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There are two kinds of slot players: those who play to win and those who play for entertainment. What's fascinating about slot players is that nearly all of them will ...
The phenomenon of Indian reservation gambling began in the '70s when the. Tribal Casinos are not always run by the tribe itself, but often by an outside... accounts and incomplete camera footage have only deepened the mystery.
Here's a list of 15 slot machine secrets the casinos don't want you to know about. Slot placement isn't random. Some slots pay out more than others. The slots club doesn't exist to reward you. You can't win at slots in the long run. Max betting is the best option. Class 2 slots aren't really slots at all.

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How to Find a Loose Slot Machine at a Casino. Many people enjoy slot machines for their ease of use and exciting possibilities. If you love playing slot machines ...
Various jurisdictions (Nevada, river boats, Indian gaming, etc.)... Now if I were to tell you, it wouldn't be a secret that only the casinos or creators knew, would it?
Patrons at California Indian casinos are pouring about $130 million a day into 52,600 slot machines. How much they are reaping in return and whether the ...
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11 Things You Need to Know About American Indian Tribal Casinos | Professor Slots Secrets of indian casinos


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starburst-pokieSecrets of India Slot - Play Real Casino Slots Online Secrets of indian casinos

11 Things You Need to Know About American Indian Tribal Casinos | Professor Slots Secrets of indian casinos

Are the paybacks lower at Indian casinos? Who regulates Indian casinos? Where can I get a Quick Hit logo shirt?
The phenomenon of Indian reservation gambling began in the '70s when the. Tribal Casinos are not always run by the tribe itself, but often by an outside... accounts and incomplete camera footage have only deepened the mystery.
This is not a secret. This is math. Sometimes casinos will even make cards with basic strategy available at the table. But they will never insist you follow it.

