If you find any typos or small errors, please send me a private message so I can make corrections.
I hope this post can become just as valuable as the enhancement and elemental threads with your feedback and suggestions.
Information for Raid Leaders II.
Gems and Enchants VII.
Healed, HPS, HPM, MP5 spent for each heal.
Spell haste now reduces the global cooldown on spells, down to a minimum of 1 second.
This change does not apply to melee and ranged abilities.
Each charge will cost 16.
Characters will now retain talented spell ranks so when they retalent they do not have to relearn the spells from trainers.
Unlike all the other relics, this one was being applied after talents and set bonuses.
It will not be correctly applied before talents and set bonuses.
So, instead of saving 19 mana per Chain Heal 17 mana with Tier 6 you will now save 20 mana.
Information for Raid Leaders Who should I have the shaman heal?
Shaman are best at healing multiple targets that are standing near each.
Assign them to heal melee or simply keep the entire raid topped off.
In a 25-man raid, you should see their chain heal constantly jumping from player to player.
Shaman can heal a single target, such as the main tank.
However, this role is better filled by a priest or paladin.
You will want to make sure the shaman puts an Earth Shield on the main tank, another player who will take damage or someone who needs protection against spell interruption.
Should I let shaman roll on cloth or leather gear?
Sometimes a cloth or leather item is better than the available mail items for a slot.
This is particularly true if there is no spirit on the cloth or leather gear.
Staves and off-hands are also more beneficial to priests and druids.
If you have a question about a specific item, please send me a private message.
In which group should I put a resto shaman?
Resto shaman can either boost the DPS of a group or increase mana regeneration.
Shaman are also sometimes placed in the main tank group to provide the tank with totems necessary for a particular encounter.
Where you place the shaman will depend on the other classes in your raid.
Shadow and resto shaman are an ideal combination.
Rogues and warriors love having a shaman.
In general, warlocks do not need a shaman because their main source of mana is life tapping.
However, there are a few fights in which the boss does high burst damage such as the Prince in Karazhan or Gurtogg Bloodboil in Black Temple.
Even if a tank has 490 defence to avoid critical hits, the boss can still land crushing blows.
Critical hits are 200% of normal damage and Crushing blows are 150% of normal damage.
No other class can heal multiple players taking damage like a shaman can.
And no other class has as many buffs as a shaman brings to a party.
Know what happens during each phase and where to stand to avoid taking damage.
Know if aggro drops during any transitions and avoid healing for a few seconds at that time.
It's a weak excuse to say "They were out of line of sight.
Does it do steady or burst damage?
Does it have any special attacks?
How big of a hit is plate going to take?
Know the abilities of the person you are healing.
Is this a protection speced warrior or a DPS warrior wearing his tanking gear?
How good is their gear?
Decide where check this out of you will stand and how to maximize your effectiveness.
Many healers like using either Xperl, Grid or Pitbull.
You should not wear the same gear for every fight.
Some bosses are short sprints.
Others are more like a 10 km run.
Sometimes you have a shadow priest in your group.
Sometimes the mages get the shadow priest.
Sometimes you need a lot of stamina to survive the article source attacks of a boss.
A mod such as Item Rack can quickly allow you to switch between gear sets.
Water Shield This is a tremendous source of mana regeneration.
It's important to have it on at all times and refresh it before it expires.
Many shaman do not wait until all three charges have been used to refresh.
When there is a lull in healing, they take that time to put up 3 new charges since they might expire at a time when you can't spare the global cooldown to refresh the shield.
I recommend using Shaman Friend to alert you when water shield expires.
It has an option to give you an audible warning and you can choose several different sounds.
I replaced 'lightning shield' event since it's usefulness is none to me.
The file itself contains pretty clear explanations and examples for custom events so feel free to modify.
It gives you warning when Water Shield fades.
It's what Prayer of Mending wants to be when it grows up.
In many fights, Chain Heal will be 90% of what you cast.
Rank 4 gets the full benefit of your plus healing since it is learned at level 61 and is not subject to the down ranking penalty.
By using Rank 4, you reduce your mana costs by 19% but lose only 10% of your healing power.
As long as there are others nearby who have taken damage, the heal will jump and please click for source make it worth casting.
This is due to latency � or the time it takes for a command from the client to make a round trip to the server and back.
However, if you hit the button too early i.
To time this perfectly, install a mod such as Quartz.
The portion of your cast bar in red represents your latency.
As soon as the spell you are currently casting reaches the red zone, you can safely start casting your next spell.
This will give maximum casting speed.
This method works well as long as you have 10-12 frames per second FPS.
