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103 Casino Dealer Salaries provided anonymously by employees. What salary does a Casino Dealer earn in your area?
Casino Dealer Salaries by State. What is the average annual salary for a Casino Dealer job by State? See how much a Casino Dealer job pays hourly by State.
Pay. Dealers can make as much as $100,000 per year. The average dealing job at a small casino only pays half that much, but many do pay more than $25 per hour.


Casino dealers not only deal cards but also offer customer service and keep an eye.. Median Salary (2018)*, $20,120 (for all gaming dealers).
Do you have what it takes to become a blackjack or poker dealer in a casino?. have too much trouble quickly adding up the value of the cards as they're dealt out,. Some dealers report incomes near minimum wage, while others say they ...
23rd Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper: "Wynn Las Vegas dealers are the highest- paid dealers in the city, averaging about $100000 per year in salary and tip. Now with dealers, b/c the amount the tip they get are recorded by the hotel/casino….. Helpful information: SIM Card and SIM Phones at LAS airport; Helpful.
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Gaming dealers: Salary, career path, job outlook, education and more - RaiseMe Casino card dealer salary


The average casino dealer salary in Germany is 29.157 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 14 €. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly.
Average Casino Dealer salary: $14.84 per hour. Data comes from 545 real salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed.
Jacqui Terry, 38 (right, centre), is a professional croupier and dealer.. how to shuffle cards and strip the deck, and how to spread the cards so all the. In London, the starting salary for a trainee in a casino is at least ÂŁ15,000,.

starburst-pokieQualifications for a Casino Dealer | Career Trend Casino card dealer salary

Reddit - poker - Do dealers make bank? Casino card dealer salary

At that time I was paid $6 an hour by the casino.. Minimum wage $8.25.. Do professional casino card dealers have the skills to cheat if they wanted to?
Card dealers work in casinos to assist patrons in playing table games such as. Texas reported the highest average salary for card dealers in 2011, $37,470 per ...
I'm what they call a party pit dealer; I deal blackjack while wearing lingerie. It is my.. 21 states are raising their minimum wage for 2020.

