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Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Blackjack in SpongeBob SquarePants (Show)
Jonathan William "John" DiMaggio (born September 4, 1968; age 51) is an American voice actor who voiced SpongeBob's cousin BlackJack in the season 5 episode of the same name.
BlackJack is the muscular cousin of SpongeBob, Todd, and Stanley,. BlackJack has a very gruffly voice and is circle-shaped, compared toĀ ...

Blackjack CD Old Version

Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Blackjack in SpongeBob SquarePants (Show)
Can you name the major, minor, and all other Spongebob characters. Only his voice is heard, Help Wanted. Spongebob's cousin, Blackjack.
But this proves to be more difficult than SpongeBob imagined.. SpongeBob SquarePants / Gary / Photograph / Narrator / SpongeBob's Dad (voice). his nefarious cousin Blackjack, the family bully who used to torment SpongeBob when theyĀ ...
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15 Things About "SpongeBob SquarePants" That Completely Bother Me | Facebook Spongebob cousin blackjack voice


Spongebob Slots is a bright colorful casino slot machine game.. she even provided her voice on Spongebob Squarepants ā€“ if that's not an achievement then .. sessions Spongebob wiki cousin blackjack to the will under in Employees .
But this proves to be more difficult than SpongeBob imagined.. SpongeBob SquarePants / Gary / Photograph / Narrator / SpongeBob's Dad (voice). his nefarious cousin Blackjack, the family bully who used to torment SpongeBob when theyĀ ...
... SquarePants. Main Character Index | Main Characters | SpongeBob SquarePants | Patrick Star ā€¦. one line in season 7) German voice: Santiago Ziesmer.

starburst-pokieTitanTV Programming Guide - What's on TV, Movies, Reality Shows, and Local News Spongebob cousin blackjack voice

SpongeBob SquarePants/Season 5 - Wikiquote Spongebob cousin blackjack voice

The fifth season of the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, created.. In "BlackJack", Marion Ross returned to reprise her role as the voice of Grandma. English-American actor and director Christopher Guest voiced Stanley S. SquarePants, SpongeBob's cousin, in the episode of the same name.
John Di Maggio Blackjack Curtis SquarePants is the cousin of SpongeBob SquarePants. Patrick Star / Trucker (voice) Sirena Irwin .. This listingĀ ...
Characters, Voice actors. SpongeBob receive a letter from his cousin Blackjack.. Marion Ross guest voices as Grandma SquarePants.

Spongebob cousin blackjack voicecasinobonus

spongebob cousin blackjack voice Me: Hello, I'm Fhqwhgads-2!
Bringing you your favorite series into my own fan fiction image!
A sea sponge who would bring us joy and laughter to us everywhere.
He had good humor, he had strategy, he had well-paced stories, he had all sorts of internet memes created from certain scenes.
And his name was SpongeBob SquarePants.
He was no doubt one of Nickelodeon's greatest creations, and after his one theatrical release, it seemed the time had come for him to- SpongeBob Season 8 card is shown Me: GODDAMMIT!
Clips from the show play Me: Yes, like a lot of people out there, I just wish SpongeBob would just up and die at some point!
It's no doubt he started off strong at the begining of his career, but after his big movie, we all thought that he started going straight downhill with all sorts of episodes that would make his osculums hurt.
It's no doubt that he's had his time in the spotlight and he's getting himself milked way too much and he needs to retire.
And I am here to take a cue from YouTube member MoBrosStudios and give you a least of some of the top 20 worst episodes.
Because now I'm going twice beyond.
And just so you know, I will not be using any of the episodes MoBrosStudios had on either of his countdowns as I feel it'd be cheating.
So, sit back and enjoy, or suffer from, the Top 20 Worst SpongeBob Episodes.
The Top 20 Worst SpongeBob Episodes Number 20 License To Milkshake At the beginning of Season 9, the show started being shown in the widescreen HD format.
For SD TVs, it had those black bars that made it look like a movie, but mainly to show it's to be shown in HD.
In this episode, SpongeBob gets an order during his shift to make a milkshake.
SpongeBob: Gee, I haven't made one of those in a while!
Me: But when he makes the shake, it turns out he didn't quite make it right and it's as solid as a rock.
How am I supposed to drink this?
SpongeBob: Why, of course I do, silly!
Does that mean he's a low rank milkshake maker?
Because that's what it feels like.
SpongeBob: And it doesn't expire until.
Me: Then does that also mean it expired when your cleverness did?
Seriously, if SpongeBob knew his license was gonna expire that time ago, wouldn't he renew it instead of keeping an out of date license?
So, in order to get a new license, Mr.
Krabs takes SpongeBob back to the Milkshake Academy.
Krabs: You know, boy, milkshaking technology and know-how has advanced since you were last a cadet.
SpongeBob: I shall do my best, sir.
Me: And then we get introduced to their instructor, Captain Frostymug who is voiced by Michael McKean.
Frostymug: Let's not beat around the bush here, boys.
Your mama's not here spongebob cousin blackjack voice wipe the cream from your chinny chin chins, and I'm not here to help you with your bendy straws.
