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đź’° FFXIV 3.2 Dragoon (DRG) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear – Page 5 – FFXIV Guild


This page goes over the best-in-slot gear and the stat priorities you need to follow. The other 2 pages are the build overview and the skills, which you can access. For your first weapon, you should look to pick up a Monocle.
Find the best gear and best in slot items for your Warrior DPS in WoW Classic. of your weapon skill racials (also if you are a lucky Edgemaster's Handguards Icon... Bashguuder) allows you to reduce an enemy's armor by up to 600 for your ...
Jump to Weapon Skill - Here are some example sources of weapon skills:. the best-in-slot lists for each of the phases; keep up the good work boys!

Borderlands 2 Top 5 Best in Slot: Snipers! Highest damaging items in the game!

The Frenzy skill has properties that make it fairly unique in the Diablo universe.. Since you don't need huge piles of strength or dexterity, you will end up with a massive. This guide covers what is considered to be "best in slot gear," but also ...
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Unlock the second weapon slot first. His The Division 2 tip when up against these protected enemies is to “first look for weak points” as most will have weak areas you. What's the best gear and skill for a first time player?
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Best in slot Bard suit. | Stratics Community Forums Skills up best in slot


Not completely useless, because it will let you skill up weaponskill faster. But 5% of 30 int is not... Pre-raiding BiS (best in slot) gear list: Helm: Lionheart Helm ...
An Alexa skill is Amazon's version of an app that runs on Echo devices... This is not a necessity but I felt this was a good measure for this particular skill. Once we get through. Next we are going to set up a dialog for this slot.
We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Slot Ambassador resumes they. Signed up guest for the Park Place Connection Card on the casino floor.

starburst-pokieAccess Denied Skills up best in slot

Maplestory Reboot - Documentos Google Skills up best in slot

Below we've linked all of our Best in Slot gear guides as well as a. in Slot lists to prepare shopping lists for.
When you level up each time, you gain a skill point.... Only end-game players would use this currency item to mirror a best-in-slot equipment.
Warding rune with Ice Sigil is a great defensive skill that will. and also absorbs up to 12% of your max health(This assumes you have 10 points into it.).. Let's go ahead and list out a very obvious best in slot for Runeblade.