Casino card dealer salarycasinobonus

casino card dealer salary I am wondering if dealers make a shit ton of money considering they get at the very least minimum wage probably more plus sooooo many tips per hour?
Think about how many hands go down per hour and how most of them result in a tip to the dealer.
Wage is differwnt than tips.
Minimum wage would be what he makes learn more here he does get any tips.
He said less than min wage base pay.
Then whatever he gets in tips is extra.
Just like a server or a bartender or anybody else in the service industry And in canada you should be reporting and claiming tips as income and paying tax on it, but there isnt any way to regulate it Dealer here.
I have to turn my tips in after every shift they open my boxthen I get a paycheck bi weekly.
Never played in FL so I can't compare the two.
Tips are pooled FWIW.
Right that's see more I thought.
Interesting that ogunquit maine near casinos casinos do this.
I'm pretty close to several dealers at three of casino card dealer salary local casinos.
I've heard from most of them that they enjoy dealing more because the tips aren't pooled like everywhere else in the casino.
I know that I tip different dealers different amounts.
For this particular casino it is.
Depends on where you deal.
As far as I know, table games dealers pool tips while poker dealers keep their tips.
I deal at a charity poker room in michigan.
Dealing tournaments can suck since the fields are pretty small, one stiff means you make minimum wage that day.
Casinos are probably better but the closest casino with poker is an hour or two away.
Alot of variance since a table of stiffs or really slow players hurts you.
No money in tournaments either.
A fast dealer could get 30 hands an hr out.
I think your definition of make bank needs some work.
The problem is that as a dealer your wage is essentially capped.
That makes it pretty hard to save or move up in life.
This depends a lot on age.
Region matters as well.
I do live in a high cost of living area and my perception is probably skewed as a result but I grew up in a much cheaper area.
Could you do it?
Would it include much luxury or savings?
I assure you that you can do better with effort, opportuntity and a bit of luck.
Comparing to others in the US or whatever country you are currently living in is more relevant.
You also have the additional factor of living expenses costing more here.
I don't see immigrants making less than min wage in illegal jobs whining.
You have it better than the vast this web page of humans who have ever lived and currently live.
You also have the additional factor of living expenses costing more here.
They only cost more because you demand more stuff.
You know why cost of living is so much less in India?
For starters, they aren't on a brand new laptop posting on Reddit all day.
They don't have the latest iPhone with unlimited LTE data.
They don't have broadband internet like you do.
They don't have anywhere near the square footage that you do.
They don't have the infrastructure that you do - and you don't even pay for that.
So stop your fucking whining.
You have it great.
Like I said originally, get some damn perspective.
What am I whining about?
In living expenses I am not referencing a laptop or a phone but cost of food, cost of rent, etc.
The quality of the food and the quality of the apartments are so much better than what you get in those other countries, so of course you pay more.
You are free to buy nothing but rice and beans from the economy store and butcher scraps once a month or on special occasions, and you are free to rent a mobile trailer or shipping container with no utilities, but you don't want to live like that.
Maybe you should take a look at bikeking19's poker vlogs.
Dude lives out of his car in Las Vegas on the cheap and just plays poker.
You can live on the cheap if you want to - you just don't want to.
What am I whining about?
What am I whining about?
You don't get to decide what counts as rational.
Not everybody lives their life like you live yours.
You are "rationally" choosing how to spend it when you could spend it differently and have a lot more disposable cash or savings if you really wanted to.
I think your argument is embarrassingly weak.
Income data within the US supports this premise unless an income only slightly better than average within the US is your definition of making bank.
I am not merely deciding what the rational choice is by my own beliefs but basing my statement on observation of those who have the means to do so.
Very few choose to live in the manner you describe if they have an alternative.
You are an example of this as well.
You are on a phone, computer, tablet or other device with internet.
You have chosen this expense for one reason or another.
The vast majority of the casino card dealer salary within the US will choose to pay for a house or apartment over living on the street if they are able to do so.
I would encourage you to go back click to see more read your posts when you are not emotionally invested in this conversation.
Think about whether it is even slightly persuasive or if it just makes you come off looking like an asshole.
Then you're just wrong.
It has nothing to do with "in the US" because you can downgrade your standard of living in order to have more disposable cash or savings any time you want to.
You aren't forced to live in a nice apartment or drive a nice car or have the latest gadgets, or even to eat meat every day.
Do you even realize what a luxury it is to eat meat every day, let alone for multiple meals?
No, you just take that for granted.
You are an example of this as well.
Yeah but I don't whine that I don't have a Ferrari or a yacht.
The vast majority of the population within the US will choose to pay for a house or apartment over living on the street if they are able to do so.
Ok then don't tell me they aren't "making bank" because they clearly are.
They just value having that nice apartment over putting that money in the actual bank.
The pay used to be great during the boom when everyone and their mother was playing poker and you'd recieve a good chunk of tips.
Nowadays it's just a pretty darn low paid job.
I think the good Vegas dealers still make a decent buck off tips, but everywhere else it's pretty darn bad and not a recipe for printing money.
Vegas casino card dealer salary with so many wannabe pros that cut expenses any way they can, and that starts with dealer tips.
I've never actually talked to dealers from Vegas about it, but it's just my experience from playing there.
I casino card dealer salary at a random Midwest casino, and while there were some wannabe pros, there were also tons of shitregs with regular jobs who just played in their spare time, but a good chunk of them would regularly hook the dealer up if they casino card dealer salary winning.
Thing is, Vegas And the US as a whole has a way bigger tipping culture that you won't find anywhere else in the world.
Even if you have a lot of fleas at the table, you can still expect to get a buck or two per hand.
In Europe tipping isn't as common.
It's not a custom in the same sense.
I can find a table where I'm more info only one tipping at the table.
Surprisingly, I have limited experience playing in the midwest, casino card dealer salary I'll go with your word there.
Vegas dealers have it really good compared to a lot of their european counterparts.
We're so god damn cheap.
The tips can be decent it's not going to change your life or anything.
But we are generally on a pay freeze so we cant get raises.
We don't actually get to work our schedules because if there aren't games there's no work.
So yeah you can make a decent dollar amount if you can get 15 or so downs in your shift.
But it doesn't happen without running a skeleton crew.
Oh plus a lot of the time casinos don't match our whole wage when it comes to stuff like 401ks and benefits.
So yeah you can make 40-60k but you need to make your own retirement and have savings in case there is no work like during the summer time for local casinos.
The paycheck can seem nice but there is also a huge opportunity cost to taking time off work.
So you think we could take a vacation looking at the dollar amount.
But the good checks just make up for the bad ones and you cant ever really take time off.
As an example Id deal a limit table with a drunk fish that plays super slow and doesnt tip.
Im lucky to do 15 hands an hr cause of him, he wins 10 of them.
Maybe another stuff wins one and one is too small to tip, so I get 3 dollars in an hour.
At a fast table with 2 dollar tippers Im getting 40 hands out and making 80 an hr.
Uses to deal a winner take all morning tournament that lasts 2 hours, routinely stiffed by winner.
Or tipped 5, which is split with another dealer and the floor so I got about 80 cents an hr.
It might be different at different casinos, but I know for a fact at my home casino the dealers are making no where near minimum wage.
The dealers I've spoken to say their goal just click for source to have the button move around the table twice 18 hands per down.
That's roughly 36 hands per hour.
I'd guess that they average closer to 30 hands per hour because of how long some pots can take.
I'm sure this is vastly different depending on what game you're playing.
Which is a common time per table.
Think about that logically, casino card dealer salary saying a dealer can deal 18 cards, a flop, turn and river while everyone looks at their cards and acts once per minute? casino card dealer salary casino card dealer salary casino card dealer salary casino card dealer salary casino card dealer salary casino card dealer salary

Casino Dealer Academy - Training day

Qualifications for a Casino Dealer | Career Trend Casino card dealer salary

Hard Rock Café Casino Dealer Salaries | CareerBliss Casino card dealer salary

Casino Dealer jobs on cruise ships. Link to current. Job description, requirements and salary range. Cruise ship. Click Here for Casino Dealer Job Vacancies.
Detailed look at the factors that affect how much card dealers make. Includes some observations about the pros and cons of working in the ...
The pit boss walks the casino floor, making sure all dealers and games. The actual salary will vary per casino, but on average, US pit bosses can expect to ...


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