My sole purpose is to transform you from mere guppies into cool, cold-drafted, chilled to the bone, ice cream blooded, licensed milkshake makin' guppies!
Me: As they get ready to start their training, SpongeBob notices the milkshake dispenser has gotten more modern since the last time he trained for this and can't get the gyro to work.
He spongebob cousin blackjack voice attempting to use the upper control panels to mix!
Every cadet knows that these are telementry functions!
Me: And when he gets it right, guess what?
It doesn't turn out so good.
Who would have guessed that?
So, for that, Frostymug orders him into a shake simulator that will give him the feel of a milkshake.
Frostymug: In you go!
Me: And he also sets it on the highest difficulty to give him a boost, which makes him come out fine.
SpongeBob: That was fun!
Can I go again?
Me: Frostymug is in a rut with how incapable SpongeBob seems but SpongeBob still wants to try to make a shake.
SpongeBob: I'll show you!
I'll show you all I can make a milkshake!
Oh great, now MoBros is rubbing off on me.
I'll admit the music has some quality to it, but the montage itself is just SpongeBob failing miserably at making milkshakes.
And there's even a moment where he makes a Krabby Patty instead.
How sad is this?
Just let us enjoy the music and skip the montage!
So, after that, everyone at the academy except Spongebob graduates.
Frostymug: Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that you couldn't even get past Step 1 of making a milkshake: Filling the glass with ice cream!
Me: What are you talking?
SpongeBob got past step number one easily!
It also turns out that Frostymug hadn't touched the machine in 20 years.
Frostymug: And for some reason, the narrator doesn't say the title card.
It's I Was A Teenage Gary all over again!
Basically, when he was a famous milkshake maker, the shake flew everywhere and spread onto the cord, thus destroying the machine.
And that put him out of business.
Back to episode Frostymug: DEAR NEPTUNE'S THUNDERCLAP!
Me: So, SpongeBob saves Frostymug and he thanks him for saving his life.
Frostymug: And in return, I'd like to tell you a little secret.
All these years, I've been able to make milkshakes without machines because making milkshakes really comes from within!
Does that make sense?
SpongeBob: Not at all.
Me: Usually, SpongeBob comes up with that corny stuff, but even he found that stupid.
So, he's back to making milkshakes and gets his license.
SpongeBob: If only if were this easy to get a boating license!
Number 19 Blackjack Me: One of the problems I really have with these newer episodes is that we seem to get a lot of extension on the SquarePants family tree.
Others only get one or two more members.
In this case, SpongeBob gets a letter from his cousin Blackjack who has just gotten out of prison and is going to pay his parents a little visit.
SpongeBob: That's right, Gary, the cousin Blackjack.
The same cousin Blackjack that used to beat me up all the time when we were kids.
Me: Apparently, Blackjack was a really big bully to SpongeBob.
And unlike classic bullies like Nelson or Buford, he just tortures SpongeBob for the heck of it.
Blackjack: Because it'll show what a little man you are.
Me: And with his past coming back to haunt him, SpongeBob decides he has to go and find his parents and save them from Blackjack, or else something terrible will happen.
SpongeBob: Gary, I don't know how long I'll be gone.
I don't know if I'll ever come back.
SpongeBob: I may get beaten to a quivering pulp but I must do it, for the sake of my parents.
Me: Even though he's a sponge, at least he's showing a little backbone please click for source in this episode.
He goes to his parents' house only to find what appears to be a crime scene.
SpongeBob: What could have happened here?
Blackjack smashed my family portrait.
What has he done with my parents?
Me: He finds another note that says he's off to see his grandma and hurries over there only to see his grandma is just fine.
Grandma: Oh, Blackjack just called and left a message for you.
He couldn't make it because he's got some blackjack magazine ends to tie up.
He's tied them up?
Grandma: And if you don't hurry, you'll miss out on all the fun.
Me: Tell him another story about when Blackjack beat him up when he was little.
So, with no time to lose, SpongeBob heads off to see his Uncle Cap'n Blue who is a police officer.
Cap'n Blue: Well, if it isn't little SpongeBob.
Plant a firm one on me, Bobby.
Cap'n Blue: Sure, Little Bobby.
I could use some help with the lawn, but you're gonna need this to do the job right.
SpongeBob mows the lawn Narrator: 346 minutes later.
Me: Basically, SpongeBob keeps asking him for help, but Cap'n Blue thinks he wants to help with all sorts of chores until he finally tells him about Blackjack.
When he does, Cap'n Blue warns SpongeBob that he'll visit web page likely get killed.
Cap'n Blue: Do you have any idea what people like that do to people like you?
Me: We're gonna find out either way, aren't we?
Cap'n Blue: Just try to relax until we get there.
Cut to Tick Tock Mickey Mickey: YOU MEAN IT'S RIGHT NEXT DOOR?!
Back to episode Me: This is where the episode really starts to get scary for the little ones.
There's a vicious worm and the house looks like a rundown shack.
And what really scares me is that there's a hand that looks like SpongeBob's on the door knocker.
