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Poker television programs had been extremely popular, especially in North America and. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ESPN, who resumed their coverage of the World Series of Poker in 2002, featured pocket cam technology in their.. The Gaming Club World Poker Championship, Sky Sports, 2004, Unknown.
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espn poker club download free The 2003 World Series of Poker should not have been a success.
Its host casino teetered on the edge of bankruptcy, internet qualifiers knocked out the most marketable stars, and the production company tasked with showing the event on TV knew nothing about the game.
Reported by Keith Romer.
Hello, and welcome to 30 for 30 Podcasts, our series of original audio documentaries from ESPN Films and ESPN Audio.
My name is Jody Avirgan.
In the first three decades since its beginning in 1970, the World Series was a much smaller affair, a few hundred players at most.
Then came the 2003 World Series of Poker, and all of a sudden, poker became a thing.
MATT MARANZ: You´┐Ż well, you begin with the end.
MATT MARANZ: You have all the characters and storylines that you want to follow, and you try and figure out the best way to weave them in and out.
And back in 2003, we produced the World Series of Poker.
KEITH ROMER: Matt Maranz knew a lot about telling stories on television.
KEITH ROMER: One day, Maranz picked up a book about professional poker players.
And his curiosity started to kick in.
The players are just fascinating.
MATT MARANZ: Poker had been on television for a long time and always was the same.
There are now five players remaining at the final table.
Bob Ciaffone reaching is going to add.
And then the show would be over.
MATT MARANZ: It was frowned upon.
MATT MARANZ: A lot of the poker players out there they lie about their profession.
KEITH ROMER: Still, ESPN had to air something.
KEITH ROMER: And poker was cheap.
NORMAN CHAD: You pay literally billions for the NFL, and the NBA, and MLB.
It was virtually free.
KEITH ROMER: In the end, ESPN signed up for a seven-episode show.
Not just about the Main Event final table, but about the entire five-day tournament.
For Maranz, it was great.
Except for one little detail.
MATT MARANZ: You have to understand I knew nothing about poker.
We were an outfit that did not deserve to be producing the World Series of Poker.
I mean we were idiots.
KEITH ROMER: Still, Maranz had a show.
Which meant ´┐Ż it was time for a little research.
MATT MARANZ: So I go out to Vegas for a month.
It smells like urine coming out of the bathrooms.
Nolan Dalla was PR Director for the casino at the time´┐Żand even he thought the place was a little bit shady.
KEITH ROMER: There was even an on-site pawnbroker.
NOLAN DALLA: He wore these loud-checkered jackets, half-shaven all the time horn-rimmed glasses, white shoes.
Gamblers, I mean, are literally pawning their jewelry, their watches.
This is going on inside the casino.
So, I mean, this place was espn poker club download free complete clusterfuck.
It was a circus!
MATT MARANZ: It was like all the people that you would ever want to tell a story about, somehow found their way to this, you know, a ballroom on the second floor of this dilapidated hotel.
KEITH ROMER: The tournament attracted the greatest poker players in the world.
KEITH ROMER: One of those normal everyday people was a 27-year-old named Chris Moneymaker.
Chris had developed a taste for gambling in the nineties when he had been a student at the University of Tennessee.
By sophomore year that had stopped.
I figured out you could drink anytime you wanted, and then I also figured out you could sports bet.
He had such a good run that his dad started going in on bets with him.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: We ended up sending down some money to offshore sportsbook account.
And we were doing really well.
I think we had run up the tune of sixty thousand dollars over the course of the year.
KEITH ROMER: Then, things went south.
One Saturday, Chris drove with some buddies to a frat party a few hours away.
He called in his bets to his bookmaker from the road.
They will face Big Ten Rival Iowa.
The Hawkeyes also 2-0.
He bet thousands of dollars that day.
Then, Chris got very, very drunk.
KEITH ROMER: Also bad´┐Żlosing every single bet he had made.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: So yeah, that ended up being a pretty bad day.
KEITH ROMER: Chris eventually patched things up with his dad.
He got his degree, and in 2001 he got an accounting job and moved to Nashville.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: You know, I was heavily drinking back then.
KEITH ROMER: Also, he was broke.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: Not counting mortgage and stuff, I probably had fifteen, twenty thousand dollars in debt.
Rolling read more a stake and going to Vegas.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I probably watched the movie, I would say probably twenty times.
A fantasy about how if you made the right gamble at the exact right moment, you could escape your mundane, dead-end life.
On work trips for his new accounting job, Chris would stay up all night in his hotel room, staring at his laptop, playing poker on a site called PokerStars.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I found it really easy.
People were not that good.