If you have 5 FPS, you are only seeing the Quartz bar update every 0.
Consumables Use either or a combination of and.
The two elixirs are more powerful, giving you 16 mp5 and +50 healing.
However, the flask can be more economical if you die a lot.
On your weapon apply or the cheaper.
For food use or III.
Talent Specs These are the main healing specs for raiding: 8-0-53 recommended for new content or 0-12-49 recommended for farm content, mobility, DPS.
You can also spec 0-5-56 and 0-0-61 but they are not recommended.
It will give a group an extra 11.
Cheeky's spreadsheet in the Hunter thread can allow your to calculate exactly how much the group's DPS would increase but if your hunters are doing around 1000 DPS, the improved strength and agility totems would boost the DPS of each hunter by about 10 DPS.
A feral druid might gain 15-20 DPS.
So if the group's DPS increases by 50 DPS, over a 10-minute fight they would do an extra 30,000 damage.
The spec sacrifices nothing in healing.
What you lose is survivability by giving up Nature's Guardian and Elemental Warding.
However, if that's not an issue, extra DPS never hurts.
Here's a sample of the 8-0-53 This spec is the best for raiding, especially when you are first learning an encounter.
The build is designed to reduce the damage taken by fire, frost and nature by 10% while maintaining all the core healing talents.
Shaman put 5 points in Concussion and 3 in Elemental Warding.
Many bosses in SSC, Black Temple and Mount Hyjal do quite a bit of elemental damage to the raid.
And let's not forget all the elemental damage in Kara.
The less damage you take, the less time and mana you have to spend healing yourself.
This also boosts your ability to survive.
Five points in Ancestral Knowledge boosts your mana pool by 5%.
It sounds like a lot but a closer look shows you get a poor return on the points spent.
The extra mana will probably be only enough to cast one extra chain heal.
A shaman with 8,000 mana gains an extra 400 mana and only 1.
Here is a sample of the 0-0-61 This spec allows you to pick up nearly every talent in the resto tree.
However, 8-0-53 is still the best choice.
If you raid and PVP, you could try 8-7-46.
You don't have the talent to reduce threat from healing by 15% so be careful at the start of a fight or during transitions if the boss drops aggro.
Also, this is not a pure PVP spec.
If you want to get a high arena rating, there are probably better ways to spend your talent points.
So is there ever a reason to spec 0-5-56 or 0-0-61?
Yes, when you're raiding zones that have no raid-wide fire, frost or nature damage.
The zone should also have no reason for you to need to move quickly outdoors.
So where do I spend restoration shaman best in slot gear 53 or restoration shaman best in slot gear or 61 points?
You are healing so hitting your target is not an issue.
This talent is valuable for resto shaman in PVP to avoid players resisting your Earth Shock.
It's also a great talent for Enhancement shaman.
Where do I put the rest?
It heals you after the damage from the hit is applied, so if the damage takes you to 0%, it doesn't proc.
It cannot proc more than once every 5 seconds.
Plus, the heal reduces your threat.
Totemic Focus: Reduces the cost of your totems by 25%.
It provides a bigger benefit than Ancestral Knowledge.
At worst, it will probably equate to giving you an extra 4.
At best, it could give you the equivalent of 16.
Scenario 1: You are in a caster group dropping Mana Spring and Wrath of Air.
You drop your totems every 2 minutes.
Mana Spring: 120 mana Wrath: 320 mana Total: 2,200 mana during a 10 minute fight.
The talent would save you 550 mana or 4.
You drop your totems every 1.
Windfury: 325 mana 2275 Strength: 300 mana 2100 Healing: 95 mana 665 Searing: 205 mana x 2 2870 Total: 7,910 mana during a 10 minute fight.
The talent would save you 1,977.
Instead of popping with 20% health and mana, you can pop with 40%.
It also reduces the cooldown on your Reincarnation from an hour to 40 minutes.
For example, if you get the Doomguard debuff during the Azgalor fight or if Teron Gorefiend chooses you for Shadow of Death.
However, on most fights you should not die.
And if you do die, there are probably several things going wrong with the raid and you resurrecting will not fix them before everyone wipes.
Focused Mind: Generally seen as a weak talent for raiding since most bosses do not silence.
It is often sacrified in the 8-0-53 and 0-5-56 builds.
However, you can easily include it in a 0-0-61 build.
A must-have talent for shaman who also PVP.
Tidal Mastery: This talent goes hand-in-hand with Ancestral Healing, which you absolutely should have.
The 25% increase in armor from This web page Healing typically will give more protection than an Ironshield potion.
