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flash blackjack embedded Ex-FBI agent Jack is taken on to protect the daughter of his friends from mobsters.
Years later his friends are killed in an accident and Jack is left to look after Casey himself.
He is also brought into a protection case by his old friend Jim.
Cinder James is a model who is being threatened by her read more />However the killer discovers Jack's weakness and uses it against him.
Jack has a phobia of the colour white.
The hero is scared of the colour white!
That fact alone is a good indication of the film as a whole – silly flash blackjack embedded that is almost laughably poor at times.
The story makes about as much effort to make sense.
The opening 15 minutes just seem to be an excuse for a gun fight – the friends are killed off quickly and Casey is relegated to background character.
The main plot is silly and full of holes.
It's holes like this that tell you that the writers aren't even trying – all they want is a few action scenes and an excuse to make them happen!
The action scenes are average at best – if I didn't know this was Woo I'd have assumed that it was someone ripping him off badly.
Occasionally we have a bit of slow-mo diving around – but other flash blackjack embedded that it is pretty lacking of style.
In the other scenes he looks like he's enjoying himself and not taking it too seriously – that helps us relax and enjoy!
Heskin is an empty blonde as Cinder – didn't anyone want to give her a character?!
Likewise MacKenzie check this out have much to do as Rory – he seems lie the most interesting character in the film but he gives in to hamminess too often.
Jim is a nice cameo from Fred Williamson but that's about it!
Overall this is daft, lazy and totally lacking in the style that Woo has build his reputation on.
The TVM sets and actors just make it worse.
Dolph Lundgren stars as Jack Devlin a bodyguard who is blinded by a flash grenade which gives him a color phobia It gets even more ridiculous seems Devlin is afraid of the color white and is trying to stay low while he conquers his fear.
However when a supermodel is hassled by her psychotic ex-husband it is only Devlin that can protect her from certain death in this made for television movie which is slightly more watchable than Woo's other TV movie bomb but basically suffers from too much length and lack of grip on the subplots which overwhelm Blackjack's overall story.
Blackjack is read more the line of "Do you think we can fit one more subplot to the other 7000 ones, Let's see how it works!
That is like five more subplots than the movie needs and really Woo cannot make it work, especially when there is too much going on.
Still Blackjack has it's moments.
The action sequences while watered down for Television consumption has it's degree of punch and Lundgren gives a not too shabby performance.
Certainly better than you would expect but really this is only for curious John Woo fans who want to see him make a Hong Kong styled TV movie.
It is a combo that doesn't work but at least it isn't because of lack of trying.
The budget purse strings were interesting blackjack arcade machine consider on this project and the filming schedule was short.
The settings were perfect for John Woo and he takes an ordinary run-of-the-mill action film and makes it work!
The action scenes were shot quite well Woo check this out in his old cinematographer Wong Wing Hang and pulls out every trick from his bag of goodies.
The action is quite frequent and kinetic for a t.
This is the type of films John Woo should be making.
Cheap, on the fly projects instead of big bloated film projects that take forever to make a with no pay-off.
Dolph Lundgren plays a former federal agent who know works as a personnel bodyguard.
One day his buddy and his wife are killed and he takes custodian of the couple's precocious daughter.
While on assignment protecting a supermodel a gang of ill mannered hit men chase him all over town.
Are they blackjack manual to the girl's parents or the supermodel he now protects?
To find out the answers to these pertinent questions you'll have to watch Blackjack!
If you watch this movie make sure you see it on video.
This version has all of the cool action that is missing from the one shown on the U.
Despite the lack of a big budget and named actors, this movie actually works.
I would rather see ten movies like this instead of one Mission Impossible 2 or Windtalkers.
Recommended for fans of John Woo's earlier work.
How can I describe Blackjack in one sentence?
Blackjack is The Bodyguard directed by John Woo.
As such it leaves The Bodyguard and Bodyguard from Beijing flash blackjack embedded dead.
It is far more than a chick flick, rather it is a movie in which each of the characters are flawed and are struggling with themselves and each other to come to terms with their weaknesses.
As in other Woo movies, the characters do not bask in their strengths, but the struggle through their weaknesses, and Jack Dolph Lundgrun seems to get more and more of free slots blackjack />At first he develops a phobia to the colour white, and then finds that he has become a father and he must slowly come to terms with this new development.