I mean, dear lord!
SpongeBob heads down to the basement to find his parents are all right and having a party.
SquarePants: Oh, why yes.
We're celebrating your Cousin Blackjack's release from prison.
SquarePants: Now if your klutzy mother can stop dropping her punch glass like she dropped that picture frame.
SquarePants: I told you, Harold, that was the fumigator's fault.
So that wasn't a crime scene I saw at your house.
SquarePants: the only crime that ever happened at our house was the infestation of those worthless krill but they should be gone by now.
SpongeBob: So you two aren't being tortured by Cousin Blackjack?
SquarePants: No, SpongeBob, your Cousin Blackjack has paid his debt to society and renounced his criminal ways.
Never again will he litter.
Me: While littering is a crime.
I think it's one of the most overused reasons to arrest somebody.
They ran that crime into the ground as the reason for far too long.
So, Blackjack comes to tussle it out with SpongeBob after all these years.
Blackjack: Did you come here to quiver like a jellyfish, or did you come to wrestle?
Prepare to live your past in the present.
Blackjack charges at SpongeBob and is really small and attacking his toe Me: What is this?
Blackjack: Just like the old days, eh, cousin?
SpongeBob: Yeah, Blackjack, you haven't changed a bit.
When they were younger, SpongeBob was really tiny compared to Blackjack, but now, Blackjack's no bigger than SpongeBob's toe!
So, did SpongeBob imagine Blackjack being a giant?
Was he really really really little back then?
Did Blackjack shrink overtime in prison?
I just don't get it!
The only thing smaller than Blackjack is the writers' creativity!
Number 18 No Hat For Pat If MoBros thought Krusty Dogs was boring, wait till he gets a load of this.
Patrick waits for SpongeBob one day but notices his Krusty Krew hat, meaning he has to go to work.
You're wearing that dumb hat again!
Everytime you wear that stupid thing, you're gone for the whole day!
SpongeBob: Well, this is my work hat, Patrick.
I have to go to work.
Me: Seeing as how he can't spend anytime with SpongeBob while he's at work, Patrick tries to get a job with him.
Krabs sees some tourists coming by to get them to eat at the Krusty Krab, he sees Patrick standing.
Krabs: What are you doing here, Patrick?
Patrick: Just standing around out here all day.
Me: This gives him the idea to make him the guy who stands around outside with a sign to advertise the restaurant.
And of course that proves problematic.
Krabs: They're walkin' right past him!
Me: After literally blowing the tourists away, Mr.
Krabs gives him his hat for at least trying and it causes this.
Patrick starts falling Me: This is basically all that happens.
Patrick: Sometimes when I'm nervous, I forget how to stand.
Me: Everyone starts enjoying Patrick falling flat on his face and it becomes a main attraction at the Krusty Krab.
Cut to me asleep over Patrick falling and dreaming of past episodes; Arrgh!
Survival Of The Idiots Prehibernation Week Me: But after all that faceplanting and whatnot, someone finally has some click to see more sense.
Customer 1: That guy stilling falling?
Customer 1: Doesn't that get old?
Me: So, the customers finally get tired of this lazy writing and Krabs starts upping the ante by making Patrick start falling face first into something else which draws their attention back.
After their shift, SpongeBob notices that Patrick is looking pretty bad and decides to talk to Mr.
But Patrick doesn't want to lose his job.
Patrick: I have a hat to prove it!
I don't wanna go back to being No Hat Patrick!
Me: But even though SpongeBob is willing to let Patrick keep his job, the next day, Krabs has the ultimate fall of death for Patrick.
He'll fall into a bucket of sea urchins and kill himself.
Krabs; That's okay, boy!
We signed a waiver.
Me: But for some reason, Patrick won't fall the minute he takes his hat off and asks Squidward to push him off.
Squidward: If only you were SpongeBob.
Me: That line right there just proves Squidward hates SpongeBob more.
But after pulling a High Diving Hare, Squidward falls with Patrick wearing his hat.
Patrick: It makes me top heavy!
Me: And of course, only Squidward gets pummeled.
And because of that, everyone takes their money back and Krabs fires Patrick.
Patrick: Well, I guess it's back to being No Hat Pat.
Me: And we go into the epilogue, which just has SpongeBob letting Patrick wear his hat.
Me: The plot is lazy at best.
The only way I'm falling is asleep.
Number 17 Stanley S.
SquarePants Again with the SquarePants family tree.
And this one has one of the worst one-shot characters ever.
It starts off with SpongeBob receiving a package in the mail from his Uncle Sherm.
SpongeBob: So, what brings you to Bikini Bottom, Stanley?
Stanley: Uncle Sherm said I should come visit you.
I have a note from him somewhere.
Me: Basically, it says that Stanley ruins everything he touches and that's why Sherm sent him to SpongeBob's pineapple.
Now, Blackjack may have been a stereotypical generic bully, but Stanley is source so one-dimensional it barely makes him watchable.
That's the main trait with this character.
He ruins some of SpongeBob's material and finds out about his job at the Krusty Krab.
SpongeBob: The best job in the world!