Plus, the proc scales as your tank gets better gear.
In addition, with multiple shamans in the raid, and each having 5% more crit, the chances of getting an Ancestral Healing proc rise a great deal.
Gear Set Bonuses Tier 4: You want two pieces.
The bonus boosts your mana spring totem by 7.
Tier 5: Bonuses are nothing great.
Tier 6: You want four pieces.
The set bonuses are fantastic.
It doesn't matter what stats another piece of gear has, you are always better off with the set bonuses.
The two-piece bonus is worth 64 mp5 assuming you cast 15 chain heals per minute.
If you cast 20 chain heals 3 seconds per CHit's worth 85.
The four-piece bonus is worth 82 healing from the base spell plus 0.
If you had 2000 +healing, your chain heal on three targets would gain an extra 216 healing.
The first pieces of T6 that most people get are the gloves Azgalor and the helm Archimonde.
Stat Weights Arriving at standard weights for stats is much more difficult for a healing class than a DPS class.
In some fights, you may be assigned to heal a single target.
In other fights, you may be healing the entire raid.
Some fights may last 2 minutes, while others go on for more than 20 minutes.
Plus, your needs change as you get better gear.
Once you get a sufficient amount of mana and mana regen, other stats will take on more importance.
Haste is a hotly debated stat for both resto shaman and virtually all other classes.
It can significantly boost your healing but at the cost of mana regen and other stats.
Its value may also fluctuate depending on how often you are casting back-to-back heals in a fight.
To generate a list of gear using the rankings, I recommend.
Be sure to enter the meta gem value or it more info use the Bracing Earthstorm.
To display these values in-game, try a mod such as.
For more control over gear rankings such as playing with different gems and set bonusesI highly recommend.
Shaman are also encouraged to customize their own stat weights.
Treat the values below as a starting point, not the final answer on how to rank gear.
These numbers were not carved into stone tablets on Mount Sinai.
When customizing your own stat weights, it is not necessary to use every single stat listed below.
When you struggle with regen issues, downrank.
This is pretty much the mantra for a resto shaman, IMO ~ Raut As stated above the gains from +healing won't translate into overheal if you down rank.
Stacking healing gives you the option of conserving mana via downranking or high HPS via top rank spamming.
Mp5 gives you no choices ~ Daidalos Relics They come to two varieties: Ones that reduce the mana cost of your healing spells and one that increase your +healing for a specific type of healing spell.
However, your water shield will not continue to get a boost if you switch to another relic after casting best games for free />The amount added to healing from relics is applied the same way +healing is applied to your spells.
Relics are applied before set bonuses.
Chain Heal Use the Totem of Healing Rains if mana is not an issue.
Each Chain Heal you cast per minute with Totem of Living Water equipped equals 1.
Rank 1 restoration shaman best in slot gear 4 mana.
I don't see any use for this totem but you never know what fights might await us in the Sunwell.
However, there are a few fights in which we may be asked to not only heal but interrupt spells cast by a boss.
In these situations, it can be helpful to boost your +hit to cut down on the number of resists you will get.
My favorite way is to get a pair of gloves with spell hit, gem them for spell hit and then enchant them for spell hit.
You maximize your hit but at the sacrifice of only one piece of normal healing gear.
There is a 1% chance to miss against any target, no matter how much spell hit you have through gear or talents.
Target Spell Hit needed Level 70 3% Level 71 4% Level 72 5% Level 73 16% Boss level Talents Draenei can get 1% spell hit from Inspiring Presence Gear are easy to farm from the first boss in normal Underbog Hungarfen Put more info in each socket and enchant with Spell Strike 15 hit rating and you have a total of 46 spell hit 3.
This is quite a bit of spell hit on one piece of gear.
Another option is from Attuneman in Kara, which will give 45 spell hit 3.
The absolutely best option is to get the Tier 6 Elemental gloves and socket them with a.
You will have 44 spell hit rating 3.
Using Tier 2 One surprising way to boost your healing is to wear three pieces of Tier 2.
Yes, the stuff that drops from Onyxia and in Black Wing Lair.
The increased healing has been confirmed both by theoretical models and by actual experimentation in raids.
Wearing three pieces of Tier 2 3T2 can boost your effective chain healing by 10% to 15%.
The more +healing you have, the better the set bonus becomes because it is percentage based.
With the set bonus, the second jump heals for 650 and the third for 422.
Without the set bonus, the second jump heals for 500 and the third for 250.
While you have less +healing, your chain heal becomes more powerful due to the set bonus.
If we assume no overhealing, your chain heal does roughly 10% more healing if it hits three targets on average.