Cinder was a southern waitress but was discovered by a modelling agent who brought her to New York and she is stunning the crowds.
The problem is that she is being pursued by an obsessed fan who wants to kill or, or he seems to be an obsessed fan.
I will be revealing much of the details of this movie, so if you don't want it to be spoiled, then stop reading now.
The details are important to the studies of the main characters because it is their flaws that make them strong.
Cinder and Jack are the main characters, everybody else supports them.
The little girl is cool, but once again she is only a support.
We know that she is intelligent, and also know that she can count cards, but this is not developed in the movie.
The girl the a burden that Jack must deal with, and though the girl is burdened with the death of her parents, her development is left behind to focus on the development Jack and Cinder, the two important characters.
Jack has a problem with white, and this is used extensively during the movie.
We believe that this problem developed when he was temporarily blinded by a flash grenade and here the little girl helps him throughbut soon we learn that his father used to drive a white Cadillac.
His father was a card counter and would work the casinos, and while doing that he would have a code to prepare a quick escape.
Unfortunately one day his lighter did not work he flicked his light twice to tell is son to get the car and the mob grabbed him and killed him.
White is the traditional symbol of goodness and purity, but this causes Jack to constantly turn away.
This seems to reflect an aspect of Christianity where the purity of God forces us, sinners, to turn away.
Jack cannot get over the white himself, yet the movie falls down here as he struggles to overcome it, and when he does he is able to save the girl.
Yet we are never actually told that he has overcome it, rather he struggles through his weakness so that Cinder might survive.
Cinder is an even more interesting character because more and more is revealed about her.
At first we know of her as a model, but soon we learn that read article is a drug addict and it is because of pain that was inflicted upon her by a car accident earlier in her life.
She has a great pain, but tries to cover it up with drugs.
This does not work for not only does it keep coming back, but she hallucinates and at one stage tries to throw herself off of a balcony.
By looking at her character we realise that she has a lot of problems and as such needs somebody to help her through.
This is where the obsessed fan comes in.
At first with think it is a fan, but when we hear his voice, something clicks.
He has a southern accent and she, we know, is from the south.
As such we start to think that he is than just a fan but has a stronger relationship with her.
Sure enough, we learn that he was at one stage her husband, and he is obsessed not with a model but with a wife that he lost and wants back.
He claims that she needs him, but this desire to protect her is mixed with an anger and a desire to see her dead.
Blackjack is not one of Woo's best movies, but it still has a lot of his style.
In my opinion his movies have become much worse since he moved to the United States, but this is a man who moved to the US because in Hollywood he could spend more time with his family.
His movies are still a higher quality than most, flash blackjack embedded generally are less outstanding that his Hong Kong efforts.
There's something about Dolph Lundgren that makes him a likable actor.
It may be because of his seemingly clean personal life, or that he has never tried to portray himself greater than he is unlike actors like Steven Seagal.
Here, Lundgren gives one of his better performances.
He seems very comfortable and assured here, giving off more emotion than he has in other movies.
And it's always fun to see Saul Rubinek and Fred Williamson in a movie, and their presence boosts things.
Other than the actors, all I can say in favor of this movie are that the production values aren't bad for a made-for-TV movie.
This movie is a mess!
Starting with the action scenes.
Now, I know Woo was confined by TV censorship rules, but he clearly could still do a lot.
You see the great potential in these scenes, yet Woo botches it each time.
Seeing them, it's hard to believe this is the same guy who did the action scenes in HARD BOILED or THE KILLER.
There are plenty of plot holes as well.
For example, how does Lundgren get in the fashion show near the end when it's supposedly been tightened up with security?
Where is the villain getting all these people to help him?
Why does the villain retreat back to his hideout after the secrecy of it was blown?
And on and on.
But the worst thing about the movie is that it's simply boring.
It's slow-moving, and filled with a lot of unnecessary things that easily could have been edited out.
Don't "bet" on this one should you see it in the video store - it's a "bust"!
click at this page is differant for Dolph Lundgren, usually he only does B-Grade movies, but this one is a little differant.
Its an enjoyable John Woo film with great action and great acting, But what the hell is up with him not being able to look at the colour White, that was a bite stupid.
Ure welcome to join.
I can only assume that this is the work of a completely different John Woo, i.