Stanley: I wish I had a calling.
Me: So, SpongeBob tries to introduce him to the neighbors but Squidward gets terrified at the thought of living with next door to the two of them and moves away, Sandy's suit gets ripped by Stanley's tooth, and then there's this.
Patrick: Looking for your calling, huh?
So, what are you good at?
Me: And he even can't do nothing right.
Patrick: You're not worthy for instruction in the immobile arts.
Me: With nothing left to turn to, SpongeBob takes Stanley to work to see if he can get some visit web page and Mr.
Krabs things with the two of them working, his business will boom.
Mr Krabs: You got the job!
Me: Now that Squidward moved away, Stanley takes Squidward's position and burns Mr.
But SpongeBob takes the rap for it.
SpongeBob: Well, Stanley, thanks to you, I'm on probation!
Me: And then we get to see Stanley having a photo op with his first customer, and this is where he's even more oblivious than SpongeBob himself.
Let's pretend we're mad at each other!
Even your cousin isn't that blind.
While Stanley's off getting the photos developed, SpongeBob covers both shifts and still gets a little heat.
Later, SpongeBob tries to tell the truth, but Mr.
Krabs guesses that SpongeBob just lied so Stanley would get the job and SpongeBob declines it.
Because there are plenty of other relatives that got passed over for the job!
Krabs: I even turned down me own three adorable nephews.
Nephews: But Uncle Krabs!
Krabs: They solve mysteries.
Me: Okay, I'll give it points on that joke.
I liked seeing what those other characters would have been like if we didn't get stuck with this character.
When Stanley bent SpongeBob's spatula, SpongeBob takes it as the last straw and tells Stanley off for his mistakes.
I ruin everything I touch!
Krabs: Wait a minute.
I know the perfect job for you!
Me: And Stanley's new job is working at the Chum Bucket which, of course, gets wrecked by Stanley.
The Krusty Krab explodes; enter the giant fist explosion from the Gravity Falls episode Fight Fighters; back to episode Plankton: Well, that's the end of me.
Me: This guy makes Wreck-It Ralph seem gentle!
Even he couldn't wreck everything he touched!
You're making him look bad!!
We could have probably had a better plot with one of those other relatives, but noooooooo!
We get stuck with SpongeBob's one-dimensional nephew.
And what did the S.
SquarePants" stand for anyway?
Number 16 The Original Fry Cook Have I ever mentioned how such an overused location the Krusty Krab is in these newer episodes?
It seems like that's what the writers like to use the most to make Mr.
Krabs look bad every new season.
In this case, while a typical day there goes on, they get a visit from one of their best employees they ever had before SpongeBob.
Krabs: Well, I'll be cooked in butter!
It's Jim, the Original Fry Cook!
Me: Jim was the best the Krusty Krab ever had back in the day and this turns into a jealousy twist for SpongeBob throughout the whole episode.
He who flipped Krabby Patties in the before times?
Squidward: When you worked here, the place had class!
Me: Which showed how wonderful life was for them.
Krabs looked so much younger and Squidward even had a full head of hair.
I can see why he preferred the original over what he has today.
Jim: Hey, that's new.
Krabs: Don't worry, Jim.
No one could ever replace you.
The original is still underneath.
Me: Boy, they really loved Jim.
Krabs suggests that Jim makes a patty for old times sake, and Jim jokes about having a raise there.
Krabs: Aye, you always knew how to make me laugh.
You just don't find employees like that anymore.
Not unless you look RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!
Krabs: You're right, boy.
I appreciate you, Squidward!
Squidward: Now I feel complete.
Me: And when Jim finishes up his patty.
Jim: One Krabby Patty, the right way.
Me: After that little meat induced daydream, SpongeBob asks Jim if he can make patties as good as him.
Jim: Besides don't step on the food?
SpongeBob: Please critique my work!
I wish to learn at the feet of the master!
Jim: Now THAT'S the way to grovel.
Me: And the montage here is pretty boring.
When Jim trains SpongeBob, he tries the patty and every time it's a failure and he flushes it down the toilet.
I mean, I can at least give the montage in License To Milkshake for at least doing more than just recycling the same footage over and over again, but this one doesn't even try to be appealing.
Cut to The Bully with SpongeBob flushing the toilet and shooting toilet water out of his holes Me: Thinking he's a hasbeen, SpongeBob decides to resign from the Krusty Krab and never come back.
Squidward starts dancing happily Me: And when Mr.
Krabs finds the resignation, he starts to wonder what happened to SpongeBob, only for the square conclusion jumper to find out the truth.
SpongeBob: I'm not fit to inhabit the same please click for source as Jim.
So it is with a heavy heart that I relinquish my position as fry cook.
Jim: What are you talking about, SpongeBob?
I'm not taking your job.
SpongeBob: But you're the greatest fry cook in the world!
The Krusty Krab deserves better than me.
Jim: Both those statements are true, SpongeBob, but there's a reason I left the Krusty Krab.
Me: Basically, Jim was fed up with working there and decided to seek greater opportunities.
Krabs for a raise, but Mr.