I only put down a couple hundred bucks but, you know, I was able to play and, you know, build up that bankroll.
I remember I had twenty-two hundred dollars in my account at one point, I thought I was, you know, rocking and rolling.
KEITH ROMER: One day on a lark Chris put up eighty six dollars to buy into a nine-player tournament.
He won, which qualified him for second, bigger tournament.
To Chris, the idea was simple.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I was trying to get fourth place.
KEITH ROMER: Eight grand would get him halfway out of debt.
He even told the other players in the little chat window that he was trying to lose.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I said, listen guys, you all take´┐Ż so you get three guys take the seat.
It was like, Chris had missed the entire point of Rounders.
If he won, they would win too.
NOLAN DALLA: So I walk in and there were thirty, I think, thirty-nine was the espn poker club download free, thirty-nine guys standing in the middle of the upstairs.
NOLAN DALLA: A lot of them were wearing black shirts and they all look kind of young which was unusual, by the way.
A poker player was an old guy, it was an old white guy usually from the south.
He wore a cowboy hat maybe a ball cap, wore a windbreaker, but you see these young people all standing in the hallway.
KEITH ROMER: Like Chris Moneymaker, all those, it turns out thirty-seven guys in black shirts had won their buy-ins on PokerStars.
The presence of all these new players was great for pros like Phil Hellmuth.
PHIL HELLMUTH: No, I mean to me Internet poker players in 2003 were super easy to read and that was lovely.
KEITH ROMER: Johnny Chan felt pretty much the same way.
KEITH ROMER: If you had heard that somebody was an Internet player what would that have meant to you?
KEITH ROMER: Between the new Internet players and the old school poker pros, eight hundred and thirty-nine people signed up for the Main Event in 2003, a come royal casino online download with record.
The winner would take home two and a half million dollars.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I remember sitting there with my head between my legs, sort of a breathing really hard and just super nervous.
KEITH ROMER: What did you think your chances were?
Especially in 2003 there were so many bad players.
JOHNNY CHAN: I would say at least three hundred fifty dead money.
So in other words three and a half million.
Where else you go gamble with three and a half million dead money into the pool.
Only at the World Series of Poker.
MATT MARANZ: There was about 30 people on our staff: Producers, cameramen, grips, production assistants.
KEITH ROMER: And one color commentator ´┐Ż newspaper columnist Norman Chad.
KEITH ROMER: Maranz had hired Chad because he thought he was funny, but also because they thought the same way about how poker on television should work.
You did not know what the cards were and you did not know who the players were.
KEITH ROMER: Matt Maranz thought gold online casino download had figured out solutions to both of those problems.
The first one was a technical fix.
MATT MARANZ: We used lipstick cameras small little cameras that looks like a lipstick holder and we just sewed them into the cushion of the poker table.
They thought the secrets would get out.
MATT MARANZ: And in front of them were security guards with guns.
KEITH ROMER: Maranz also thought he had figured out how to get viewers interested in the players.
MATT MARANZ: You have to give them a reason why they should watch, and why they should care about these individual players.
NORMAN CHAD: The easiest starting point is with big names in the game that might resonate with a casual person.
But that minute just made him just a larger than life figure.
MATT MARANZ: The Matt Damon character is down in Atlantic City.
You know, the whole place stops, Johnny Chan walks in.
Everybody puts an eye on him.
But winning against the best.
He was going to approach his production less like a sports event, and more like a movie.
KEITH ROMER: But not broadcast it live.
What am I, an Ivy Leaguer?
Just focus on the top players.
Two-time champion Doyle Brunson and defending champion Robert Varkonyi´┐Ża nice contrast in styles.
KEITH ROMER: Maranz had even given his cameramen binders with the forty most important players.
MATT MARANZ: So it was really like elementary school.
I was so proud of that picture book.
Good luck everybody, good luck!
LON McEACHERN: Robert Varkonyi had been eliminated´┐Ż.
We just realized our detailed plan is fundamentally flawed.
You know within a couple of hours.
KEITH ROMER: Maranz and his team had to scramble.
KEITH ROMER: But it was next to impossible to predict which of these hundreds of players Maranz was going to end up needing footage of.
Trailing Barry by about 25,000 was an investor from Houston named Sam Farha.
MATT MARANZ: Sam Farha was a bit of a mystery man.
You know, what do you do for a living.
You know, he was a businessman and just kind of left it at that.
He was an investor or a professional businessman.
He gambles for a living and he gambles big.
KEITH ROMER: To tournament director Matt Savage, Farha was a known quantity.
He had no fear.
KEITH ROMER: Farha looked great on camera.