However, most overhealing is done on the first target which other healers are targeting.
Because your second and third jumps heal for a larger amount and jump instantly to those who have taken damageyou actually become a more effective healer � boosting the effect of the set bonus to roughly 15%.
Tier 4 and Tier 5 set bonuses do not matter.
Depending on how much stamina or mp5 you lose, you may need to use adjust other gear or the make-up of your group or use more potions.
Thud00 wrote a custom mod to measure overhealing on a per jump basis.
He found overhealing on the initial jump was about 50%, while overhealing on subsequent jumps was about 20%.
This makes sense given that multiple healers will often target the same person who has taken damage.
The beauty of chain heal is that it instantly jumps to two other people.
They often take damage while you were casting so a chain heal or prayer of mending is the first thing to land � resulting in less overhealing.
Taking overhealing into account the 1.
Haste A large amount of healing gear with spell haste is available in Hyjal, Black Temple, ZA and Sunwell.
And like with many other aspects of healing, its value is all in knowing when to more info it.
However, spell haste does you no good if it makes you go OOM.
Many shaman find that when put in a group with a shadow priest, they cannot use their mana fast enough.
Often, our mana bar will never drop below 50% due to the shadow priest, water shield, mana spring and other buffs.
Many shaman also wear haste gear on trash since they can drink after each pull.
By wearing gear with spell haste, we can cast spells faster, boosting our overall healing done for a fight � and potentially have heals landing faster to prevent deaths.
Starting in Patch 2.
You do NOT cast 1% faster.
Spell Haste is calculated after talents.
So if Healing Wave is 3.
Spell Haste can reduce the global cooldown but it cannot reduce it below 1.
You can get 372 Haste Rating from the gear below not including the hasted off-hand or the DPS boots or trinket procs Lesser Healing Wave 1.
Gems and Enchants Enchanting your gear can quickly drain your bank account.
However, it is well worth the expense if you will not upgrade your gear for a while.
There are also a few "cheap" enchants that are worth putting on your gear even if you won't have it long: +6 mp5 to chest, Vitality for boots and the honored shoulder enchants.
The best enchant to skip all together if money is an issue is Subtlety to cloak.
Gems can also be a major investment.
It's ok visit web page use green-quality gems as you level up and gear up.
However, never leave a socket empty.
Always put some gem in it.
Also, it is well worth spending money to get the meta gem for a helm with that socket, even if you won't have it very long.
Meta Socket Recommended This the most popular choice among resto shaman because it has easy gem requirements and extra mana never hurts.
You could have as little as Royal Nightseye x2 and Luminious Noble Topaz x2 and meet the requirements.
Secondary colors purple, orange, green count for BOTH primary colors.
It procs off any spell cast, including totems and water shield.
However, both Wowhead and Thotbot list the proc rate as 5% and WWS data from raids would indicate that the proc rate is higher than 2%.
There is no cooldown.
On rare occasions, it has procced off itself.
In real raid situations using mainly Chain Heal, it returns about 20 mp5 which would be roughly a 4% proc rate.
Shaman may get more procs off the meta gem than others healers due to the fact that we are constantly dropping totems and casting water shield -- all of which can proc the gem.
Assuming it takes 3.
Its requirements are also easy to meet.
However, the benefit can be hit or miss.
If you like this meta gem, you will also like the The gem has a 15% chance to proc and it will proc off anything, including totems and water shield.
There is a 45 second cooldown since Patch 2.
In real raid situations it will proc about once per minute.
You may want to try to get two helms.
Socket your primary helm with the Insightful Earthstorm.
Socket the second helm with the MSD and use it whenever you have a shadow priest.
This is also an excellent gem to include as part of a spell haste set for when you have a shadow priest.
On PTR, it gives 320 spell haste for 6 seconds.
Most healers would rather than 20 mp5 than 26 +healing.
The reduced threat has limited benefit in 25-man raids.
Other gems Use Living Rubies and Spinels as often as possible.
It is often worth losing the socket bonus.
In actual raids, this works out to about 6-8 mp5 per person.
NOTE: I recommend putting +81 healing on your best healing mace and then putting Spell Surge on another mace.
Use a mod such as Caster Weapon Swapper to switch between them while Spell Surge is on cooldown.
Also Vitality is a much cheaper and easier to find so it may be the best enchant if you expect to quickly upgrade your boots.
Rings: Ring enchants are only available to enchanters.
Your best choice is +20 healing.
VII Trinkets How to calculate the value of on-use trinkets: Take the amount of additional healing and multiple by the duration of the buff.
Then divide by the cooldown.