Krabs just thought that was a joke.
Oh, and Squidward lost all his hair just for Status Quo to play a cruel sick joke on him that not even Plankton would enjoy.
Krabs: Aye, it's still as funny today as it was then.
Me: And SpongeBob stays at the Krusty Krab because he's cheap unlike Jim who wanted more.
The kid's a good fry cook, but he'll only be a great fry cook when he finally gets the guts to quit this dump.
You're gonna need it.
SpongeBob: The Krusty Krab isn't a dump.
Krabs: Oh, she's a dump, alright.
But she's my dump.
Me: And that just ends right there with a big "Oh!
And this episode portrayed Jim as such a Mary-Sue and I felt pretty sorry for SpongeBob here.
But when he does quit, he'll find something else to do.
Just don't know what.
Number 15 That's No Lady I may enjoy a good male crossdressing scenarion sometimes.
They did it with Final Fantasy 7, The Fairly OddParents, and even that Super Mario World comic that was remotely related to the game.
In this case, Patrick is running around Bikini Bottom when some drifter comes in and yells at him to.
Salesman: GET OUTTA TOWN!!!
Me: But just as Patrick runs off in fear, we already get a spoiler of what the guy really is.
Salesman: Get outta town!
And take a vacation to beautiful Sunny Seashores Resort.
Me: He's a vacation salesman.
Patrick hides at SpongeBob's house and tells him about the so called threat he just encountered.
This revels him to leave Bikini Bottom forever.
I'm not Patrick Star?
SpongeBob: You are Patrick Star, but you won't be for long.
Me: And now we go into the old disguise routine.
And they can't really find a very convincing disguise at first, even with Mr.
Me: But SpongeBob gets an idea for Patrick to dress up as.
Me: Sure it's not as read article as Plankton's Sandy pelt mobile in Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy, but it's still more obvious than the MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy costumes from Shuffleboarding, and everyone thinks Patrick's a girl.
Me: Even the name should sound like a dead giveaway!
Krabs shows up to get SpongeBob over to work.
Krabs: SpongeBob, do we need any more help down at the Krusty Krab?
Great, she can start right away.
Me: And if it isn't bad enough that Mr.
Krabs starts hitting on Patrick in drag, Squidward himself falls for her.
Squidward: And who are you my rubenesque beauty?
Krabs: That's Patricia, our newest Krusty Krab employee.
Squidward: Well, she sure is stunning.
Patrick picks his nose; cut to Punch-Out!!
Sandman in his second form Mr.
Sandman: You gotta be kiddin' me!
Back to episode Me: And the rest of the episode is Mr.
Krabs and Squidward hitting on so-called Patricia not knowing it's really Patrick.
This wouldn't be too bad a scenario if it weren't for the fact that, for starters.
Can't they recognize him by using his normal voice?
What girl would sound like him?
Patrick: Well, I can't.
SpongeBob and I will be flying submarines that night.
I have to get back to Krusting the Krab.
Cut to Rock-A-Bye Bivalve Patrick: This would be kind of shocking.
Back to episode Me: Soon enough, Patrick gets fed up with Mr.
Krabs and Squidward's incessant flirting and decides to ditch how much is each card in blackjack disguise.
SpongeBob: But if you reveal your secret identity, you'll have to leave Bikini Bottom!
Patrick: I'm sorry, SpongeBob.
I just can't live like this anymore.
I'm tired of pretending to be someone that I'm not.
Me: But just as he's about to reveal himself, the salesman from earlier comes into the Krusty Krab and Patrick tries to take his order, but the salesman recognizes him.
He seems to be a lot smarter than Krabs and Squidward here.
Patrick: He's onto us.
SpongeBob: I won't let you do it.
You'll have to do something horrible to me before I let you throw Patrick out of town.
You were hitting on Patrick and didn't know it.
You are so stupid.
Squidward: I think I need to take a shower.
in bet blackjack side rummy So, let me get this straight.
You're not a woman?
Krabs: Well then, you're fired.
Uhh, if anybody needs me, I'll be in my office for, I dunno, the next 20 years or so.
Me: I'd better use this joke now.
Cut to The Amazing World Of Gumball episode The Dress Darwin: I WANT MORE KIDS!
Number 14 Night Light SpongeBob is such a coward in the new show I can't say I didn't see something like this coming.
It starts off one night where SpongeBob gets terrified one night go here reading a ghost story.
The ancient crypt door creeps open.
And from the festering brine of the darkest darkness, crawled forth monsters of such vile nature, whose appearance was so hideous and threatening, that the author died trying to recount them in this novel!
It makes him so terrified overnight that he can't stand the sight of the darkness.
Krabs: You don't look so good, laddie.
SpongeBob: Oh, it's nothing, Mr.
I just had a rough night.
Me: And every time he sees something dark, he gets terrified.
Even the sight of his own voice actor is too much for him, so Krabs decides to help him get some sleep.
Krabs: You need to get some shut-eye.
Why don't you get yourself a night light?
It'll keep your room lit, so you won't be scared stiff!
SpongeBob: Great idea, Mr.