If not, then Dolph Lundgren may as well throw himself out of a top floor window right now, because if not even John Woo can make you look cool, you don't stand a chance.
In fact, what's the exact opposite of 'cool'?
That's the only way to describe this film.
I saw it on TV, and I'd still have felt cheated if I hadn't been laughing so much.
How my sides ached at the sight of Dolph Lundgren sitting in a big lake of milk, trying to look all serious and pained as another meaningless flashback kicked in to further the cause of the most hilariously stupid cinematic premise in the history of everything in the world ever.
He looks old, as well.
If they're going to do snigger Masters of the Universe II, they'd better snort hurry up and get on with it.
The only advice I can give you is this: if visit web page don't start laughing within the first ten minutes of Blackjack, give it up.
John Woo has made the impossible possible with Blackjack.
He had poor actors that includes Lundgrena poor script and read more low-budget, but he still managed to make an entertaining actionmovie with all those obstacles.
The story is uninteresting and unrealistic, and its no point talking about it.
See it if you are a Woo-fan or an />I find films of Just click for source Woo highly entertaining, sometimes they convey various stuff being not only violence and kick'n'shoot'em scenes.
But here what we have got is just a piece of unwatchable crap.
Fights, chases and shootings are not very impresive.
It is very unrealistic and depressing.
The plot, and events are totally not possible, even for an action movie.
Dolph Lundgren, as usual, acts like a log.
But that's nothing new, even his character is repulsively boring.
Don't waste your time watching it because you won't gain anything.
You won't kill some time with pleasure, see any good action or have a chance to ponder on human existence.
I was hoping that this would turn out to be Lundgren's best film - turns out instead that it's his worst I've seen.
John Woo makes a television movie and does it very badly.
The pacing is non-existent, the movie packed with extraneous characters like the young girl and the whole thing feels like it's been patched together from four television episodes.
I've never known a Woo film to drag or be incredibly flash blackjack embedded until now.
Things look promising at the beginning with a house massacre, with Lundgren taking on a whole gang of bad guys in Woo's inimitably violent style.
Sadly things descend into silliness when a trampoline comes into play.
Then the action is over and done with, until a predictable but fun motorbike fight in the woods halfway through.
The baddie turns out to be a single sniper, and the sight of Lundgren chasing a single villain just isn't a lot of fun.
Quite boring, in fact.
Lundgren is terribly wooden, the supporting cast no better although that French guy was kind of amusing.
Even good old Fred Williamson is wasted in a role where he does little or nothing.
The nonsensical plot lurches from one instance to another, only occasionally making sense as it goes along.
The villain isn't big or clever, just irritating and whiny.
The females look pretty but are pretty vapid.
And talk about that anti-climatic ending.
Oh yeah, and at the beginning Lundgren gets blinded by a flash grenade and develops a phobia of the colour white.
Later on he has to fight in a milk factory.
Bet you couldn't see that one coming, could you?
A new career low for both Lundgren and Woo, abysmal stuff.
Joh Woo has used over and over the slow motion scenes in his action sequences and he always finds a special trick to regenerate his style.
But this time,it is a little too much clichéd.
Your libido will be absorbed by the blond fluffy bunnies swirling around Dolph Lundgren's muscles and the action scenes are totally unrealistic but this is where all the fun comes from.
John Woo always tended to stylize his movies and this one is no exception to the rule.
His obsessions for choreography of bullets and killed bodies, as well as friendship and honor, are strongly embedded in all his movies.
Unfortunately this movie was made for TV and it demoted the result.
Jack Devlin is a bodyguard for high paying clients and his latest assignment has him protecting a supermodel from a killer.
Deviln's weakness is fear of the color white yes you read that correctly and this killer he is after knows that proving his capture to be difficult.
This film is John Woo from beginning to end and any fan of the action director will instantly recognize that.
Slow motion, dual handguns, fairly relentless action, and a strong focus on characterization.
The problem is the film is boring.
And I mean BORING.
Main reason being that while it contains many traditional Woo elements, they are presented on such a small scale and so underdeveloped that it is almost sad to acknowledge that this is John Woo action picture when it actually feels like a third-rate wannabe copycat of a John Woo action picture.
With almost every scene you'll just be going "that's it?
Swedish-born Lundgren is Jack Devlin, a bodyguard for hire who holsters guns all over his body and uses playing cards as deadly projectiles.