Therefore, I create a macro to use the +healing trinkets each time I cast Earth Shield.
This ensures I use them every 2-3 minutes.
Please note that some trinkets are listed in more than one category Best of the Best Equip: Increases healing by 119 and damage by 40 Equip: Increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%.
A super mana pot, on average, restores 2400 mana.
The Alchemist Stone boosts the mana returned by 40% or 960 mana.
That's an extra 40 mp5 if you're chain chugging pots.
If you drink 1-2 super mana pots during a 10-minute fight, it would restore, 8 mp5 to 16 mp5.
However, the advantage is you get extra mana when you need it the most.
Illidan The theoretical proc equals 25 mp5.
In actual use, you get about 20 mp5 Cooldown: 45 seconds Pretty Darn Good ZA-Hex Lord Malacrass On-use equal +66 healing Cooldown: 2 minutes Sunwell Use: Gain 250 mana each sec for 8 sec.
Channeled Equip: Increases healing by 119 Cooldown: 5 min Note: Restores a total of 2000 mana or 33.
Time spent channeling is affected by haste.
I Need More +Healing These will give your Earth Shield or Healing Stream a big boost 41 Heroic Badges Cooldown: 2 minutes Equals 49.
Black Morass Equals about 32 haste if it procs once per minute Cooldown: 45 seconds Kara-Opera Cooldown: 2 minutes This can be a nice trinket to use in the later growths on Gruul when all the healers are on the tank or hateful bolt soaker.
The on-use equals 8.
I Need More Mana!
A super mana pot, on average, restores 2400 mana.
The Alchemist Stone boosts the mana returned by 40% or 960 mana.
That's an extra 40 mp5 if you're chain chugging pots.
If you drink 1-2 super mana pots during a 10-minute fight, it would restore, 8 mp5 to 16 mp5.
However, the advantage is you get extra mana when you need it the most.
SSC - Fathom-Lord Karathress If it procs every 45 seconds, you get 37 mp5.
If it procs once per minute which is more realisticyou get 28 mp5 Cooldown: 45 seconds Jewelcrafting Total of 29 mp5 if used every 5 minutes Entry-level Trinkets All these trinkets are available by completing a quest or can be bought once you have enough reputation with a faction.
The on-use equals 8.
Cannot collect more than 2000 Holy Energy.
Use: Release all accumulated Holy Energy to instantly heal your target by the amount of Holy Energy accumulated Equip: 15 mp5 Cooldown: 2 min Increased on PTR from 1 minute Procs off each jump of chain heal, boosting the proc chance to 6%.
If it procs once per minute, it equals 37.
It will also proc off Earth Shield charges if you cast it on yourself.
You need to make sure that you are in a fight where you are spamming chain heal non-stop.
Otherwise, you can easily see the proc rate fall to once every two minutes 18 mp5 The Eye - Void Reaver NOTE: 15% chance to proc.
Does not scale with plus healing.
Each jump of chain heal is another chain to proc.
It will also proc off Earth Shield charges if you cast it on yourself.
Cooldown: Can proc as soon as the first HoT finishes Kara-Aran Black Morass Equals about 32 haste if it procs once per minute Cooldown: 45 seconds AQ40 A little extra health can go a long way in some fights Kara-Opera Cooldown: 2 minutes This can be a nice trinket to use in the later growths on Gruul when all the healers are on the tank or hateful bolt soaker.
This will boost the healing power of the Earth Shield and ensure you use the trinket every time the cooldown is up.
Most shaman cast Earth Shield every 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
BWL Onyxia Trinkets Shaman Should Never Use Cooldown: 2 minutes The proc is based on casting LHW.
The trinket would truly shine if it were based on casting Chain Heal instead.
Use earth shield during phase 2 for anti-pushback.
Phase 2: If healing one of the flame tanks, one of the few fights in which you willl cast Healing Wave.
Otherwise, use Chain Heal.
Give tanks Grace of Air and Fire Resistance.
Phase 4: Drop Earthbind near Illidan to slow the Shadow Demons.
Illidari Council: Have a shaman chain heal the tank on Gathios paladin.
The heals should jump to melee DPS who will take damage from his Consecration 2,250 damage every 3 seconds for 21 seconds.
Reliquary of Souls RoS : Phase 2: Essence of Desire doubles your healing but eventually reduces your mana to zero.
Earth Shield casters to reduce spell pushback.
At the end of Phase 2, cast healing totem and earth shield on yourself, while you still have the aura Essence of Desire so you have them for Phase 3.
If you run out of mana before the phase ends, will allow a shaman to cast HW rank 1 for zero mana.