Skills up best in slotcasinobonus

skills up best in slot EDIT 3: This applied prior to the 1.
While I will leave this up because the underlying theory is still good to know, 1.
So before we get into the numbers, let me qualify what I mean by Best In Slot.
Without one, the build will never be able to attain max Battle Assessment in Arena or Point events.
Higher damage also means easier time for events, since you'll kill things quicker, even without a Battle Assessment to worry about.
Dodging is 100% player controlled and is always better than taking a hit, no matter your defensive stats.
Let's start with the Melee build.
As this was an event part, it will be assumed to be EX level 10.
This is the Overkill skill for this build, chosen because it gives the highest damage boost, at 30% at lvl 1.
This makes it do the most damage of all of the Overkill skills.
Then in battle you go up to 17,295 from the Arm and Torso traits.
Then you have Combat Stance and Offense Up, alongside the Gundam Shield trait that boosts them further, pushing you up to 34,384 Melee ATK, and then you have the best Overkill melee skill in the game, which will further push your Melee ATK up to 44,699 for the duration of the Trans Am Raid attack and ~10 seconds after.
Luckily for most people, this build is fairly easy to recreate, as the only truly limited part is the F91 Launcher.
Other options to replace it are the F91 Rifle, GP01 Rifle, Gundam Rifle, Gundam Hyper Bazooka and the Folding Bazooka.
As this was an event part, trait lvl 10.
As this was an event part, trait lvl 10.
This build will give you 12,934 Shot ATK blue gear, and 10% from Long-Shooter Job on your stats screen.
Then in battle you go up to 15,133 from Torso trait.
Then you have double Archer Stance alongside the back and shield that boosts their effects higher, pushing your Shot ATK to 31,762.
Then you have your Overkill skill, pushing you further up to 40,021 Shot ATK for the skill and ~10 seconds after.
This build makes use of a few limited parts, but learn more here can be substituted, though you will lose quite a bit of Shot ATK to do so.
You can swap the Freedom Legs and Nu Rifle for the Gundam Rifle and any of the following legs at 384: Barbatos 4th Form, Duel Assault ShroudGP02A, X Divider, any of the following legs at 383: Artemis, Shining, or at 382, Force Impulse.
This would, however, lower your stats screen Shot ATK value 11,720 assuming 384.
Your maximum shot ATK would then go to 36,263.
I will admit, I now feel bad having given the Delta Plus back such a bad review in my F2P parts guide, which means a lot of people won't have access to it for their Shot build.
However, the Artemis Back provides a substitute, and isn't that much weaker, bringing the max Shot ATK to 39,463, best blackjack to play out on only ~500 shot ATK compared to having the Delta Plus back maxed out.
Anyways, here we go, the best Melee and Shot builds available right now.
EDIT: Thanks to for reminding me that Victory Saber is indeed Please click for source attribute, and so the melee build is slightly better still.
EDIT 2: has confirmed that the F91 Beam Launcher trait doesn't have diminishing returns on Overkill EX Skills, meaning something funky was up with the very old test of the Hyaku Shiki Beam Rifle.
Will have to do more testing, but for now, the F91 Launcher replaces the F91 Beam Rifle as BiS as result.
Also, the only downside to doing pure stat builds is that they end up looking bad aesthetically, imo.
Oh I have the Tallgeese II head, just wish I maxed it.
At least I know what I need for this next premium event.
Appreciated as always, Scubasage!
Specifically speaking from an Skills up best in slot standpoint, wouldn't a Power adaptation of this Melee suit also be good?
Granted we lose the Protag wordtag, but gain the ability to fire off our Cutscene almost immediately.
I've been following that Ian guy and his arena charades trying to map out the best build and you did it all already.
Time matters to a factor though.
The high melee won't matter if the opponent activates their win button before you and your not able to escape it or hit your own win button to counter it.
Your own win button happens before the opponent's because of the F91 rifle, and the AI in Arena doesn't use theirs immediately anyways, so even if you didn't have the F91 rifle you would still get yours off first.
There are people running vajra beam saber, dods rifle max, and mika or shinn.
Thats a 24% increase to get to the initial ex.
And thats assuming they didnt upgrade the traits for the pilot or saber.
Compare that to your F91 gun it's only a 6%.
So thats an 18% difference.
Thats extra seconds the enemy AI can hit the I win button.
Time definitely matters to a factor.
Especially if they ever implement anything that actually lets you battle someone in real time.
Then you won't have the idiotic AI to deal with.
The enemy waits a good 5+ seconds past the time the Overkill comes off CD to use it.
Besides that, you should be targetting shooters to abuse the AI's tendency to lock itself into the charged shots, which gives you even more time.
And no, time accounts for very little compared to damage.
Damage accounts for 0.