Secrets of indian casinoscasinobonus

secrets of indian casinos This summary article on American Indian tribal casinos helps slot machine casino gamblers better understand the tribal casinos they visit.
Introduction to American Indian Tribal Casinos Thirty U.
That number is climbing.
To better understand them, here are eleven things you need to know about American Indian tribal casinos.
Further, tribal casinos in another two U.
Which States have Tribal Gaming?
Who Operates a Tribal Casino?
This audio contains commentary not found anywhere else!
Subscribe to the Professor Slots podcast at and wherever else you find podcasts!
Which States Have Tribal Gaming?
Out of 52 states, only 30 U.
Another two states have pending tribal casinos.
The states with tribal gaming along with their number of tribal casinos are: Alabama 3Alaska 8Arizona 25California 66Colorado 2Connecticut 2Florida 7Idaho 7Indiana 1Iowa 3Kansas 5Louisiana 4Maine bingo onlyMassachusetts 1 pendingMichigan 23Minnesota 19Mississippi 3Montana 8Nebraska 4Nevada 2New Mexico 21New York 11North Carolina 2North Dakota 6Oklahoma more than 108Oregon 9South Dakota 11Texas 2Washington 30and Virginia 1 pending Oklahoma has the highest number of tribal casinos.
In my state-by-state article onI list the 108 largest tribal casinos.
Oklahoma has many other convenience stores and truck stops which identify themselves as casinos.
With 66 sites, California has the second highest number of tribal casinos of any U.
It has only tribal casinos and no non-tribal commercial casinos and Virginia both have their first tribal casino pending for various reasons, either legal issues or searching for a suitable site.
Alaska and Maine have only tribal bingo halls.
The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act In 1988, the U.
This federal law provides tribes and states with a legal framework to develop tribal gaming.
It is the reason the U.
American Indian cultures have always included gambling.
Before the IGRA, and a driving force behind establishing it, tribes began to generate gaming revenue and profit.
This tribal gaming mostly began with tribes opening bingo halls.
However, such swift growth led to abuses.
When states began lobbying the U.
Congress to regulate tribal gaming, after more than a few compromises the IRGA was born.
President Ronald Reagan signed it into law on October 18, 1988.
Why Federal Recognition Matters The U.
Constitution gives the federal government the right to interact with American Indian tribes.
However, and 1988 U.
Supreme Court decisions provided additional clarity, which also helped lead to the establishment of the IGRA.
However, what establishes that a tribal community is, in fact, an American Indian tribe?
How do they choose?
Even today, this decision-making is fraught with difficulties.
Federal recognition of an American Indian tribe is a process owned by the within the.
The BIA sets the criteria for federal recognition of tribes.
Limitations on these rights are the same as those for states.
There are currently 573 bands and tribes recognized by the federal government as American Indian.
The last increase in the number of tribes occurred in early 2018 when six new tribes received federal recognition.
Only federally-recognized tribes may use the IGRA to negotiate a tribal-state gaming compact with their state.
Tribal-State Gaming Compacts A compact is a negotiated agreement between two legal entities.
In this case, a federally-recognized tribe and the article source in which it resides negotiate a tribal-state gaming compact.
Once settled, the must approve all compacts.
However, thanks to the IGRA, not all tribal casinos need a gaming compact.
Because it depends on the type of gaming offered.
Or, more accurately, its classification.
The IGRA defined gaming classifications which, as a federal law, makes these commonly held definitions for all U.
For more on gaming classifications, see.
I tribal ceremonies do not.
But, Class II games may require a gaming compact, depending on the state.
Tribal compacts are the result of often lengthy negotiations, after all.
The negotiations include whether non-tribal gaming exists in the state.
If not, compact talks can be an uphill battle.
If non-tribal gaming exists, tribes may only negotiate for those Class III games already approved by secrets of indian casinos state at non-tribal casinos.
Overcoming this limitation can be lots of work.
In part, compact negotiations include a desire by the state to protect the income of existing non-tribal casinos.
These can be lobbying efforts by those casinos or just protecting state income taxes from gaming revenue.
MGM Resorts International is making every effort to protect the gaming income of MGM National Harbor, just across the state line in Maryland.
Who Operates a Tribal Casino?
The owner of each tribal casino is one or more federally-recognized American Indian tribe, band, or pueblo.
Who operates the casino Sometimes, a tribe decides to let a professional casino operator run their tribal casino.
There are solid business reasons to take this approach.
While the casino operator takes a cut of revenue, a professionally run casino can generate quite a bit more profit to share.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians owns both tribal casinos.
For instance, they own and operate most casinos on the Las Vegas strip.
These operators also have assets to share.
It may be small or large, but they all have one.
American Indian tribal casinos operated by MGM get to join rewards.
A Caesars Reward club card holder gets more and more interesting complimentary gifts than a tribal casino could provide alone.
With it, the tribe gains credibility and gives value to their guests.
Because a significant casino operator does not have to go through the expense of setting up a rewards club program.
After all, their rewards program already has millions of members.
A significant casino operator need not be a non-tribal organization.
If caught cheating at a tribal casino, you would expect to go to jail.
But, would you expect tribal jail?
Further, what are your expectations regarding tribal courts Robert Nersesian has written an excellent book.
I recommend to you his excellent Chapter 8 entitled Indian Gaming: OMG, WTF.
I fully disclose that I am an Amazon Affiliate.
Meaning, using the link above means I earn a bit of income.
Nersesian has not paid me to promote him.
I just like his work.
What might happen if someone cheats at a tribal casino?
Naturally, the tribal police will take you to tribal jail.
If you are not a member of the tribe, you next discover you have no constitutional rights to due process or other protections Perhaps you leisurely read through the above section on the IGRA and the rights given to federally-recognized tribes.
If you gamble at tribal casinos, maybe you should reread those a little more closely.
Tribal Use of Gaming Profits In 1988, the U.
How well do those states use their non-tribal gaming profits?
Well, it depends on the state Not all states are doing particularly well with their use of non-tribal gaming revenue.
Some are an excellent example to other states.
Others, not so much.
The care and quality of state gaming regulations, or lack of care and quality, determines read article success.
There are only 56 U.
In my non-legal opinion, even is a U.
Because Utah has at least one state gaming regulation: All forms of gambling are illegal.
When it comes to using gaming profits, American Indian tribes are like U.
However, there are ten times more federally recognized tribes than U.
This federal law is common amongst all of them in terms of supporting tribal economic development.
There is no such common law for state gaming regulations.
Because of common federal law, perhaps there is more abuse among the states than across ten times as many tribes.