Gurtogg Bloodboil Amplify Magic: Use on everyone.
His DoT is physical.
Teron Gorefiend: Haste friendly.
Fight becomes very healing intensive the last 45-60 seconds.
Supremus: Each time he shifts his gaze, it procs Water Shield.
Use Amplify Magic on everyone.
Trash Karabor Sewers : Several mobs will require you to drop poison cleansing totem Trash Sanctuary of Shadow : Several mobs will require you to drop poison cleansing totem, including Stalkers and Primalists.
Purge the Lightning Shield from Ashtongue Stormcallers.
Mount Hyjal Archimonde: The boss has an aura or pulse that will cause a charge of Water Shield to be consumed at the start of the fight.
This can result in the shaman temporarily getting aggro Kaz'rogal: Shadow resist gear will help you resist the Mark of Kaz'rogal.
It's a short fight that favors gear with +Int rather than mp5.
Azgalor: Shadow read article gear will help you resist his AoE silence.
Solarian: Earth Shock: Will not see more Arcane missiles.
She will sometimes target totems for Arcane missiles so it can be worth dropping all four.
Void Reaver: Stand directly restoration shaman best in slot gear the boss and spam chain heals on yourself and melee so you don't have to run from orbs.
Trash: Astromancer: The molten armor can be purged Bloodwarder Squire: Earthshock will interrupt heals Tempest Https:// His fire shield can not be purged Crystalcore Sentinel: His Overcharge 16,000+ can not be interrupted with Earthshock Serpentshrine Cavern SSC Lady Vashj Grounding totem absorbs Shock Burst.
Absolutely crucial for this fight.
Shock Burst stuns the main tank, causes him to lose aggro and does 8325-9675 damage.
Used in Phases 1 and 3.
Nature Resist: Static Charges do 2,775 to 3,225 nature damage in Phase 1 and 3.
Forked Lightening does 2,300-2,600 nature damage in Phase 2.
The poison clouds of the Spore Bats in phase 3 are also nature damage.
Earthbind: Slows Coilfang Striders Tremor: Breaks the fears of the Coilfang Striders Leotheras Fire Resitance Totem for whoever tanks him in the Demon phase.
If you drop a searing totem during the Whirlwind, a tank can stand next to it since it will probably aggro Leo after the whirlwind is over.
Recall your totems prior to the Demon phase to avoid any issues with the Searing Totem aggroing the boss.
Karathress Earth Shock to interrupt heals Fathom-Guard Caribdis Priest Grounding Totem will absorb the Frost Shocks from Fathom-Guard Tidalvess Shaman One of the few fights where you should not use Amplify Magic.
Morogrim Grace of Air: Give to tank Amplify Magic: Put on the main tank.
Up to 95% of Morogrim's damage is physical.
Searing Totem: Can cause wipes during the transition.
Every transition is a complete aggro wipe.
Dampen Magic: Use on tanks Trash Purge: Greyheart Tidecaller of Poison Shield Purge: Greyheart Nether-Mage of Frost Online poker the best app whats, Fire Destruction and Arcane Destruction if mages don't spell steal it first Tremor: Vashj'ir Honor Guard Zul'Aman ZA Zul'Jin: In Phase 3 Eagle formpop your trinkets and then drop Healing Stream.
During this phase, using any ability that costs mana such as healing causes you to take 1250 damage.
However, you do not take damage from dropping totems.
Your Earth Elemental is immune to teh damage from the tornadoes.
Also have any jewel crafters use.
Hex Lord Malacrass: Shadow resist gear helps.
Earth Shield either yourself for 100% protection against spell push back or Earth Shield a DPS caster.
Amplify Magic on the whole group.
Dampen magic will not reduce damage from Spirit Bolts.
Halazzi Lynx : Grounding totem does not absorb anything.
Earth Shock interrupts the heals of Blindeye Priest.
Use Tremor once Maulgar gets below 50% health -- he fears.
Gruul Amplify Magic: Use on entire raid, including the tanks.
Grace of Air: Give to tank Trash Tremor: Breaks Psychic Scream fear of Gronn-Priest Earth Shock: Interrupts Heal of Gronn-Priest.
They always cast this after they fear.
Purge: Removes renew on Gronn-Priest Karazhan Prince: Give the tank Grace of Air since the Prince hits hard and can do burst damage.
Nightbane Tremor: Will break Bellowing Roar fear.
You can stand at max healing range to avoid it.
Stoneclaw: Works on the skeletons Earth Elemental: Works on the skeletons Earthbind: Works on skeletons Netherspite Healing Stream: Drop at the end of the portal phase while you still have the +healing buff from the green beam.
