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🖐 6 Michael Jordan's Wildest Gambling Stories


There were four other blue shirts at the table as well � each signifying the wearer had rolled dice for longer than an hour without losing. The players are called Golden Arms by the California Hotel and Casino � a designation created in 1989 after Stanley Fujitake rolled 118.
On the dice was this white man in this 50s betting decent amount. I had never played craps at vegas so I stood near to get a feel for the game. This guy was on fire, n all my friends were riding his coatail. I had no cash but I had this feeling that I was going to win.
r/Craps: Craps is a dice game in which players place wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a. Please post your awesome craps story, whether winning or losing.

LONGEST CRAPS ROLL ON YOUTUBE (*Most Rolls) on Bubble Craps My Longest Roll Ever! 321 Craps Part4of4

I have told more than my share of craps stories, and I usually end them. Some crazy bets too - the hard ways for $5.00 each, the horn $5.00�...
Making $225.00 Fremont has the roll counter middle of the craps table.... class and becoming a place bettor I was collecting like crazy as I also built up my 5 & 9... The short story is she rolled a (76) but only got four numbers on the fire bet.
Any craps player can relate some great and not so great stories.... now start throwing numbers like crazy since he has no numbers out there.
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8 Crazy Facts About Craps | Royal Vegas Online Casino Crazy craps stories


Answer 1 of 10: This is some what a message or a story to. monster hand, they were betting like crazy and the casino did ok on that next hand.
Harold moved up and down and flapped like crazy.. The moral of this story? Not everything that craps on you is bad and not everything that pulls you out of the�...
... out of his element,but seeing 3 boxpeople was crazy they tried everything to. Story � Second time playing craps producesrecord run � GamingToday 14.

starburst-pokie6 Michael Jordan's Wildest Gambling Stories Crazy craps stories

Craps and boxcars: Did lightning just strike? Twice? In a row? - Straight Dope Message Board Crazy craps stories

Breezes 44 roll craps adventure reminds me of this story.. The professor has the students record every roll on a craps table over the course of a.. It was crazy.
As crazy as it may sound, Michael's gambling problem actually. that told the media that Michael was so obsessed with the craps table that he�...
Anyone else got any crazy craps stories? This one was definitely one for the books. Wish I would have had the balls to put out more money, but�...

Crazy craps storiescasinobonus

crazy craps stories Crazy craps stories was back in about ought-one or so I guess.
I swear, in a rush to get gambling money flowing the original Rainbow was little more than a double-wide trailer slapped upon an abandoned barge and sunk in the mud.
But TB was feeling it this night and determined to shoot some dice.
I spied a suitable table over behind the compost heap, and while Larry disappeared to do whatever the hell it is Larry does, TB and Stone took up station at opposite ends of a three dollar minimum table.
In fact Stone broke so even he had to sit out by the time the dice reached TB.
A three dollar table, as any craps player knows, is a ripoff due to the poor odds you get on most bets.
So TB went all out and played in five dollar units, one of only two players of about ten exceeding the minimums.
The old coot to my right was playing with mostly c-note chips, and some 500 https://internetbingogames.info/blackjack/real-online-gambling-blackjack.html chips.
At any rate, the dice finally made it to TB and the fun began in earnest.
You know that feeling athletes call being in the zone?
I was in the zone baby.
I was making those freakin bones dance.
I established another point and started hitting place bets and moving my bets slowly up.
I hit a couple of more points and about that time I noticed the old coot next to me was starting to crowd me a little.
There is absolutely no empirical evidence that once dice leave the hands of the thrower there is any way to control them.
I know that to be true.
I was making those dice hit exactly the same place on the table, bounce in to the precise point on the far wall at which I aimed and come down showing anything but a crap out.
I was rocking back and forth in perfect harmony with the gods of luck, rubbing my hands together to keep them hot during the lulls.
I was in the heart of the zone.
The boat went to its first move with a hot shooter and changed the stick man, but to no avail.
After about 10 minutes of success, and the opposite result for the coot, Crazy craps stories kicked in to high gear.
The stick man changed click the following article, and the dice got examined by the pit boss.
The three dollar patrons were cheering crazy craps stories every move.
The old coot started to cuss and I could see his spittle beginning to accumulate on the outside of my glasses.
Another point, then another.
The old coot asked for a marker for ten thousand.
I looked up while they took care of his crazy craps stories and saw Stone, all two hundred seventy five pounds of him, pirouetting at the end of the table and high fiving a street bum with one of those beards that you can identify the individual hairs on and a watered down whisky and coke sloshing over onto the felt.
Another point, and another and the old coot took another marker, then another.
But I was unstoppable.
Finally it was all over.
For forty minutes the Rainbow and the old coot could not stop me, but the law of averages did catch up and allow them to contain me.
My pitching arm was spent, rotator cuff inflamed, glasses irreparably smudged.
Stone was getting dizzy.
My pile of reds were spilling off the table, climbing out of my pockets and protruding from my socks.
He got in my face and berated me.
But I felt the pleasing weight of all those plastic chips.
My peripheral vision picked up Stone barreling over and through a throng of redneck humanity to get to me and slap my back and rub down crazy craps stories arm.
Larry was peering out from a black jack table a couple of rows away waiting to see if it was safe for him to come back out.
I recovered my wits and reared like a grizzly after being hunched for so long and showed my size advantage and my glazed MD style crazy eyes to the old coot who immediately cowered beneath the table.
And the old coot shut crazy craps stories, beaten at last.
A sure thing is no fun. crazy craps stories crazy craps stories crazy craps stories crazy craps stories crazy craps stories

Live Craps Game #17 - GUY HAS EPIC 28 ROLLS - Binion's Casino, Las Vegas, NV - Inside the Casino

The Most Unusual Jackpot Stories Crazy craps stories

Craps and boxcars: Did lightning just strike? Twice? In a row? - Straight Dope Message Board Crazy craps stories

As a craps player, I notice all the casinos now have on their tables �feature or bonus bets� such as the Fire Bet, All Small and Tall, Repeater Bet, among others.
I have a few fun craps stories as I used to play quite a bit. 1. In vegas. Crazy! Proceeded to make six points and a bunch of numbers I bet on.
Stories Of The Top Casino Whales Of All Time. Although he's an avid poker player, his love of Craps is ultimately what allowed for this massive run to take�...


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