He can take out an group of at least a dozen men armed with automatic guns with only the use of his pistols.
This guy could teach Rambo lessons!
Devlin's got one weakness, though, and that is the color of pure white.
This is done so he's not portrayed as a complete superman!
But that doesn't mean it's perfect.
This film has a lot of drawbacks!!
For example, Devlin has an unlimited supply of ammo, meaning he never had to reload his guns!
That was an error that should have been corrected.
But the dumbest mistake in this film is the fact that Devlin has a phobia of the color white!
That is the dumbest toppings blackjack ever since being afraid flash blackjack embedded having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth I'm not kidding!!
Plus, there were instances where Devlin touched a couple of white objects i.
Those were one of the weirdest and most boneheaded doozies ever shown on TV, and with a master director like John Woo, they should have been corrected!
But, despite all those miserable errors in this film, "Blackjack" is really a very enjoyable action flick, with great stunts, great performances especially of Lundgren's, this has to be his best role for a very long time and cool action sequences, which is typical John Woo-style adrenaline rushes.
Watch this movie if you're in the mood for a guilty pleasure!
I'm sorry to write this, because I like pretty much John Woo 's work, but Blackjack really sucks.
First, you get bored click here the time, because the plot is inexistant, could be resumed as : How soon is DOLPH that great actor gonna get the woman and score.
The scenes of Actions with the few badguys playing in it maybe the others were watching for their reputations!
It's my duty to prevent you : avoid like plague that piece of crap made for TV.
By the way, be preapared for the up-comming "Blackjack 2", it might be even worst!
Discovered that BLACKJACK was plain good fun to watch, aside from sending some positive messages too.
Thanks to the BAD reviews here, I nearly did NOT watch this film!!
After the movie ended, I felt so upset and angry with the bad reviews here, that I felt impelled to write one myself.
This is one of Lundgren's most positive movies.
Aside from action, you will discover quite a few heartwarming scenes.
Lundgren's friendships here inject a refreshing scent into this violent movie.
I enjoyed every minute and was never bored.
Where the action slowed down, it helps one to understand what's happening in more detail, and gives you a time to catch your breath.
Bottom-line: You will be GLAD you've watched this little gem.
This is definitely not one of John Woo's best movies.
This made-for-TV American Canadian co-production was supposed to be a pilot for TV series under the same name with Dolph Lundgren as the star.
Since the TV series were never made you can only guess how bad this movie is.
It's hard to believe that Woo made this after the great "Face off".
I guess Woo wanted to earn few dollars and had some spare time.
The script is unoriginalpredictablefull of cliché characters and based on a nonsense blackjack waterproofing coating Lundgren is afraid of colour white.
It's hardly the most exciting plot device in the world, because it's so stupid.
This allows the movie for some laughable moments like a fight in the pool of milk.
Other than that the script takes itself very seriously and there's no humor.
There is no interesting villain either.
The plot is silly and full of holes.
The writers weren't even trying.
The story is an excuse for action.
The acting is lame and there is no chemistry between the characters.
Lundgren tries hardbut there are serious moments when he is truly bad.
The action feels uninspired.
Woo is on autopilot here and If I didn't knew it was his movieI could swear it was directed by some John Woo wannabe.
The motorbike stunts are decentbut that's it.
Where all this money go?
The whole movie feels made on very small scale.
Not one of Woo's or Lundgren's finest moments.
Blackjack casts Dolph Lundgren the best developed Swedish body since Ingemar Johanssen as a US Marshal doing a good turn protecting the family of a friend who owns a casino from some nasty Russian guys trying to muscle in.
Quite a few bad guys go down Rambo style with Lundgren protecting Padraigin Murphy, but in the process during an explosion Lundgren develops a whiteout disorder.
He's finished as a marshal but bodyguard agency head Fred Williamson hires him to protect supermodel Kam Heskin who has a nasty drug habit to boot from a really vicious stalker who has lots of friends with guns to help him stalk.
He learns about Lundgren's phobia and the dirty rat now dresses in formal white dress with a white cutaway.
You'd think he was Fred Astaire.
A television pilot that didn't sell I guess the network folks thought that the phobia wouldn't generate that many interesting episodes.
They were probably right.