Me: So, he goes shopping for a Night Light and picks out the one he wants.
Are these night lights guaranteed to keep the creepy creatures of the dark away?
Clerk: If I answer "Yes", will you leave the store sooner?
And boy, does this really get old fast.
If it was just a four minute minisode, it probably would have been more suitable.
But instead, it takes up the whole second half of the production.
Cut to SpongeBob finding another dark room blackjack 21 strategy running to the night light outlet and getting more night lights; cut to me asleep of me dreaming of other episodes No Free Rides Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 5 The Camping Episode Me: SpongeBob goes back and forth getting more night lights until his house is entirely lit up until Gary somehow tells him about.
SpongeBob: You're right, Gary!
I've got darkness inside of me!
Back to episode Me: And because of Gary's warning, he does his best to light up the whole place.
It then wakes up Patrick.
Patrick: SpongeBob's having a party without me?
Oh, we'll just see about that.
Me: SpongeBob pulls him in to keep him away from the darkness and he brings in his rock which leaves a big gaping hole outside.
With their screaming and the bright lights, Squidward is disturbed and demands to know what's going on.
Squidward: Oh, SpongeBob, there are no creepy creatures of the dark.
It's all in your imagination.
Me: But even that doesn't convince the two idiot friends that there's nothing to be afraid of and they go off getting more lights.
It's very reminiscent of that 2 Stupid Dogs episode where the dogs try to fetch a bunch of shoes thinking that's how they'll open the automatic door to a mega store.
But this one is just not so funny.
They even manage to drag Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy into this.
Are you here to protect us from the darkness that surrounds us?
Mermaid Man: We don't have time for your childish games!
We're responding to the distress signal that you sent!
SpongeBob: I'm sorry, Mermaid Man.
There appears to be a misunderstanding.
Patrick and I put up those lights to scare away the creepy creatures of the dark!
We weren't trying to summon you.
Mermaid Man: Oh, fiddlesticks, SpongeBob.
Do you know how hard it is in our.
Me: Come to think of it, I can at least give the people props for making this the first time Mermaid Man remembers SpongeBob's name after all the encounters they had before then.
But then a moth that's somehow able to breathe underwater and that Mermaid Man has been pursuing for so many years finds the light and wants to take it for himself.
SpongeBob: Oh my gosh!
Mermaid Man needs assistance!
There is no need to fear, AbsorboPants is here!
Barnacle Boy: I think it's time to go home, Mermaid Man.
Mermaid Man: Why are we here again?
Who are those hideous creatures of the night?
Barnacle Boy: I'll tell you about it in the morning.
Me: And the daylight breaks and Patrick runs for the sun.
And so is the comedy in this one.
This didn't make me chuckle once, so I can't recommend this one.
Me: Number 13 The Gift Of Gum Why is it that the writers tend to make a lot of nausea induced episodes thinking that's where the gold is?
They almost never work.
And this one is no exception.
It already starts off with Patrick opening his house and pushing a wad of gum Katamari style.
Patrick: Best Friend's Day!
Me: And we know what day it is in this one.
Me: Patrick gives his giant wad of chewed gum to SpongeBob as his gift for Best Friend's Day which makes SpongeBob feel a bit ashamed.
I am Robo 2.
Your personal robot servant.
Me: You mean to tell me we're not even a minute in and we already get the impression that chewed up gum is a better gift than a robot servant that will do anything you say?
Sure, that joke might have worked back in the good old days like when SpongeBob traded luxor $5 amazing piece of paper for Squidward's shirt, but it just doesn't really work here.
SpongeBob: Oh, majestic and much masticated Gummy, although I am not worthy to be in your presence, may my humble abode please you.
Me: Now, SpongeBob realizes that Gummy is not exactly the most appealing thing to be in his home, especially if it causes a scene like this.
Me: Honestly, that was one of the most disturbing moments on this show.
And it came clean out of nowhere.
SpongeBob tries whatever he can to get rid of Gummy, but everything proves to fail when Patrick shows up to see what's going on until SpongeBob makes up an excuse to save face.
Keep up the good work.
Come on, Robo, let's find more belly button lint Me: He tries burying it, and for some reason, even though he doesn't have a driver's license, he somehow manages to drive a bulldozer.
THAT is a bulldozer.
Cut to Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic: A BULLDOZER!
Back to episode Me: Because SpongeBob doesn't want to hurt Patrick's feelings, Patrick sticks Gummy to the pineapple to be used as a decoration.
Me: Thinking he needs to do it in silence, SpongeBob tries staging a burglary and taking Gummy far away.
But it proves to be futile as it gets him trapped.
Fish: Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Me: What the hell?
Okay, maybe the underwear was disturbing, but people trapped in that thing?
What the hell is wrong with these writers?
Fish: Oh, thank Neptune.
Hey, guys, I found a way out.
Cut to SpongeBob Meets The Strangler where the Strangler groans over SpongeBob unsure if it's really his pants; back to episode Me: SpongeBob gets stuck inside Gummy which spreads all over spongebob cousin blackjack voice place.