There are clearly no plans to ever implement real time PVP, especially given their server issues.
It would cost way too much money on developing proper netcoce and getting servers that are strong enough.
You also have an ability that the arena AI doesn't; if you don't fire off your EX skill first, force-close app and retry arena match.
For the melee build, wouldn't F91s beam launcher do more damage since it's part trait is boost ex-skill power by 17% with saber?
Or is the ex cool down more important for score?
It's not that EX CD is more important, but rather that boosting EX Skill power has diminishing returns.
A Damage skills are too close to the base damage cap for those traits to do anything noticeable.
A test of the Hyaku Shiki Rifle +22% on Trans Am Raid showed an average damage increase of less than 1%, which falls under damage variance.
This leads me to believe that those traits that boost EX damage are meant to help close the gap between A skills and lower damage value skills, but as is, they don't.
Possibly worth noting, you can achieve essentially the same melee build swapping Duo for Wufei and the Beam Saber for the Barbatos Longsword, at a loss of a measly skills up best in slot MATK, if you happen to only have those available.
But then you lose the T attribute necessary for the Gundam Shield trait, which is worth a lot more than 400 Melee ATK.
You don't lose the T attribute in either scenario.
Victory Saber and Wufei are both T attribute to make up for losing the Gundam Saber.
Tallgeese II Head, for T attribute and Offense Up A.
As this was an event part, it will be assumed to be EX level 10.
Curious, is this worth the trade off of the raw 73 damage from the X Divider head?
The X Divider head gives overall ~1200 more stat points than the TG2.
Is the trade off of the 4% EX skill buff really that massive?
I'd love to see what said build looks like with and without the 4% difference.
If you max out the X DIvider at EX lvl 10, we're entering whale territory, where you'd also have to max that Gundam Shield to 22% at EX lvl 10.
So it's either 39% + 4% boost vs 73 Melee, 30% boost, or 39% + 22% boost vs 73 Melee 39% boost.
In either case, the X Divider loses by quite a bit.
As far as whale territory goes, I figured since we're theory crafting that doesn't matter.
Theory crafting generally assumes optimal scenario as far as I do it.
For the stat boosts, that's a fair point.
That 4% actually could be quite massive.
I'm curious how damage is factored for EX Skills now.
GM II Legs, for Combat Stance A.
Do the buff EX skills with the same "buff" type stack?
Like Melee Buff + Melee Buff?
As long as the buff does not have the same name, yes.
That's why the two Archer Stances work together on the Shot build, because one is Archer Stance Y and the other is Archer Stance A What about fatum 00 from justice backpack, is that better than exia backpack?
It has the same melee boost and a heal on top of that for full hp arena clear.
Also, long shooters and in fighters can charge their limit break for an extra 1.
This is usually better than faster time as it massively boosts overkill damage.
Fatum is 20-29% depending on EX Skill lvl, Exia is 30-39%.
Exia wins out, even though Fatum would give Close Combat to push it's numbers to 25-34%.
And I didn't mention the limit break since that's just an innate feature regardless of build.
Is there a shot build that's as strong that uses the ace excl tag?
And then Justice is aimed towards melee too Sadly, no.
Ace Exclusive builds don't have access to the Buff EX traits from the back and shield, since there's so few parts with Ace Exclusive, you need those slots for it.
Ace Exclusive builds also require more limited banner parts too.
Target Long or Middle Shooters, abuse the fact that they like to stay in charge shots, and smash them.
Seeing MS sporting the 'meh' looking SUMO Heads on Melee builds have been quite rare still even since a while back.
Makes sense, though, because we're talking about squeezing the absolute maximum damage for just click for source single attack, which is basically applicable to getting to the very top of Arena mode.
It's generally the way PvP Arena style content works in gacha style games.
TBH it's fairly easy to breeze through the content in the game.
You don't need a specific build or amazing parts unless you're looking for that bleeding edge performance.
It reaffirmed my observations while also answering a couple of questions on parts I don't have.
The Buster back, however, could be better, but it requires a few things.
Firstly, it must be EX lvl 10, which is very difficult to do given that it's a limited part.
Secondly, the "Buff EX Skill Effect Up 15%" needs to be multiplicative and not additive.
I've been working on the assumption that it was multiplicative in my calcs, so a +15% boost to 39% would bring it up to 44%, for example.
That would make the Buster back better.
But if the trait is additive, and gets us from 39% to 54% instead, then Delta Plus is better.
The shooter build currently has no word tags, right?
If other than delta plus back to switch with buster back, that, 1.
Buster back parts with Long range.
So swapping another part with long range tag will give another 5% boost.