NORMAN CHAD: Apparently Sammy Farha came out of the womb with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth, with hair, and a look of Humphrey Bogart from i dream of jeannie slot machine free download 1945 film.
Throw it away, put another one.
I remember that person, that person did this.
And now you have to understand what poker players do.
Chris Moneymaker Smith, Chris Moneymaker Jones, you understand what I mean?
Day two started, and he went to find his mystery man.
KEITH ROMER: Baseball cap.
So I was like, yeah here!
NOLAN DALLA: You know, so he pulls out the wallet.
And he, of course, he laughs.
He was so nice.
KEITH ROMER: Part of the reason for how nice he was´┐ŻOn day one, Chris Moneymaker from Tennessee had absolutely crushed his table.
He had turned his starting stack of 10,000 in chips into more than 60,000.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: Which put me like fourth or fifth place.
NORMAN CHAD: We had eight hundred and thirty-nine players.
Sixty players got paid out of the eight hundred and thirty-nine.
Your mentality generally is to be very conservative.
KEITH ROMER: So Chris had a very simple strategy ´┐ŻSurvive.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: I can sit there and fold the entire day two, and make it to day three.
That was my plan.
NORMAN CHAD: As players get knocked out, players get moved around to make sure that the tables have an equal number of players at every table.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: Towards the end of Day 2, Johnny Chan sits down.
The whole dynamic of the table just changed.
He took the table over immediately.
JOHNNY CHAN: I feel very confident.
What I sit in any table.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: Johnny Chan, it seemed like to me was purposely picking on me.
LON McEACHERN: Johnny Chan gonna put all the chips in.
Until the players got ready for one of their scheduled breaks.
As the players fold they will move away from the table to get some extra time.
Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker.
NORMAN CHAD: All Johnny has right now is a draw.
LON McEACHERN: Johnny is going to put it on the line.
KEITH ROMER: But it turned out Chris was a massive favorite.
Chris Moneymaker with the ace high flush takes down Johnny Chan.
This is like Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson.
KEITH ROMER: Matt Maranz felt pretty much the same way.
If this was a drama show your main character just got killed off.
We are down to just a fraction of that.
Anybody can win at it in any given day.
People can come through them and just survive.
Moneymaker has been walking between raindrops all day.
DOYLE BRUNSON: To be frank with you, he was really bad.
He was really a rank amateur.
Tonight ten people are battling for nine spots.
My goal was to not play any hands.
This is a tough table indeed.
Not going to play.
MATT MARANZ: Phil Ivey at that point´┐Żhe was the young player who was going to become the greatest player in the world.
KEITH ROMER: With 10 people left, Ivey took over the table.
KEITH ROMER: Chris mostly tried to stay out of his way.
Action over to Phil Ivey now.
And looking at a couple of nines.
The flop comes two queens.
NORMAN CHAD: A monster flop for Chris Moneymaker who makes three queens and becomes a prohibitive favorite.
Laying a trap for Ivey.
NORMAN CHAD: Miracle on Fourth Street for Phil Ivey who now has the full house and the better hand.
LON McEACHERN: But nobody knows that here except Phil Ivey and us.
LON McEACHERN: He is all in.
NORMAN CHAD: And quickly called LON McEACHERN: The pot espn poker club download free is one million now.
He never could have assumed the two nines in the hole for Phil Ivey and now he is going to need an ace, a queen, or six on the river to win the hand.
Five times out of six, Phil Ivey wins.
Goes on to the final table with a mountain of chips.
LON McEACHERN: Ohhh, an ace!
LON McEACHERN: Oh, Amazing.
Phil Ivey loses with a full house to a better full house of Chris Moneymaker.
NORMAN CHAD: Who has now knocked out heavyweights Johnny Chan, Humberto Brenes, and Phil Ivey.
LON McEACHERN: Who is this young man?
It was so incredible to watch that hand live.
KEITH ROMER: Incredible as it might have been, that ace here the river, meant that Norman Chad the rest of the production team were left with a final table with exactly zero star players.
It was a story whose contours were shaped, at least in part, by people who never played a hand of poker in the tournament.
It was a TV show made by Matt Maranz and his team months after the fact.
KEITH ROMER: As they watched the tape, they realized that a lot of the choices they had made were working.
MATT MARANZ: We edited the first hand from day one.
NORMAN CHAD: The way they shot it, the way they edited it, it was just so intoxicating to me.
KEITH ROMER: There were the two camera moves that Matt Maranz relied on.
MATT MARANZ: You have this two-shot where the players were looking at each other over their shoulder and kind of staring each other down.
KEITH ROMER: And you had close-ups.
MATT MARANZ: You would see the player just dying inside as they tried to figure out what the right move was.