The always beautiful and attractive Kate Vernon is Lundgren's psychiatrist.
She's always worth watching.
Lots of Rambo style action and why not as Lundgren got his first notice in a Rocky film.
Jack Devlin Dolph is a man handy with a deck of cards - and, being as tough as he is, he's a man you definitely want on your side.
When he saves a young girl named Casey Murphy from a home invasion by hired killers, the just click for source develop a father-daughter-like relationship.
During the course of this fight, Jack's vision is impaired and he develops a phobia of the color white.
Casey eventually comes to live with him in his NYC apartment, where Jack also lives with his manservant Thomas Rubinek.
Jack then becomes the personal bodyguard to up-and-coming supermodel Cinder James Heskin.
But there are still killers on the loose and Jack must do his best, despite his new disability, to take down the baddies.
Can he do it?
Apparently, Blackjack was meant as a pilot for a TV show about Jack Devlin, and you can totally tell.
Sure, we still appreciate the stunt work - the scene in the forest is the standout - but the whole movie has a wacky vibe that will no doubt make you laugh, but is that really the point?
Fred Williamson is in it for a criminally small amount of time what this movie should have been is Fred and Dolph as cops busting heads in a gritty NYC scenario, not this silliness and Rubinek adds to the silly tone with his eyepatch and accent.
Even though this was directed by John Woo, it feels more like a parody of Woo than Woo himself.
Blackjack needed to be shorter and snappier, not to mention grittier.
As it is, it here like watered-down Dolph.
He does his usual charismatic job, but it's kind of hard to care.
It seems like the whole vision plot was just an excuse for him to wear his awesome shades.
There does seem to be a reference to Zatoichi and the Baby Cart series if you're looking for it, but on the whole this is pretty junky for John Woo, and the TV-movie vibe doesn't really help matters.
Though it came out in the late 90's, it was reassuring to hear some classic 80's-style sax on the soundtrack.
Dolph fans will always find something to love about the man, and Blackjack does have its moments although most of them are silly moments but it seems a different approach to the material would have helped immensely.
It's not a bad idea, there's just something a bit wonky about the execution.
I think the fact that this film was directed by John Woo makes us rate it on too high a standard.
It is definitely not a good movie but it is not bad.
It seems as if John Woo was not really enthusiastic about the production of this film and that he was only making it because he was contractually bound to do so.
Even without enthusiasm, John Woo cannot help but to put his wonderful style into the action scenes making this film somewhat enjoyable.
The action is lacking when compared to other work but exceptional for a made-for-cable movie.
After a promising action filled beginning the film picks up with its excrutiatingly boring plot of protagonist Jack Dolph Lundgren being a bodyguard for a supermodel who is marked for death.
There is a long absence of action here and that is surprising for a Woo film.
I personally was impressed by Dolph's performance in this film which is far superior to that of his other films and makes him a bit more blackjack billy than the big mindless oaf he usually portrays.
I wouldn't recommend renting this movie and if you see it on tv watch the beginning and then flip back to it every 20 minutes to check for action.
This film is a true travesty.
John Woo is capable of so much more.
Do not watch this film if you haven't seen Woo's work before, as it is not a fair representation of his other work.
This movie was good, but it wasn't the best.
I wasn't too impressed with the acting, learn more here for Kam Heskin Cinder 's.
I thought she was the best actress in the whole movie, but didn't really have too much fun stuff to do.
The movie, other than lack of acting by the lead role, Dolph Lungdren's Jack, was actually pretty good, even if you don't like action movies.
What can u say about this film?
Cheesy than a wotsit, a bit mild perhaps.
From the start where Dolph is unable to keep a straight face, obviously he had seen the whole plot prior to filming, to the unrealistic scenes.
Such unbelievable scenes as being blinded by a grenade, which lasted a longest time for a flash grenade that I've ever seen, to the hand grenade which blew up half the house but not the two guys who threw it - first time I've seen a claymore hand grenade.
As for shooting from a trampoline, words fail me for how poor this was.
All in all this film was excruciating to watch and should be consigned to the pages of history under the section of REALLY bad films.
If flash blackjack embedded see this film in the video shop avoid at all costs, even for free it's a rip off. flash blackjack embedded flash blackjack embedded flash blackjack embedded flash blackjack embedded flash blackjack embedded flash blackjack embedded

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