Again caveat being buster back trait need to leveled up.
You can run a Long Range melee weapon to get the tag, sure.
The problem though, is still dependent on whether the trait to boost Buff EX Skills is additive or multiplicative.
If it's additive, adding the word tag still results in a decrease in damage.
The Melee build only has Protag as a word tag, and can easily get Close Combat by running say, Justice Back skills up best in slot of Exia back, but that's a decrease in damage, despite having the extra tag.
I'm sold on delta plus back being the best for build though.
I happen to have most of the parts to build that skills up best in slot build.
The issue, however, is that I lack a maxed Delta Plus back, AGE shield, and Haman.
I do have Seabook, though.
Dynames Torso works specifically with Haman, not Seabook.
You'll want Dearka as your pilot if you don't have Haman.
Delta Plus back has an easy replacement in the Artemis Back.
Grab a Long-Range Melee Weapon and Shield ideally the Wing Shield and you'll have the Long Range tag by that point, since there is no real replacement for the Age Shield.
Yeah, looks like this build might not be an option for me, since I never really bothered maxing any event parts save for the Stargazer backpack.
I just figured most of them were trash.
We can become so powerful but there is nothing to be powerful for.
Yes, it's supposed to work like this, since you need to do 40x the enemy's Armor HP to get maximum Battle Assessment from Damage.
Is it worth it to just stack multiple gundam beam sabers to increase the %, does it help a lot or not too much?
Or would you just keep 2 of them separate?
It helps, but not much.
EX skills cannot crit, only regular attacks, and crits are only 10% bonus damage.
So at trait lvl 10, it's a 30% crit rate which translates to an, on average, 3% damage increase on your normal attacks.
Mostly because the topic has come up a lot recently with the premium material campaign.
For 3v3, a lot of click is dependent on how the battle assessment works out.
Do you need to do 40x the total Armor of all three enemies?
Or do you just need to do 40x one of the enemies?
Will you even be able to get an Overkill skill off before your allies wipe out the enemy?
Is the best strat going to be two defenders with no weapons to distract while you wait for your skill to come off CD?
Or will it be the three highest damage magazine skills you can find to instantly end the fight?
Sadly I might have delta plus back parts available to max, but they might be buried in the overflow box T-T I mention it in the post.
Any T Attribute gun with Protag.
Gundam Rifle, Gundam Hyper Bazooka, and In quad casinos cities best Rifle all fit that criteria Melee is fairly close to my main build but I have Fatum instead of TAR.
Should I get Exia's back next instead since I'm planning to get the Gundam torso I'm using Sword Strike for protag and high firepower word tags because I have Unicorn's beam saber already, I think the it's the highest Melee ATK saber in the game rn iirc.
Victory Saber has higher Melee ATK than Unicorn, but neither are T type with Protag, so the Gundam Saber is better than both.
If you already have Fatum, you'd be better off getting something else to improve your build.
Sure, TAR is better, but getting the Gundam Torso is a bigger boost in damage.
I'm a bot, bleep, bloop.
Alas I don't have the delta back.
And age shield isn't maxed.
But my config has dynames head, serpent arms, last shooting and ace excl active.
Plus the gerbera backpack Sorry for bumping this, but how are buffs calculated?
I've tried different ways of calculating multiplicrice, additive, each buff from basebut I can't seem to get the same numbers for shot attack.
So it starts by adding total Shot ATK from the 9 parts.
Then adding 1500 from the Shot ATK gear.
Then casino for vegas best poker tournaments in 10% from the Long Shooter job.
That brings us to 12,934.
Next, you have double Archer Stance.
Actual order of application doesn't matter for those.
You have one Archer Stance at lvl 1, for 30%, and another at lvl 10, for 39%.
You also have the back and shield boosting those values by 30%.
Finally, you have a boost of 20% from your Overkill skill, which also gets boosted by the 30% from back and shield traits.
Okay, so for the Archer stance I was doing 1.
Thanks for the clarification! skills up best in slot skills up best in slot skills up best in slot skills up best in slot skills up best in slot skills up best in slot

The Division

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Diablo 3 Monk tips - Follower gear, sockets, levelling builds, Torment gear, armour sets • Skills up best in slot

You have a bloodmagic gem in your CWDT set up. I don't. That's a good start anyhow. Avatar. ...
Not completely useless, because it will let you skill up weaponskill faster. But 5% of 30 int is not... Pre-raiding BiS (best in slot) gear list: Helm: Lionheart Helm ...
Automatic Pachislo Skill Stop Japanese Slot Machine; Weight of machine is. Some Video Poker selections allow up to 100 hands in play during each. Our cleaning solutions are the best in the industry which ensures all ...


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