Sandy happens to see the situation and tries to get him unstuck with a truck passing by, but even that doesn't work.
Squidward: Just let it go, Squdward.
Don't get involved, Squidward.
Me: Patrick sees the whole thing and is so excited.
SpongeBob: Well, it's still Best Friends Day.
How would you like your Gummy back?
How can it still be Best Friends Day?
Patrick eats all the gum and triggers another one of the worst endings in SpongeBob history.
Patrick: Told you it was easy.
This is the best Best Friends Day ever!
Me: Even Patrick can't be that dumb!
Also, Gummy was originally going to be blue, but was changed to pink at the last second.
I can see why they wanted to go with the classic pink.
Number 12 SquidBob TentaclePants Out of all the Squidward Torture Porns out there, I think this one is the most decent and kindest out there.
But it still has a lot of flaws.
And how it managed to keep out of both MoBrosStudios's countdowns is a mystery.
Squidward wakes up from a nice dream he was having of being a hip clarinet player only to get to reality and practice his clarinet on the way to work because he has a recital the next night.
Squidward: I'm practicing for my clarinet recital.
Soon, all of Bikini Bottom will recognize the talent that is Squidward Tentacles.
Me: While Squidward goes off to work, SpongeBob notices that Sandy is working on a new invention.
Sandy: Well, this here is my new matter transporter.
It can move things from one place to another in the blink of an eye.
Me: SpongeBob realizes he's late and asks if Sandy can use it to get him there, making him her first living breathing test subject.
And the transportation is wacky, let me tell ya.
SpongeBob: Gee, Sandy, this sure feels.
Me: Does anybody get an innuendo vibe out of that?
The machine malfunctions and fuses Squidward and SpongeBob together.
Squidward: This is horrible.
I have my clarinet recital tomorrow.
SpongeBob: Oh, it's not so bad, Squidward.
Now we can be best buddies and do everything together, forever.
Squidward screams Me: Seriously.
How unsettling does SpongeBob have to make himself around Squidward?
He just keeps caressing him like he's his little playboy.
Squidward begs Sandy to fix the mess and Sandy suggests they go back in the transporter, but it bet blackjack strategy increase ends up fusing them even worse.
They replace a gift for a little boy on his birthday, a baby boy a woman gave birth idea 5 dollar minimum blackjack vegas can, and some alien finds them hot.
And they're right back to square one.
Sandy tells them that she has an invention that she still has to get started on, but Squidward is desperate to get off of SpongeBob.
Me: As soon as they get to the Krusty Krab.
Fish: I gotta lay off the hot sauce.
Duel Monsters GX there.
Krabs kicks them out until everything is fixed.
But there is someone who enjoys something from them.
Fish: Rock on, freaky bro.
Me: The Molecular Separator Ray isn't ready yet and Sandy says it'll be ready after Squidward's recital, but Squidward begs her to finish it before then.
Squidward: I can't stay stuck to that yellow freak!
SpongeBob is grinning widely Me: Oh no!
Not another rape face he's giving Squidward!
Sandy tries to promise Squidward that she'll be ready before the recital and SpongeBob and Squidward can't even sleep in their own houses normally.
Me: The night of the recital arrives and Squidward is too scared to go out.
But SpongeBob encourages him to at least try and make things right.
But when the awful performance occurs, their disguise gets caught and their fused form is revealed.
It may seem everyone's gonna flee in terror of such a sight, but.
Fish: Rock on, freaky bro!
They think it's something new!
They really like SpongeBob and Squidward's fused look!
This must be what it feels like.
This is what it looks like.
Me: First of all, what about what it tastes like?
Sandy shows up at the show to separate them.
Sandy: One blast of this molecular separator ray and you'll be separated for good!
Me: SpongeBob and Squidward protest but Sandy doesn't listen and separates them, thus ruining Squidward's dream and everyone leaves.
Squidward: There's got to be some way to reverse this!
Me: But instead, he fuses all of his friends together and.
Pshchiatrist: So, what seems to be the problem, Mr.
Squidward: It all started.
Squidward fused with everyone else; cut to Something Smells Fish: DEUUAUGH!
Me: That is definitely one of the most disgusting things the new writers had ever spongebob cousin blackjack voice />In fact, that last scene is removed in some countries for being so revolting.
And I can't blame them.
Like I said, it's a Squidward Torture Porn.
The most subtle, but still click to see more nonetheless.
Number 11 The Abrasive Side There have been a lot of mean-spirited episodes and moments on this show that come out as unpleasant instead of as funny.
This one is an example of that.
In this one, while SpongeBob is camping out at the bus stop.
SpongeBob: I believe I was in line first.
You know, before it got closed down?
But everyone in town cuts in front of him because he doesn't have the guts to keep his spot in line.
When the boss for Glove World arrives, Sandy shows up and asks for an experiment, and SpongeBob promises Patrick he'll catch the next bus.
And it's just a wheel powered blender.
SpongeBob being the guinea pig.
Sandy: Operation acorn smoothie is a success!
Even I thought she was click to see more harsh to SpongeBob there.
I need your help!
Pearl's got her heart set on a new pair of shoes.