Searing Odds bet amounts Aggro resets at the end of the banish phase.
If a Searing totem was down during the banish phase, Netherspite check this out attack it and give your tank time to get control of the boss.
A Searing Totem can also be dropped before the banish phase and used to tank Netherspite during the banish phase assuming your raid does no DPS to Netherspite while banished.
You can't interrupt his Pyroblast.
Maiden Grounding: Absorbs Holy Fire Searing: She will target your searing totem instead of a player.
She does not target other totems such as mana spring, etc.
Best one to not interrupt Earth Shock: Interrupts her holy damage blinding passion ~6000 Purge: Removes her Devoation increased damage Remove Poison: Removes his Poisoned Thrust which stacks Purge: Removes his Daring increased damage Moroes Poison Cleansing: Removes the Blind he casts on a target in melee range.
If you are an enhancement shaman and no one else in the raid can remove poison, you MUST have this totem down since he could blind you.
Resto and Elemental shamans can stand further away to avoid being blinded.
Be quick to remove the poison from the tank because if free poker game governor off-tank is gouged, he will run rampant on your healers.
Purge: Will remove any buffs cast by the paladins on Moroes Earthbind: Slows the adds Earth Shock: Interrupts the Mana Burn of Baronesss Dorothea Millstipe shadow priest.
Spectral Performer before opera Grounding: Absorbs Bad Poetry Tremor: Removes Bad Poetry Fire Protection: Reduces damage from Curtain Call 2775-3225 Trapped Soul before Curator Frost Resist: Can resist Cone of Cold attack IX.
If you don't have a focus, it will shock your current target.
Very helpful in fights where there are multiple mobs the raid is DPSing.
Also, if you focus is dead, it will clear your focus.
This macro is helpful in PVP.
If it's friendly i.
However, you first need to start casting the spell and then change relics.
Switching the relic will activate the global cooldown.
That means you can regen outside the five-second rule even though you are casting.
It also gives you a chance to proc Ancestral Fortitude on your target.
As an added bonus, if you have equipped, the trinket may proc.
You have to click the macro twice to make the Elemental your focus.
It will also show the icon of the mount that will be cast.
And putting 20+ of them on your hot bar is a bad idea.
Gives a small tracker that shows the remaining number of charges and the time left.
Which gear is better?
Should I choose Aldor or Scryer?
Who should I Earth Shield?
How much +healing and mp5 do I need for a heroic or Kara?
Can I make a macro to drop four totems at once?
Can I make a macro to remove poison and disease with one button?
Which gear is better?
For a simple comparison, go to.
Enter the stat weights for your level that I give in this post.
The only items that it won't rank correctly are trinkets and I have a whole section in this click to see more about healing trinkets.
For a more accurate comparision, use Binkenstein's Shamstats at Or as a best louisiana resort you can use this list: 2.
Should I choose Aldor or Scryer?
For the purpose of healing, it makes absolutely no difference.
What does matter is that you become exalted with that iphone apps best slot so you have access to the best shoulder enchant.
Who should I Earth Shield?
During raids, Restoration shaman best in slot gear have cast my Earth Shield on every single class.
Normally, I put it on a tank or off-tank who will take constant damage.
And remember it will give casters an additional 30% chance to ignore spell interruption.
I often Earth Shield mages and warlocks when they AOE trash.
I sometimes use it on a hunter who will be kiting mobs out of range of healers.
And sometimes I put it on myself or another healer when we pull aggro on trash.
Casters: Moonkin, Elemental Shaman and Shadow Priests have no talents to prevent spell pushback, which can sharply reduce their DPS in some fights.
They will benefit the most from Earth Shield to boost DPS.
Arcane and fire mages have talents to give them 70% resistance.
Mages will have 100% spell pushback resistance on frost and fire spells with two pieces of T4.
Destruction warlocks have 70% resistance with talents.
Elemental shaman with four pieces of Season 3 arena gear Vengeful Gladiator get 70% resistance on lightning bolts.
Tanks: All paladins have a passive ability called Spiritual Attunement that restores mana equal to 10% of the healing they receive.
Each point of mana restored generates 0.
How much +healing and mp5 should I have?
It depends on the make-up of your group.
How many healers do you have?
How fast do you usually kill a boss?