KEITH ROMER: Then, there was the way Maranz used the hole card cameras.
NORMAN CHAD: He thought it was, it was really critical to show the peeks.
Literally, the player is looking at their hole cards.
MATT MARANZ: You would see the cards like coming up and Bam!
NORMAN CHAD: And he did that every single time.
We were really approaching this like a drama that you would see on normal TV.
NORMAN CHAD: You establish the conflict early and then you resolve it.
And you know the good guys beat the bad guys.
This is sports in a nutshell.
KEITH ROMER: On July 8th, nearly two months after the World Series ended, episode one was broadcast on ESPN.
MATT MARANZ: So the first episode airs, and we hear back from ESPN the next day, or the day after, that the ratings were great.
I just, I was in shock.
I was thrilled but I was shocked that it was taking off this way.
But I was wrong, and America fell in love with poker.
KEITH ROMER: However popular the first episodes were, for the broadcast to truly be considered a success, it had to nail its season finale.
Spread over two weeks, episodes six and seven would reveal which character survived the final table to become the new world champion.
Americans watching at home were greeted with a montage of dazzling Las Vegas casino signs, and the by now familiar voice of host Lon McEachern.
At the most a couple of hundred people around this boxing ring with nine players in it.
The final day of the 2003 World Series of Poker is coming up next.
Dan Harrington, he won this tournament back in 1995.
KEITH ROMER: An Iranian-born tournament expert.
NORMAN CHAD: Yeah, a tournament veteran with a lot of titles under his belt.
Chris Moneymaker using his newness to a great advantage.
NORMAN CHAD: Yeah, the amateur.
LON McEACHERN: His dad is here in the House supporting him.
more info Moneymaker has a pair of aces.
And he continues to sleep with angels.
LON McEACHERN:Eight, nine, ten, jack, queen.
Good story, Tennessee accountant coming out of nowhere, winning his way through a satellite.
KEITH ROMER: After the cash was stacked on a side table, the cameras turned their attention to the two men who still remained.
On one side of the long green table´┐ŻSam Farha in a black suit jacket and a white shirt unbuttoned halfway espn poker club download free his chest.
Across from him, Chris Moneymaker wearing his Pokerstars hat and polo shirt, his eyes hidden behind mirrored, wraparound sunglasses.
NOLAN DALLA: And these two individuals could not be more opposite.
They are like night and day.
Moneymaker offered Farha a deal.
You just want to chop it up and play for it.
Just play for the title of World Series Champion.
This is what I do.
I wanted to beat him bad.
KEITH ROMER: After dozens of hands back and forth, Chris chased a draw all the way to the final card.
DEALER: Chris is all in.
LON McEACHERN: Chris Moneymaker going all-in with nothing.
SAM FARHA: You must have missed the flush, huh?
LON McEACHERN: He is not going to do it.
Chris Moneymaker bluffs Sam Farha out of a big stack of money.
What a play from Chris Moneymaker.
MATT MARANZ: We like our history to be all clean, and neat, and tidy and almost like inevitable.
Now, over to Sam Farha who throws in the bet of 175,000.
But his life as an anonymous accountant was over.
Nothing much would change.
KEITH ROMER: Chris was becoming a character in a very different kind of story.
A story that the entire world was about to know.
PAUL SHAFFER: ´┐Żalways been named Chris Moneymaker.
And the Main Event of the World Series of Poker would attract two thousand, then five thousand, then eight thousand entrants.
But none of that had happened yet.
Now, over to Sam Farha who throws in the bet of 175,000.
ARCHIVAL: Crowd cheering FAN: You did it, man.
CHRIS MONEYMAKER: You have to sort of pinch yourself.
MATT MARANZ: Well, you begin with the end.
And that is Chris Moneymaker is going to win.
So you work backwards from there.
Special Thanks Erik Seidel, Andrew Feldman, Dan Goldman, Carol Anderson, and Eric Drache and 441 Productions. espn poker club download free espn poker club download free espn poker club download free espn poker club download free espn poker club download free espn poker club download free

Watch Full World Poker Tour Gardens Main Event Final Table

ALL IN: ESPN Poker Club | iGaming Business Espn poker club download free

Poker on television - Wikipedia Espn poker club download free

Poker television programs had been extremely popular, especially in North America and. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ESPN, who resumed their coverage of the World Series of Poker in 2002, featured pocket cam technology in their.. The Gaming Club World Poker Championship, Sky Sports, 2004, Unknown.
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With 78 events in the 2018 World Series of Poker, it can be challenging. WSOP Main Event seat to a lucky person who downloads their Total´┐Ż...


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