Your job is to tell her no.
Krabs, today is my day off!
Then SpongeBob's Grandma needs help crossing the street.
We haven't seen her since Blackjack.
And he misses the bus.
You know, this beginning really brings back the concept of Rock Bottom.
But instead of catching a bus AFTER going to Glove World, this time he's trying to catch a bus BEFORE.
Do buses have some sort of conspiracy how to organize a tournament SpongeBob or something?
Patrick: You need to learn how to say no!
Stand up for yourself, man!
You need thicker skin!
Back to episode SpongeBob: Oh, it's true, Gare-Bear!
SpongeBob: It's true that I can't stand up for myself!
Me: So, SpongeBob can't say no to anybody?
He's said "no" a thousand times!
He said it Jellyfish Jam, Welcome To The Chum Bucket, and Pizza Delivery.
And you pretty much just told it to Pearl about the shoes!
I can't believe they have no continuity here.
Gary orders up something that can help SpongeBob have more backbone.
Abrasive Side: Ah, why don't you scram, you little freeloader?
Me: And now, the cruelty.
Can you help me carry my groceries?
Abrasive Side: Ah, why don't you carry them yourself, fishface?
How about a little help with this suntan lotion, huh?
Abrasive Side: Don't you think you had enough?
All you're missing is a bowl of butter!
Me: If you thought that was bad, the delivery he gives to SpongeBob's grandma is just low.
Grandma Squarepants: SpongeBob, would you help grandma across the street?
Abrasive Side: Sorry, granny!
Why don't you help yourself across the street?
Me: Okay, that wasn't too original a comeback, but it was still mean to his grandma.
He goes all out against Sandy to avoid being the test subject of Sandy's inventions and refuses to let SpongeBob work long shift without overtime.
Krabs: Such a disgusting word!
Me: But there's someone who enjoys this new side.
I'm sure you want me to play some stupid game.
Or you'll just follow me around all day and never ever leave, huh?
Me: You're in for a surprise, Squddy.
Abrasive Side: Afraid not, Schnozward!
I wouldn't hang out with you for all the money in Krabs's mattress!
Me: Neither does the abrasive side.
He may not, but we viewers do.
After hurting Patrick's feelings unintentionally, SpongeBob realizes just how big of a douchebag the Abrasive Side is and tries to apologize to all of his friends, but the abrasive side intervenes.
Krabs: Don't you come back until you swab that poop deck you call a mouth!
Me: He tells Sandy about the abrasive side and she tells him to be just who he is.
Me: Who he is NOW stinks really.
After Sandy rips off the abrasive side, SpongeBob sends it back to the manufacturer and heads to his Grandma's house to apologize.
SpongeBob: I'm sorry for how I acted earlier today.
So, what do you say?
Can we discuss forgiveness over a cup of your famous coca?
Me: But boy is he in for the ultimate obvious replay.
Abrasive Grandma: MAKE YOUR OWN COCOA!
Me: Such an obvious way to end this plot.
And now, we enter the second half.
After a long while, I am taking a cue from MoBrosStudios of YouTube and showing you all my top 20 least favorite episodes of SpongeBob that he has not selected.
Enjoy as I rant on about how this show has fallen downhill.
SpongeBob is owned by Nickelodeon and Viacom Am i the only one who noticed that the introduction is exactly the same as the NC's top 11 Simpsons episodes?
These episodes sound like they must've been extremely painful for most people to watch just once.
Still, how many times on average did YOU have to watch each one to make this list?
How did you keep your sanity in check?
Oh, this was a while back.
Trust me, some of these were at least tame.
And I will just click for source this.
I"m gonna one day come back to this show and talk about the bad of the classic pre-movie era and the good of the modern post-movie one.
The former had a fair share of duds and the latter did manage to get some diamonds in the rough.
In that one part of Night Light, that was Tom Kenny's face?
If a YTP of that episode was made, the face might be replaced with Gengar, or probably a more obscure Mad Jack spongebob cousin blackjack voice DK64.
They never explain these things.
Either it would have looked too much like a spitball or pink is the most recognizable gum color.
What is this doing on here?
What about the pinhead and the EVERYTHING ELSE?
If you're wondering why that was there, it was because it was some of a joke I got from MoBros where he dreamed of watching better past episodes, some that he didn't dream about.
It's not that this was a bad episode.
It's just the episodes I'd prefer to watch.
So if it's not a bad episode, why would it make it on here?
I see what you're trying to say, but just because I like Super Mario Sunshine more than SMG, Doesn't mean I don't like to play SMG.
It's not on the list.
It's part of a joke I got from MoBros.
During a relatively boring part in an episode he was reviewing, he was dreaming of watching much better episodes.
I was just mimicking the joke he did.
I did not put this on the list as one of the worst episodes.
I put it on here as part of the homage to the joke where I wish I was watching much better episodes than these. spongebob cousin blackjack voice spongebob cousin blackjack voice spongebob cousin blackjack voice spongebob cousin blackjack voice spongebob cousin blackjack voice spongebob cousin blackjack voice


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