The difficulty is the considerable investment needed to know the differences.
For example, it took me just over a year to write my.
Each week, I wrote an article about one U.
For the complete set, it took me 56 weeks to write 56 articles.
Imagine how long it would take an individual to research and write 573 articles on each federally recognized tribe.
At a rate of one piece per week, such a project would take ten years.
The start of the series would be ten years out of date once completed.
However, larger organizations or federal and state governments have the resources, personnel, and funding to take on such a project.
For example, the American Gaming Association AGA contracted an economic study of tribal gaming.
See from September 2017.
This 21-page report is well worth reading.
It also makes several interesting observations.
Tribal Casinos Players Clubs Have you as earning complimentary gifts?
Almost entirely, players receive comps through casino rewards programs.
By necessity, a small tribal casino has a small casino rewards program.
Depending on the comps you are looking to earn, either scenario has its pros and secrets of indian casinos />A small casino rewards program at your local tribal casino focuses on the local area.
The local audience is well known.
That knowledge is its strength.
An extensive casino rewards program of a major casino operator has difficulty being personal.
However, you can potentially earn travel comps from them to any of their other properties.
For example, they may operate half the casinos on the Las Vegas strip Casino rewards programs are about establishing and maintain customer loyalty.
A small casino rewards program tries to partner with other casinos, perhaps offering a bus trip across the state to a nearby casino.
A national rewards program tries to take away the competitive advantage of small rewards programs.
One way to do this is to establish a team of hosts at each casino where they operate.
These hosts learn what the patrons of that casino want.
Both size rewards programs do these things with somewhat limited success.
Isolated reservations are where most American Indian tribal casinos are located.
Being remote makes it difficult to work with other casinos as none are nearby.
These hosts take a lot of detailed notes.
Earning complimentary gifts is what happens parx casino signup you play at a casino when using their rewards program card.
Anyone can earn a comp, sometimes by merely signing up for the program.
But, some slot machine players have identified earning complimentary gifts as their primary gambling goal.
The loyalty programs at tribal casinos vary in size and what they have to offer.
Bigger is not always better.
If you want to earn comps, what comps do you want to receive?
At American Indian tribal casinos, the player desirability of small or large rewards programs depends on you.
It depends on what you want.
Do you want a new outdoor grill?
Sure, either size club will provide one if you earn it.
How about earning travel comps?
Well, that depends on where they can send you as well as if you care to go there.
Class III Tribal Gaming The is a federal law.
It defined gaming classifications for all U.
Therefore, these classifications are legal definitions.
Few other legal gambling terms are standard across the U.
As a reminder, Class I gaming is tribal ceremonies.
Class II gaming is competition-style games.
Because it can be difficult to tell which is which when sitting down at a slot machine For a Class Secrets of indian casinos slot machine, the spinning reels are often for entertainment purposes only.
This feature means it can be difficult to distinguish from a Class III slot machine.
Some tribal casinos have both types.
For instance, the Class III machine might have a minimum payout return limit defined in the tribal compact.
Another difference is more practical.
Class II machines are competition-based.
One way a slot machine becomes competitive is by including a gameplay decision for the player.
Instead, all the Class II slot machines on the casino floor may be playing a form of bingo.
It is not at all evident if this is happening.
To win at table card games, you also need the game rules.
The same is true with slot machines at American Indian tribal casinos.
Or, maybe you have more legal protections on the Class III machine next to a bingo machine.
East Coast Versus West Coast Is there a difference between American Indian tribal casinos based on where they are in the U.
Many of the tribes found in Oklahoma did not originate in that state or even that region of the country.
The ancestral home of many tribes currently federally recognized as tribal communities in Oklahoma was much nearer to the east coast of the U.
Or, through famine or otherwise, the tribes died out literally or figuratively.
Today, there are few American Indian tribes near the east coast of the U.
Those that remain are, shall we say, click />As a demonstration of its success, MGE recently won a contract with the gaming jurisdiction crown agency Ontario.
Besides its other casino properties, MGE now operates the two Canadian casinos near Niagara Falls.
On the other hand, California has the second most casinos in the U.
Further, California has tribal casinos only.
Near the middle of the continental U.
Not only does it have the largest population of American Indians when compared to any other U.
Like California, Oklahoma has tribal casinos only.
The Future of Tribal Gaming As of September 2017, tribal gaming revenue accounts for over 44% of all gaming revenue in the U.
In early 2018, six more tribes became federally recognized All signs seem to indicate that the future of tribal gaming is bright.
Tribal casinos are opening in many states right alongside non-tribal casinos during the last few years.
As I have mentioned elsewhere, it is a dynamic time of change in the U.
The IGRA is a federal law designed to support tribes.
If a state allows casino gambling and has a federally recognized tribe, the tribe will most likely attempt to negotiate a tribal-state compact It is impossible to prevent tribal casinos if a state does not entirely prohibit gambling, perhaps by the state constitution.
If bingo is legal, for example, then tribal casinos can offer Class II competition slot machines without a tribal-state compact.
The state may object.
There may be court injunctions filed based on pertinent legal precedents, as did for years.
But, it is possible because the IGRA legally provides tribes that opportunity.
My points here are this: As non-tribal gaming grows within a state, so will tribal gaming if that state has a federally recognized tribe.
And, if the tribe opens a Class II tribal casino or negotiates a Class III tribal-state compact, then non-tribal casinos will want to open.
Other casinos might not survive if they try to open in a state with gaming industry.
Consequently, it is one of the least understood segments of the U. secrets of indian casinos secrets of indian casinos secrets of indian casinos secrets of indian casinos secrets of indian casinos secrets of indian casinos

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There are two kinds of slot players: those who play to win and those who play for entertainment. What's fascinating about slot players is that nearly all of them will ...
He walked across the casino floor to his favorite slot machine in the high-limit.. But since Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988, tribal.... that would “take away the mystery, the excitement and entertainment and risk of.
Many websites that are reviewing casino games let you know RTP percentage of particular slots. If you are a 'shortcut' kind of player - you can ...


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