Here are some unbuffed ranges: Pre-Kara Health 5000-6000 Mana: 7000-8000 Mp5 while casting: 115-145 Healing: 1200-1500 Tier 4 Health: 7000-7800 Mana: 8500-9600 Mp5 while casting: 125-150 Healing: 1750-2000 Tier 5 Health: 7500-8200 Mana: 9000-10,000 Mp5: 150-200 Healing: 1900-2100 Tier 6 Health: 8500-8700 Mana: 9500-10,500 Mp5: 150-300 Healing: 2000-2300 Haste: 0-200 5.
Can I make a macro to drop four totems at once?
You can click one button four times and it will go through a cast sequence and drop four different totems.
Can I make a macro to remove poison and disease with one button?
You can bind poison to one key and use a modify to make that same key when used with shift, control, alt remove disease see Macro section.
Do Healing Stream and Mana Stream stack?
This is one of the few read more in the game that is additive rather than multiplicative.
How do I heal in the arena and battlegrounds?
There's a good discussion here: XII.
Healing Theorycraft Warning: Math Ahead Chain Heal CH This is our signature heal and the one that all the other healing classes wish they had.
After healing the initial target, the healing effect will jump to the most damaged target by absolute health within range.
Each jump reduces the healing done by 50%.
The jump range of the spell is approximately 10-15 yards.
If there are no targets in range best casino websites 100% it will not jump.
The heal can jump back to the shaman if they have taken damage.
Chain heal can crit on any or all of the three jumps.
However, the healing done to the next target is based on the non-crit healing done.
Crits from chain heal will proc Ancestral Fortitude.
There is a known bug with Chain Heal.
If Chain Heal jumps back to you on its first jump the second healit will not jump to a third target.
It is sometimes better to target yourself for the first heal to make sure it jumps to two other targets.
A trinket such as or can proc on any jump of chain heal.
For example, In many raids chain heal will represent 50-90% of all your healing.
Rank 4 gets the full benefit of your plus healing since it is learned at level 61 and is not subject to the down ranking penalty.
By using Rank 4, you reduce your mana costs by 19% but lose only 10% of your healing power.
Downranking is using a lower level of a spell to reduce overhealing and improve mana efficiency.
It receives 86% of our plus healing, which is not reduced by talents to shorten cast time.
And by stacking Healing Way we can boost its healing by another 18%.
Shaman often start casting this heal and then cancel if the tank is not taking damage You can spam Rank 1 to proc Ancestral Fortitude and stack Healing Way either before a pull or during a fight.
Shaman often use Rank 8 as well as Rank 12.
However, it has a high mana cost and gets little benefit from your healing gear only 43%.
You are not a Paladin and LHW is not Flash of Light.
Tauren shaman often war stomp and then cast LHW.
Shamans do not typically downrank this spell.
It will last about 30-60 seconds on a player taking constant damage.
It receives 30% of your +healing per charge.
The healing co-efficient will not change in Patch 2.
The +healing is based on best gambling at the time cast, not when it procs.
Therefore, you can put down Wrath of Air and use two trinkets to supercharge the Earth Shield before a pull.
Note that Earth Shields cast on others do not get the benefit of your Purification talent and will heal for 10% less The healing is attributed to the person on whom the shield is cast.
Each point of damage healed will generate 0.
Otherwise, it receives 4.
It can be a good choice if you are in restoration shaman best in slot gear melee group and you have enough mana without mana spring.
It can also be a good totem to drop right before a boss does a stun or raid-wide damage.
If there are multiple shaman in a party, their healing streams can stack.
Like Earth shield, the bonus healing is applied at the time the totem is dropped.
You can therefore drop Wrath of Air and pop trinkets to maximize the effect.
Heals 217 damage a tick.
As a holy spell, it cannot be made instant by Nature's Swiftness.
At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt below 50% when you activate Berserking.
Do not wait until you are low on health to use this ability.
You also have the relic.
We'll assume that Healing Way is already stacked three times.
The base healing of Rank 12 Healing Wave is 2,285.
If you have an tehepic thread or post I will +rep you.
I hope you do the same.
Tier 5 Health: 7500-8200 Mana: 9000-10,000 Mp5: 150-200 Healing: 1900-2100 Might not be completely true.
I have that with karazhan off set epics check this out helmet from zul aman.
Tier 5 Health: 7500-8200 Mana: 9000-10,000 Mp5: 150-200 Healing: 1900-2100 Might not be completely true.
I have that with karazhan off set epics and helmet from zul aman.
I raid as a Resto Shaman, who clears BT.
I don't mean any offense, but I don't see you having 1900+ healing, 150mp5 while casting, and 10,000 mana.
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong?
I'm sitting at about 11900 mana, 202mp5 while casting, 2000 healing, and 8500hp.
Great job on the very thorough thread!
The time now is 07:09 AM.
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